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VideoShow vs VivaVideo [ Complete Comparison ]

Check out the comparison between VideoShow vs VivaVideo. Videos took the places of images. It would be great to say that videos leave a long-lasting effect on human mind than photos and with the help of modern editing tools every 3 in 5 show interest in making and spreading the videos on different social media platforms.

Recently Instagram has launched IGTV feature to create the video content of the long form. It lets users to easily upload videos of the duration of approximately one hour.

VideoShow vs VivaVideo
VideoShow vs VivaVideo

As long-duration videos can get benefit from many editing tools as nowadays anyone can create videos from their phones. As there are many video tools available on Google Play Store but the most popular ones are VivaVideo and VideoShow.

VideoShow vs VivaVideo: A Complete Comparison

So, this post will be focusing on the full-fledged comparison of these two editing Apps so without any delay. Let’s start


There is a range from 20 to 25MB in VideoShow and VivaVideo is on way ahead with the range of around 40-45MB.


Although the user interface of both these apps shows very much similarity. You can select the photos and videos that you are taken to the editor’s window and more or less the editing screen is also the same but both apps arrange the option for editing using different labels.

  • In VivaVideo, there are three main options: Effects, Clip Editing and Theme.
  • In VideoShow, there are four main options: Edit, Music, Theme, and Settings.

In both apps, every tool is labeled in simple and easy to understand words but the slight difference between these two apps is that in VivaVideo you have the access to photos and videos on the main editing screen but in VideoShow you first need to click on edit icon to alter the position and access to photos and videos.

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Both apps offer free themes and also supports theme functionality but only VideoShow provides the option to edit the prologue of the video as well as an epilogue.

Both apps provide multiple effects to add but none provide the feature in support of face filters.


Both apps provide amazing editing features in their free version. You just need to split up the video and as you like you can even make a copy of your video and reverse a clip as well. Both apps let you rotate and adjust the speed as well.

The interesting thing here is with VideoShow, you can rotate the videos and adjust the speed but this feature is missing in VivaVideo.


Both Apps lets you add text on your videos. You can easily customize the subtitles with color, alignment, and background as well.

For adding text VideoShow is much better than VivaVideo.


In VivaVideo you can mute the video if you don’t want any voice and can also add your own audio file as well as the sound effects as this app is providing many sound effects. You can also record your own voice and add that to the video.

But in VideoShow that offers the same audio settings but the arrangement of these option in VivaVideo feels more user-friendly than VideoShow. VideoShow app also does not support the mute feature.


Every social platform supports the different size of videos so both these provides the options to change the aspect ratio for every video to get a required size.

In VideoShow offers 5 distinctive sizes as well as colors to add in the background. Blur effect can also be added.

In VivaVideo, there is a feature called Canvas that provides 7 distinctive aspect ratios. It also supports the option to customize the blur effect which is not present in VideoShow.


Both apps provide features to add stickers, GIF, and can also customize the stickers duration according to the slider used.

But in VideoShow you can change the pen size and color in the video and this feature is not supported by VivaVideo.


Every good comes with a worth. Although you will get most of the amazing features in the free version of these apps but you will be having some limitations. For example, In VivaVideo you can only create a video of 5 min duration and in VideoShow you cannot utilize all the effects in the free version.

And what about watermarks? Unfortunately, both these apps add their watermark to the videos. To have videos without these watermarks you will need to move from free to a premium version.

In VideoShow, you don’t need to go to buy the complete package you just need to select the feature that you want and just pay for those features.


Both Apps provide some amazing features. One may miss minor features that may be the other app is incorporating. It totally depends on you and how you prefer the features and working. I hope this post will help you to better understand the features that both apps are providing and which app is a good fit for you.