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Top 12 Free Movie Download Websites | Completely Legal 2018

In this digital age, we have almost everything on our figure tips. On one hand we have access to everything via the internet and on the other hand, we face a hard time finding anything that is for free. Things like songs and movies are especially very rare to find. We have to go through all the piracy and legal stuff before getting our hand on them. While downloading movies still remain a mystery to most of the internet users. Some may call it the injustice and monopoly of international media agencies and some call it the justice of providing quality entertainment on cost.

In the last few years, we see major internet entities getting banned from the internet on providing pirated movies. These huge internet entities remained the undisputed kings of the internet world while providing their users with a good amount of pirated movies. Now if we take a look around, we can find many services providing movie streaming, some are paid while others are free. On the other hand platforms like Netflix are still struggling to gather more audience at a minimal cost.

So in this article, we will be talking about movie streaming platforms which are free of cost and are not being banned by internet authorities. People who cannot pay for these services become an easy target by these platforms. While you surf around the internet you may end up on websites that are illegal or have not movie streaming at all, but still, some are legitimate platforms for movie streaming. Here is the list of 14 free movie streaming/download sites.

  1. Tubi


It is a San Francisco based VOD platform. You can access hundreds of free movies and TV shows on this website. Looking at the stock it has more than 220 content providers, which feeds its belly. Some honorable mentions are Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate. Regular movies and TV shows are being uploaded to this site and they all can be accessed from Chromecast and other top services such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

  1. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

If you are in love with old classics and cult movies and Tv shows you should be going straight to Classic Cinema Online. It is a big platform having more than 300 classic movies and TV shows. Some of you may feel I am a bit of a nut case asking you to go on this site while all of us know we can easily find it on Youtube. The real reason behind is that you may have a hard time finding them on youtube but you can easily find them all on Classic Cinema Online. You can search movies and TV shows filtered with your favorite genera. It has got all the old classics from the 70`s and 80`s.

  1. Dailymotion


Not much to say about this platform as all of us know very clearly about it. What is it that you don’t know about Dailymotion is that it has got an unlimited number of movies and TV shows uploaded on it. The only video hosting service that has become a movie and Tv show hosting service since the rise of youtube. It has got a huge list of movies and Tv show from late 80`s up to the latest cinema classics. This brought trouble many times and once it was fined $1.6 Million on a copyright scandal. Banned in Russia after a court ruling but still, there are trillions of users around the globe uploading movies and Tv shows.

  1. PopcornFlix


Not less but much popular among the movie streaming community. Best known for its huge verity of movies and Tv shows. Struggling with laws of copyrights and piracy this platform has a unique set of movies and Tv shows. They mostly focus on providing independent movies like documentaries, brainstorming and intriguing international films. You can easily access the platform on your Xbox. Roku and PlayStation.

  1. Viewster


If you like to watch independent movies for free, Viewster is the platform you need to visit. It is a perfect platform for people who are looking for independent movies and documentaries. This is a famous video on demand platform. You can have free access to more than 12000 licensed content that is being uploaded on this site. They include movies, documentaries, and intriguing international films. You can also watch many television shows which are being broadcast on a specific region. Just like the Inbetweeners, shameless and Peep Show to name just a few. It totally free of cost and you don’t even need to register yourself to watch.

  1. Yahoo View

Yahoo View

Some of us may know Yahoo as an email service, while others may know it as a messenger service, but very few know that Yahoo View is also a video on demand network. It is the same thing as Hulu was once and it functions the same way as Hulu did once. You can watch everything from movies, Tv shows, cooking shows, reality shows, documentaries and much more in a single platform. You can watch all the latest Tv shows on Yahoo View but they are uploaded to the platform 8 to 9 days after being aired on their official media channels. You can also watch movies on Yahoo View, but most of them are generally unorthodox or non-mainstream. You can also watch international sitcoms, anime shows, and cooking shows as well.

  1. Kanopy


Not so famous but a very unique platform that provides you with a video streaming service. You can have free access to more than 600 movies. It’s basically a platform for students from different educational institutes. To access the platform you much have valid credentials of your university library. This service is a country limited service. Currently being provided in few countries that include Canada, Australia, USA, and the UK. I think this may be the only platform which is totally ad-free. Mostly institutes pay for the films. You will mostly find documentaries on this platform as it is entirely student-oriented platform.

