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Visual Studio: How to change Theme

Are you trying to find out the way to change the theme in Visual Studio? Fortunately, you reached the right destination. Here, we will guide Visual Studio users on how to change Theme in VS. Also, we have written some useful general guides of VS Studio in Offtopic. This article worths to be read. First, have a look at what Visual Studio is actually capable of.

What is Visual Studio?

Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) launched by Microsoft a few years back. Now it is one of the most successful development software in the world. The large IT Corporations are using this tool for designing websites, apps, webs services. It generates both Native Code and Manage Code.

How to Change Theme in Visual Studio

The main purpose of Visual Studio is to design computer programs. Visual Studio utilizes the program also developed by Microsoft. Key utilities are Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store Windows API, Windows Forms, and Microsoft Silverlight.

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How to Set Theme in Visual Studio:

The default theme of Visual Studio is the Blue Color. Because Blue and Black are the 2 colors that are eye comforting. They save our eyes from stress and give them comfort. Somehow every person has its own choice regarding themes. So if you find Blue color annoying and want to change it, here’s how you can do it.

<< Step 1 >> Launch Visual Studio on your computer.

<< Step 2 >> Go to the menu bar present at the top of the screen.

<< Step 3 >> Here you will see various options, find the Tools tab and click on it.

<< Step 4 >> Now you customize different options of Visual Studio from here according to your choice. Not just changing them you can set your preferences from here. For changing the theme, click on Environment.

<< Step 5 >> Go to the General Section and move towards Color Option. Set the color Light or dark whatever you like.

<< Step 6 >> Once you are satisfied with new color, click on OK to apply changes in Visual Studio. After applying changes the whole look of Visual Studio software will get changed.

<< Step 7 >> To get more options for themes, you need to explore the VS market place. Search for the Visual Studio Color themes and download the package on software. Use that plugin and select your favorite theme from a wide range.

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Visual Studio: Change Fonts and Colors:

Already discussed the way of changing themes of Visual Studio. Whyn’t we tell you more customizable options of Visual Studio? Well, Visual Studio is the user-friendly software and it let users make their choices regarding the colors and fonts also. To change the colors and fonts in Microsoft VS, you need to follow these steps.

<< Step 1 >> Open Visual Studio on your computer.

<< Step 2 >> Go to the Menu bar and select the Tools option.

<< Step 3 >> Move to the Options section.

<< Step 4 >> Click on the Environment tab.

Here you will see fonts and colors, you will different fonts and colors here, Pick any of those you like most. To adjust the Font Size, click on the size menu. Adjust the size as per your choice, click on the OK button to apply the changes.


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