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How To Use The Instagram Chat Sticker

The new Instagram Stories sticker allows people to ask their followers to participate in a new group chat and then give the poster the power to select who can participate. The new feature, called the chat sticker, joins a series of other stickers Instagram sent to the Stories, including polls, question boxes, mentions, positions, hashtags, and countdowns, among others. The chat sticker is relatively simple and Instagram is positioning it as a solution for people who want to have a great group conversation about something or make plans.

How To Use The Instagram Chat Sticker

Instagram Chat sticker

Instagram has interactive stickers that you can add to stories. The stickers allow you to add polls, ask questions and, recently, invite users to a chat group. The Instagram chat decal allows anyone who sees your story request to participate in a conversation. As the story will be seen by more people, everyone can request to join the conversation and it will be a group chat. It works like this.

Instagram Chat Sticker

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the camera button in the upper left corner or simply scroll to the right.
  3. Capture a photo or video, it’s up to you. On the edit screen, tap the tag button and look for the “Chat” sticker.
  4. Tap to add it to your story.

You can name your chat thread, which you should do if you are looking for better interaction. At the top, there will be a button with the color wheel which, once tapped, will change the color of the Chat sticker. When finished, share the image with your story or share it with a group of friends.

If your story is public, anyone who sees it can request to participate in the chat thread. It’s up to you to allow or prevent someone from joining the chat. Your story may be public, but chats are still private.

As mentioned above, the chat thread will be a group chat if more than one person requests to participate. It is important to remember this because, whatever conversation you have, you will have it with more people. It is not an individual conversation.

Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, but the chat thread will remain. It has no expiration date. You can delete it as you do with any other chat thread, but that doesn’t eliminate the conversation for other people. You can still continue.

This feature is being implemented. If you don’t see it in the labeled drawer and the search doesn’t show anything, wait a few days and it should appear. Meanwhile, there are other interactive stickers that you can try. The poll sticker is good if you want to interact with who is watching your story. Other interactive stickers allow viewers to ask a question, allow them to ask a question or simply add a countdown to an event and induce users to come back for more content later.


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