  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Another exciting platform for movie lovers. Pluto TV may sound like it is from another planet, yet it broadcast movies and TV shows from our planet only. It’s totally free and it provides a free access to more than 100 channels worldwide. You can watch new movies and sports channels from all around the world. You may find it similar to your TV but it’s more likely to be a TV being broadcast on the internet. Pluto TV included more than 500 on-demand movies on their platform in 2017. Like some of the other services on our list, Pluto Tv is also limited to some regions only.

  1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the most amazing platforms for on-demand and free movies. You can both download and stream movies on this platform. On Crackle you can get access to hundreds of movies that are licensed under big media agencies like Universal Studios, Warner Bros and Fox Digital, etc. Crackle is only available to 20 different states of North and South America. I have been using the site since long and I might say it’s not that good. You may find the interface too simple and less attractive and too many ads can harm the user experience.

  1. Vimeo


Known for its High-quality video streaming Vimeo is a very good platform where you can find both free as well as on-demand videos. It may not be as big as Youtube but it is very popular among the internet community. In the beginning, the platform was built for people who use to contest in short filmmaking. With the passage of time, it became a big platform for new movie makers. There are more than 10,000 short films that you can watch on Vimeo. You can also use its Video on Demand service if you want to buy full access. It’s not that costly and comes with a lot of free stuff. Vimeo is a good platform for those who are looking for creative stuff.

  1. Sangfilms


Let me get this clear first that this platform is ad-supported and you may experience many ads at the same time while watching any video on it. It’s being the only platform where you can watch hundreds of rare documentaries, movies, and TV shows. It’s hard to say about your choice if you cannot find anything that interests you from its huge list of categories. From documentaries to TV Shows and Movies, you name it and you may have it. Ads may become irritating but still, you may find this platform very interesting and especially free of cost.

  1. Youtube


Well not much to say about this platform as almost all of us know very well what this giant is. This is by far the most common and most famous video sharing platform. I might say it’s the largest platform that is live on the internet nowadays. You can find millions of videos, movies, drams, and documentaries on this site. By far known as the most visited site on planet earth you can find almost every kind of stuff on Youtube. Despite its reputation if very hard to find full-length videos on Youtube. Not just that you can find a lot of free stuff on Youtube. You can also find some authorized channels of big media groups as Maverick Entertainment and The Paramount Vault.

  1. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

After years of research on the internet, I have been through many video and movie providing portals and yet all have one problem. Either they are illegal or they have been violating the piracy laws in a very secretive manner. As well all know that Torrents are being banned on the internet as they are in direct violation of international copyright laws. Still we can find them in hundreds on the internet.  PDT is the only platform that is considered legal. As it has got movies which are now part of public domain. You can enjoy hundreds of classic movies and dramas on this portal. Just register and you can download any of them. The site is very user-friendly and very easy to navigate. You can find your desired category very easily.

  1. The Internet Archive

Public Domain Torrents

The last but not least, this is one the most distinguished platforms you will ever find on the internet. Completely legal you can find hundreds of movies and Tv shows on this platform. Some of you might not know but this is a nonprofit digital library which can grant you access to millions of videos, movies, images, books. You name it and you can have it. It’s very good and very easy to navigate you can find your desired content. It is quite surprising to know how much data is being stored in their servers.

The Verdict

Internet being the sole source of free stuff has got many platforms that can be reached to download and stream movies, documentaries, Tv shows and sports, but most of us look for a one-stop shop for everything. From the list above we see every source has its own pros and cons. Some don’t have what you are looking for, some require you to be a student, some have only classic movies to watch, while some are still fighting for the piracy laws. One way or another we cannot say that each any of the platforms listed above are perfect. Yet to have most features in a single platform we rank the internet archives as first and Youtube as the second most popular platform, where you can stream as well as download millions of free videos.

We hope you like our list of Completely Legal top 14 Free Movie Download Websites of 2018. Don’t forget to leave your opinion below in the comment.

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