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Watch Galaxy S10 Face Unlock Be Easily Fooled By Video Of Owner’s Face

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Samsung had some kind of face unlocking feature but only available in the high-end phone with some limited reliability.  As Galaxy S10 is recently released and it has the ability to face recognition but the unfortunate thing it is not that secure. As for the other past Samsung phones, it appears that in unlocking the new S10 device, face lock is just a case of waving a video of someone else at the phone.

This was first highlighted by Unbox Therapy, known as Lewis Hilsenteger where in his youtube video he unlocked Galaxy S10 using another phone’ screen which has the owner’s face and its been clear after this that it is a simple facial recognition which has nothing to do with the security.

As Hilsenteger says,

“if convenience is your priority, face unlock will work but understand the potential consequences.”

To watch the video Click Here.

As compared to the face feature of apple it is now clear that Samsung needs to work more on this before it can compete. Face ID is way more secure than this face recognition feature of Samsung. Although for some people this might not matter at all.

Galaxy S10 does not have any notch which is making a big deal despite the other cut-out holes. However, the notch in Apple allows the sensors that make this face ID work so now its time for you to make a decision, notch or this laughable security that Samsung is providing? There will be plenty of people who will still defend the Galaxy S10 face recognition feature but I made my decision and its time for you to make yours.

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