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Verizon Going to Start Galaxy S10 Sales on 16 May 2019

In two days, smartphone fans in Korea will spend up to roughly $1,400 to purchase the Galaxy S10 5G which is a new variant of Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung’s 5G flagship will be the first important push for 5G phones in many countries all over the world, but the only thing we knew about its path to the United States was that it would initially come from Verizon sometime before summer. That was until leaks blogger Evan Blass tweeted out a cryptic message today.


From what we’re able to gather, Blass is suggesting that Verizon will make the Galaxy S10 5G available at some level on May 16  but we aren’t firm on if that will be for sales or pre-orders however don’t doubt about it that this will be a major milestone for the device.

The S10 5G is the largest of the S10 series so there are different specs of Samsung Galaxy 5G but some of these are as follows

Specs Of Samsung Galaxy 5G

Display 6.7″ Quad HD+ “Dynamic AMOLED”
Processor Snapdragon 855 with X50 5G modem
Storage/RAM 256/8GB
Battery 4500mAh
Camera (front) 10MP standard and secondary 3D depth mapping
Camera (rear) Quad-camera; 16MP ultra wide-angle, 12MP standard wide angle, 12MP zoom, and 3D depth mapping
Ports USB-C 3.0 with USB PD 3.0 fast charging
Dimensions 77.1 x 162.6 x 7.94mm, 198g

An enormous arms stockpile when set facing Motorola’s Moto Z3 and it’s going with 5G Moto Mod, likewise on Verizon so that Motorola’s hardware costs $480 right now, and while Samsung still has to announce U.S. pricing for the Galaxy S10 5G, it’s safe to assume that Samsung customers will be paying more than twice that.


According to a new report from Bloomberg it emphasizes that May 16 date, and attempts to pin it down as when the GS10 5G will, at last, arrive in carrier stores. It also adds in the report that pre-orders are expected to open in just a couple weeks, on April 18. Final pricing is still unknown but seems that $1,000 is a safe bet.

According to Android Headline report that has published it claims to be official renders of the Verizon-branded Galaxy S10 5G. Indeed, we see the 5G UWB (Ultra Wide Band) branding in the status bar, however, there is also expected to be no Verizon logo on the hardware itself.

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Obviously, the blasting detail in this picture is the date printed on the lock screen which is May 16. It’s simply another piece of evidence to help U.S. carrier sales going live on that day.