Twitter will Presently Enable You to Add Media to a Retweet

We would love to disclose to you that Twitter currently offers an editing tool, making it simpler to correct errors and spelling errors. We are aware of no less than one person wearing a long red tie, living in a white house that would truly value the ability to return and change tweets. Furthermore, we’d love to be able to disclose to you that Twitter has included such a feature, yet too alas we can’t. We can, however, inform you about something that Twitter added to its iOS app, Android app, and its mobile website.


Twitter reported today that it will presently enable users to include images, videos, and GIFs to their retweets. It’s easy to do, really. On a tweet, you’re seeing, tap on the retweet icon on the base toolbar. Snap-on “retweet with the remark” and include your photo or other media. Twitter says that as simple as all things considered to do, it really was difficult for it to design in a manner that wouldn’t look too excessively crowded to the user.

“We discovered it was trying for people to rapidly see all the substance in a Retweet with media. This was because of the layout; two extensive tweets stacked over one another.”-Twitter

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To ensure that a retweet with media attached doesn’t look overpowering, Twitter puts the original tweet, including the creator’s avatar, inside a little box. This permits the image, video or GIF you’ve added to your retweet to show up in full size.


While Twitter users will be content this new feature, they may be a lot happier if tweets could be edited. Maybe that will be the next shoe to drop.