Use B612 Selfie Camera [ Complete Guide ]

If you want to edit your photos on your smartphone, then B612 Selfie Camera is the best app you can get. In this post, we will tell you how you can use B612 Selfie Camera.

B612 camera: Complete Guide

If you are obsessed with taking selfies then you don’t need any introduction for this camera App. Purely created for the selfie-loving people, loaded with cool filters, different beauty modes and a huge number of stickers. The amazing thing to mention here is that is available for both Android and iOS.

This guide will cover every inch and corner of this amazing featured app so making it easy to get most of it.

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What You Need

You need a phone with a camera (front face camera not preferred) and it must be running with Android Version of 4.3 or more.

Filters: How to use them

It’s the very basic that we are getting started with. There are a number of features that are used most throughout the available features in this app.

Other than that, you can tap on the icons placed at the bottom right and browse them thoroughly. And wait a second that is not completed. You can have many more to access it by just downloading it first.

Brightness: How to adjust it

To adjust the brightness, you just need to swipe up and down vertically. Up to increase the brightness and down to decrease it. Simple

Filter Intensity: How to adjust it

To adjust the intensity just drag the bar left and to right to adjust the intensity. The white tiny dots on the picture showed the levels that seem suitable according to the App and once you are done with it just click on the face icon that will adjust the beauty level of the skin.

How to enable the option of Auto Save

 It does save your clicked photos to your device’s gallery by default. After some effort, you click a photo that comes right at the spot. The gallery is uncluttered in this way. You just need to click the 3 dots option placed left corner at the top and toggle the switch to on.

Beauty Mode: How to edit it

If you don’t like the large nose in the default mode. You can change it simply.

yup, it’s true. B612 is also having the option to edit the beauty mode. So, if you don’t want to change all of the facial features and just having an issue with any specific facial feature you can edit it without altering the entire features and for that, you just need to click the +Edit icon shown on the very right corner of the screen.

Collages: how to make it in real time

B612 also got some eyes because of its colleges. You just need to click the image resize option and just swipe to left. This will be showing several collages options just chose one that you like and pose right away.

And lastly, don’t forget to switch between the filters for the amazing effects before clicking the shutter button.

Timer: How to increase it

You can easily change the timer settings as well from 3 to 5 or to 7 and can easily turn off the time if you don’t take any time to pose.

How to save photos of high resolution

Normally, this app automatically saves in HD. But if your phone storage permits this option then you just need to go to settings option and click on the three-dot menu and toggle the resolution too.

How to embed location information

One more amazing functionality is to save the location information of the photos as it will help you to search for photos in Google search with location information.

Use B612 Selfie Camera
Use B612 Selfie Camera

How to download stickers for offline use

Stickers become the most popular features and to use them you just to click on the face and you will be having a huge number of stickers in different sizes.

Stickers with audio and more than one faces

Some stickers come with audio and some with animal faces. You just need to tap on the one that you like and you can also adjust the beauty level with stickers as well.

Use B612 Selfie Camera
Use B612 Selfie Camera

Sticker Storage Optimization

If you use these stickers frequently then you might find the “My Section” filled with previously used stickers but this app easily lets you clean up old ones. Just go to settings and enable the option of storage optimization.

Use B612 Selfie Camera

How to add music to videos

To add music to videos you just need to slide left to the music option and tap the music icon bar to select the song and once you are done with selecting the song just adjust the speed and there you go.

How to transfer videos to GIF

If you have a cute GIF you might be wanting to convert that into GIF and it is quite simple too do that with B612 you just need to tap on GIF icon and that’s it.

Use B612 Selfie Camera

How to edit old photos

If you want to add effects and filters to your old photos you can easily do that with B612 and for that, you just need to open the app and click on the edit icon, select the photo and modify it accordingly.

That’ it. This is the guide that can help you to understand this app and get most of it. The thing that is appreciable about this app is that you can easily create a mixture of its three main features. Collages, filters, and stickers.