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User Accidentally Swallows AirPods And They Still ‘Magically’ Work In The Stomach

Some of the times a story gives the idea that you simply accept is an Onion article, however, isn’t. That is the situation today following the news that a Taiwanese man gulped an AirPods and afterward….recovered it. Despite everything it still works.


You’re likely asking how he swallowed the AirPod in any case, and that is a substantial inquiry indeed. Obviously, he fell asleep with the AirPods in his ears, however, when he woke one was missing.

Got all of you interested isn’t that right? Well for additional on this we’ll move to the more fascinating bits. And for that reason, we’ll let the Daily Mail get from here. Ben Hsu nodded off with the pair of wireless headphones still in his ears yet wake up unable to discover one of them.

Using an iPhone tracking feature he found the device was still in his room and heard its signaling sound following him around. He said: ‘I checked under my cover and looked around, however, couldn’t find it – at that point, I realized the sound was coming from my stomach.’ as


The man then went to the clinic to perceive what to do next, and after an x-ray, it was affirmed that the AirPod was wet unquestionably inside him. The alternative of surgery was discussed, yet it was at last decided that the best reason for the action was to wait and let the AirPod come out naturally. We’re certain you can make sense of that for yourself.

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Amazingly, once the AirPod had been recovered, it kept on working just fine and the man appears very happy to have it back. Strangely, he’s proceeding to use it while we think we would prefer to set fire to it. So there you go.