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User Claims Galaxy S10 5G Caught Fire On Its Own, Samsung Refuses Refund

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G isn’t too far from a release in the United States, however, the phone is now hot property in South Korea. It’s so hot, truth to be told, that we as of now have one report of a handset bursting into flames.


The phone is referred to has belonged to someone just named having the surname Lee, and he reports that the phone was on a table before he saw that he could smell burning. Smoke is said to have “inundated” the phone, and when he lifted it up it was so hot the had to “drop it to the ground.” More on that later.

Lee says that he didn’t do anything exceptional to the phone before this occurred, yet after reporting the occurrence to Samsung, things began to turn out badly. The phone maker refuses to refund Lee’s $1200, saying that after it examined the phone, it believes that the harm was caused by an “outer impact.Samsung clearly believes the phone was dropped, causing the issue, as opposed to the problem of making the phone to be dropped.


The majority of this will promptly remind people of the Galaxy Note 7, a phone that was canceled and expelled from sale after various people around the globe revealed them catching fire. It was later found that there was a flaw in the manner the batteries were designed, despite the fact that Samsung clearly doesn’t believe that to be the situation with the Galaxy S10 5G.

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The Galaxy S10 5G goes on sale in the United States on May 16th, in spite of the fact that the lack of a 5G framework should temper energy somewhat.