Home News UK Carrier EE will launch the 5G service from May 30th

UK Carrier EE will launch the 5G service from May 30th

EE and 5G

The chief executive of the mobile network used a London-based event to announce the launch of its 5G services in the UK.

The company has confirmed that the launch will take place on May 30, which means that the UK’s largest network will break the Vodafone market in several weeks.

As consumers might expect, the network will initially offer a gradual distribution of 5G infrastructure in the first six cities of the United Kingdom. As we have seen with 3G and 4G developments, the network will seek to expand availability later this year with the intention of trying to be at least sixteen major UK cities can subscribe and access 5G services. EE will offer these services along with a series of next-generation devices.

5G Hardware of the Network Is Confirmed By Cheif Executive of EE

EE and 5G

The chief executive of EE, Marc Allera, made the announcement and confirmed that the 5G hardware of the network and the required radio equipment will be provided by different suppliers. Qualcomm, Samsung, Google, LG, One Plus, Oppo, HTC and Huawei will be part of the hardware that comes with the company, which also offers 5G designs along with a number of new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Those who are current customers of EE, as well as all those who want to fight and go online can pre-order these plans with a minimum contract term with immediate effect and will take effect on May 30 in the corresponding release cities.

This sounds brilliant to many customers, especially those who love Android or Samsung hardware. However, it is not great news for iPhone lovers or those who have refused to leave the iOS platform. Apple will not release any 5G devices during 2019, which means that consumers can’t subscribe to EE 5G and consume those benefits from iOS compatible device.

Apart from that, this is certainly good news for EE and presents the network as a British company in the first place. Rival Vodafone had already announced that it would launch 5G in the UK on July 3, which at that time meant that the company would be the first to do so in the UK. This announcement means that it is no longer the case and will establish EE as the 5G leader in the UK market.

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