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UGREEN’s iPhone XS Battery Case Will Double Your Battery Life, Charges Phone Wirelessly, Just $25 Today

Apple tries to improves the battery life in iPhones through iOS updates and better power management, but there will always be someone’s who need their iPhones to last even longer from before. It doesn’t matter that you’re a road warrior and you need to spend your day and night while driving around the country or just someone who often forget to recharge your phone, longer battery life is a must. Battery cases are a great way to extend an iPhone’s battery life, and for this purpose UGREEN makes one of that’s pretty sweet. It even becomes sweeter if it’s on offer right now.


The UGREEN Battery Case has a couple of tricks up its sleeve beyond the price.

  • 3,600mAh battery built in that helps you to keep your iPhone X or iPhone XS charge for the longer time period. It almost doubles your iPhone’s battery, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
  • Next, this thing can be recharged using the Qi standard, it means you don’t need to go with wires just to charge your battery case up. If you don’t need wires to charge your iPhone, then why your case need wires to charge?UGREEN-Battery-Case-Qi-wireless
  • Due to Qi-certified technology, UGREEN wireless battery case provides you instant wireless charging without pressing a button, effectively providing extra power to your iPhone X XS for low battery anxiety and awkward moments. Without any charging cable, this backup battery case won’t block your iPhone X charging port, allowing you to connect audio earplugs while charging.

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If UGREEN Battery case provides you these facilities then, of course, there’s the price of that also. Normally this Battery case is well priced at just $30, but right now you don’t even need to pay for that. You can buy this battery case through a deal and this deal isn’t going to be around forever. If you want to pick this great looking and long lasting battery case, then now you can buy it in just $25.49 from Amazon right now. The original price of this case is $30 normally.