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5 Ways To Unblock YouTube Videos At School Or Any Organization

If you are wondering to find out the solution that can work for you to unblock YouTube. Then you are in the right spot as you will learn about the several methods that we are going to discuss today. You can easily get help from these methods that will definitely work for you. So, this is a guide that will tell you to bypass these restrictions and access YouTube right away.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos at School or Any Organization

How Unblock YouTube Videos at School or Any Organization

But before coming to the solutions we need to discuss why YouTube is blocked in several areas.

Why is YouTube Blocked?

You may find several reasons for the restriction on YouTube.

In school or work, maybe your network administrator has blocked the access to YouTube with the help of firewall. You will notice that this strategy is implemented by many workplaces. Moreover, in many educational institutions to reduce distraction and make an increase in overall productivity. The important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that all these rules have some importance and needs to be carefully observed as well. As we completely believe in the freedom to access information available online.

If your country has implemented a strict policy for online censorship then you will get to know that the higher authorities have blocked this site. Online censorship varies in several ways. Such as YouTube is completely blocked in China and some videos are blocked in South Korea.

And for those countries where YouTube is not banned such as Australia & more, so according to copyright law geoblocking is the software that is being used by YouTube to block some of the videos to play in some specific location. Suppose a TV program has on aired the preview that has the listened to show in the US only. In this scenario, it has been prevented by YouTube to block this video for the users of other countries by following the copyright laws.

As there are several reasons behind the restriction of YouTube so as there are many ways to access it as well and that is what we are going to do today.

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5 Easy Ways to Unblock YouTube

There is list mentioned below with detailed description that you can carefully read and follow to unblock the YouTube.

1. Through VPN


The easiest and secure procedure to access blocked YouTube is through VPN or Virtual Private Network. As it is a great option if you are concerned about the online security and unblocking the restricted content by censorship, firewall or the geoblocking software.

This method will link your device to the remote server through very high speed and encrypted connection. And this connection will assign a virtual IP to your device’s original IP address. So, when you will access YouTube, this technique will look as you are accessing YouTube from any other location where YouTube is not blocked.

All the data being transmitted over this network will automatically encrypt by VPNs and that clearly means that your network administrator or ISP will unable to see all the content that you accessed.

How to choose a VPN

  • Select that VPN provider that can fulfill your requirement. Our recommended VPN is NordVPN.

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Check VPN

But there are several VPNs available that you can go for such as Express VPN, CyberGhost VPN etc.

  • Install the selected VPN on your device.
  • And now connect to the server.
  • That’s it. Enjoy YouTube now.

2. By modifying its URL

By modifying its URL

A very simple way that you can use to trick the firewall is by changing the URL of the website. Most of the time websites are being blocked manually by network administrator when they add the URL of the website in the blacklist.

If the main URL (http://www.youtube.com) of YouTube is added in the blacklist then you can easily bypass this by entering this URL (https://www.youtube.com) in the URL bar of the browser.

But the unfortunate thing about this trick is that this will only work in the local network firewalls and will not work for the censored and geo-blocked content.

3. By Proxy Websites/Add-on

By Proxy Websites/Add-on

Proxy is quite similar to VPN. But as compare to VPN it is less reliable and secure. In this connection when a connection is made all the traffic through the server is filtered making it appear that you are acing the site through some different location where YouTube is not blocked.

VPN encrypts all of your accessed data but proxies do not and that clearly means that all the sites that you accessed will be seen by the network administrator or ISP. This also has the possibility for possible malware attacks to the personal data of yours.

There are several ways that you can choose to connect to the proxy server such as by a proxy website. Make a connection through your browser manually or with the help of add-on browser. You will find online many proxy websites and they easily connect as well. But you need to refresh the page every time which can be very irritating.

To set up a new proxy server manually is a good alternative to avoid pages refreshing such as Ultrasurf or ProxTube. This will create a link between the proxy server and your device and the service will be limited to your device and the browser you use.

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4. By direct downloading of YouTube videos

By direct downloading of YouTube videos

You will find many websites such as Y2mate that allow you to download videos off YouTube and watch it on your device. This method is quite good if you want to watch any specific video offline. But you will only watch the videos that you have downloaded.

And to download a video you need to search that in Google. A specific URL will appear under the title of the video, copy that URL and paste it the download site of YouTube videos. And from that, you will easily download the video to watch it offline.

5. Using TOR

Using TOR

A quite secure internet browser that hides the IP addresses by allowing you to access the share the content easily. You can download TOR by your regular browsers such as Google and it’s completely free to use. However, you will need administrative permission to install this on your device.

TOR follows a very strict security policy as the data routed through the several network servers to finally reach its destination. This strict policy will prevent your data from hackers. However, it does not provide encryption to your data.

Although, TOR is not specifically designed for streaming as you can use this to access the information for free. You can use TOR with any compatible VPN that will you a complete network solution. TOR will do the work for you and VPN will encrypt all of your data. If your TOR is hacked all of your data will be protected with VPN.

Final Thoughts

So that was the list that you can easily implement to unblock YouTube and enjoy the videos. We tried our best to share with you the latest techniques that you can easily imply. Do not forget to mention in the comment section which method works for you?

Till then enjoy these methods to watch your favorite YouTube videos as we will be back soon with another amazing topic to share with you.