Vivo X60 Pro

Not a new name in the Indonesian smartphone market, vivo is not included in the list of manufacturers who are diligent in releasing their latest smartphones, especially in early 2021. This is different from a number of other manufacturers who have enlivened the market with their products at the beginning of the year.

However, this was done by vivo not without reason, because the smartphone manufacturer from China was busy preparing the results of its collaboration with the world lens company, Zeiss, which was presented via the X60 Pro.

vivo X60 Pro carries a number of features, but as a product of collaboration with Zeiss, you can already guess that one of the advantages that this smartphone carries is in the camera area.
So, what other advantages does the Vivo X60 Pro carry? And how is the experience of using this smartphone? Check out our review below.


vivo X60 Pro comes with a design not much different from the previous generation, namely the vivo X50 Pro, carrying a premium and elegant feel, one of which is thanks to the support for a non-shiny coating on the back of this device.

This layer support not only supports the beauty of the device’s appearance, but also helps keep the body from getting dirty easily due to fingerprint smudges. However, this non-shiny material is less able to reduce the impression of slippery when gripped.
Therefore, we recommend that you cover the X60 Pro with a silicone chassis which is available in the sales packaging box. Meanwhile, in addition to being thin, this phone is able to provide comfort when gripped and operated with one hand because it carries a body with a fairly narrow width dimension.

However, vivo still strives to present a wide-sized screen so that it can support comfort when used to enjoy content. Therefore, Vivo presents a screen and body with a more elongated shape.
This form does support the pleasure of using the phone screen while enjoying multimedia content on the screen, but it causes a little hassle when we need to access the notification bar which requires us to use two hands when operating it.

In addition, on the back, you will be able to find the location of the camera embedding on a part that is more prominent when compared to other parts of the body. This square-shaped part comes with a black area as a location for embedding three cameras arranged in a triangular formation, and a silver-colored part as a location for flashing flashes, accompanied by the Zeiss brand and some camera specification information.
Meanwhile, Vivo focused on pinning the location of physical buttons and other ports on the right and bottom sides of the device. On the right side, you’ll find the power button next to the volume buttons, while on the bottom side, there’s a speaker hole, USB-C port and SIM and microSD card slots. Unfortunately, this Vivo X60 Pro does not have a 3.5mm audio jack.

Interface & Features

vivo X60 Pro uses the latest operating system by vivo, namely Origin OS, based on Android 11. Not much different from the previous generation, FunTouch OS, this Origini OS user interface has a slight difference because it is more concise and simple.

One of them can be seen from the notification list which is neater and carries a design with rounded corners. Vivo also brings an additional sliding lever to adjust the screen brightness level to auto settings, which in the general user interface display is buried in the settings menu.

Based on Android 11, the Origin OS operating system on the vivo X60 Pro also carries a number of typical Google operating systems, one of which is notification grouping. Notifications that the device receives are grouped, so notifications don’t overlap each other and get forgotten.
However, if you accidentally miss a notification, you can explore the notification history available on this device. Other Android 11 features that support the vivo X60 Pro include notification functionality such as instant messaging apps and an on-screen activity recorder.

Vivo X60 Pro also comes with capabilities that allow you to set up AIoT devices at home directly by simply holding down the power button for a few moments, as well as the ability to integrate with Google Home, Mi Home and similar apps.

You can also find the Dynamic Effects menu, where you can adjust almost all effects from the way the screen turns on when the power button is pressed, facial and fingerprint recognition animations, to effects when a USB port is connected to a smartphone.

For game enthusiasts, the vivo X60 Pro is equipped with the Ultra Game Mode feature with a special Esports mode, allowing you to play games with the most optimal device performance. In addition, this feature also allows you to play without interruption because it is armed with the ability to silence some notifications so they don’t interfere when playing games.

Unfortunately, the pleasure of playing games is not supported by audio because the Vivo X60 Pro is equipped with mono speakers. For information, the vivo X60 Pro comes with a 6.56-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz response speed that supports fun while playing games.


The camera is the main selling point of the vivo X60 Pro, which is Vivo’s first device after collaborating with Zeiss. This smartphone comes with three cameras on the back, consisting of a main camera with a 48MP Sony IMX598 sensor, a 13MP ultrawide camera and a 13MP portrait lens.

For the front, vivo embeds a 32MP camera on the screen with a Punch Hole design. On the main camera, Vivo provides the X60 Pro with Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 which is also one of the superior features on this smartphone.

In addition, vivo also provides the X60 Pro camera with 5-axis stabilization capabilities, allowing the phone to produce more stable video recordings even without the help of additional external equipment.
This stabilization capability helps to produce good photos in dim lighting conditions, considering that in these conditions, vibration is one of the factors that affect the camera’s shutter opening during the recording and shooting process.

Another interesting feature that supports the vivo X60 Pro is Pixel Shift Ultra HD Imaging. This feature utilizes hand or gimbal vibration to shift pixels to produce a single image with enhanced detail.
In addition, the vivo X60 Pro camera is also supported by a number of models such as Sports mode, Kids snapshot, Astro Mode and others. This smartphone is also supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the camera features, making it easier when taking pictures because it is able to detect conditions and change to the appropriate settings automatically.

One of these capabilities helps when shooting at night, because AI automatically changes the camera settings to Night Mode, so photos will appear brighter but with muffled noise.


Supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage space, the vivo X60 Pro was able to provide a pleasant user experience and without any lags while we tried this device.

Not only about lag, we also feel comfortable when using this device to play games thanks to the temperature treatment that is maintained even though the cellphone is used for various activities including alternately accessing a number of applications and playing games.

The pleasure of playing games on this device is also supported by the provision of Virtual RAM with a capacity of 3GB in addition, which is presented by vivo to improve performance when playing games, one of which is PUBG Mobile.
For information, when playing the FPS game, the Vivo X60 Pro by default sets the graphics and frame rate settings in HD and High settings. However, this game can still be played comfortably at least up to the HDR graphics settings.

The performance presented by this device is also recorded in the test scores involving the 3DMark and PCMark benchmark applications. In tests involving 3DMark Slingshot Extreme OpenGL, the vivo X60 Pro obtained a score of 8401.

While in the test involving 3DMark Slingshot, this smartphone appeared superior with a Maxed Out score, and in the test involving PCMark Work 2.0, it obtained a score of 9608. Regarding the battery, Vivo provided the X60 Pro with a battery with a capacity of 4,300mAh and support for 33W fast charging technology.
This technology allows the device’s battery to be charged up to 70 percent in 30 minutes, and in less than an hour to be fully charged, from an empty state. Meanwhile, when tested with the PCMark Work 2.0 Battery benchmark application, the phone’s battery was able to last for 16 hours and 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, when used daily with common usage scenarios, including occasionally accessing social media, receiving messages via instant messaging applications, and occasionally taking pictures, this device is able to last almost a full day.


vivo is quite capable of proving claims regarding superiority in the realm of the camera on this X60 Pro. Because the vivo X60 Pro is able to provide a pleasant shooting experience, including in dim lighting conditions, thanks to the embedded technology.

In addition to the camera, we are also spoiled with fairly good performance when used in daily activities, one of which is to play games that are quite heavy. This supports our enjoyment of using the vivo X60 Pro, in addition to its beautiful design and long battery life.

Unfortunately, the pleasure of playing games on this device is not supported by a capable audio performance, considering that the speaker that accompanies the phone, which is offered in two color variants, namely Midnight Black and Shimmer Blue, is still a mono speaker and not a stereo.