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How To Turn On An Android Phone With A Broken Power Button

Smartphones are fragile. You can offer them extra protection with special covers. You can be very careful about how you handle them. The fact is that they can and do break. When we think of a broken phone, let’s imagine a broken screen. A smartphone can suffer other types of damage, such as a broken power button. In addition to repair, there is no permanent solution for a broken or missing power button. The only problem is what to do if the phone is turned off and the power button has disappeared. The good news is that you can turn on an Android phone with a broken power button.

How To Turn On An Android Phone With A Broken Power Button


Stimulate Press Key With A Physical object

If your button is simply lost, that is, it falls, you can insert a thin object (like a toothpick or a fork) in the exposed hump and it should start. If your problem is deeper than that, you can still turn on an Android phone using the correct combination of volume and boot keys and its USB data cable.

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Connect it to your PC

It will work on very few phones, but this method is worth trying. Simply, connect your phone to the PC via the USB cable. If the battery charge is zero, let it charge slightly. When the battery has enough power to turn on the phone, it may turn on by itself.

Use Hard Keys On Your Device

Home keys And Volume Button

Smartphones no longer have physical start buttons, or rather few of them have them. If your Android phone has a broken power button but has a physical start button that you can press, the following key combination will turn it on.

Volume keys + Home button

Make sure your phone is charged. Hold the volume keys up and down and connect the phone to the PC. Then, holding down the volume keys and with the device connected to USB, press and hold the Home button. Give it a few minutes. When the menu is displayed, release all the buttons.

You will receive a series of warnings and commands on the screen. If you’ve never rooted your phone, it may sound scary, but don’t worry. Use the volume keys to scroll through the options and select the option to restart or power-up. The phone will turn on.

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Volume Button

As mentioned above, not all smartphones have a physical home button. In this case, only the volume keys are required to turn on the phone. Make sure your phone’s battery has enough charge for the phone to actually work.

Press and hold the volume down button and connect the phone via a USB cable to the PC. Press and hold the volume button until a boot menu appears. Select the “Start” option with the volume keys and the phone will turn on.

For Samsung devices

Samsung refers to its Bootloader as “Download Mode”, which works slightly differently than the Bootloader, but will suffice for our needs. Press and hold the volume down button and the Home button while connecting the device. For the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + and any future device without a physical start button, press the volume up button and the Bixby button.

If your device does not enter the bootloader using the methods above, leave a comment with the name and model of your device and we will try to find out how to turn on your Android phone model with a broken power button.

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Without Hard keys – ADB

If the hard keys of the device do not switch on the phone, it is necessary to start with ADB. First, you need to install ADB on our computers. After installing the ADB and Fastboot tools. You are required to boot the phone into the bootloader.

Bootloader / Download / Fastboot mode

Press the volume up and/or down (varies depending on the manufacturer) and connect the device to the computer.

  • Nexus and Pixel devices

Hold the volume down button and plug in the device. When you notice a Google splash screen, release it.

  • LG devices

Press and hold the volume down until the LG logo appears, then release it. If the problem persists, release the volume button for one second and press it again.

  • HTC devices

HTC refers to it as ‘Fastboot Mode’ Press and hold the volume down button, then turn on the device while holding down the volume down button.

  • Motorola devices

Hold the volume down button and plugin.

Once your phone is in bootloader mode, try running the following command in ADB (must be connected to a PC).

fastboot continue

It will boot your phone immediately.


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