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How to Fix WhatsApp Keeps Crashing On Android

WhatsApp is one of the most well known informing apps on the planet. In spite of numerous competitors and fresher talk apps coming to showcase, WhatsApp has kept up predominance on account of strong plan, convenience, and encoded informing. It isn’t all roses however because it has some common glitches and issues. This tutorial will walk you through what to do if WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android.

Despite the fact that Facebook claims WhatsApp, it has permitted the organization to keep up its autonomy and head out in a different direction. That is halfway why WhatsApp is more steady and a vastly improved encounter than its parent app. At the point when bugs or issues are identified, WhatsApp’s developers rush to respond and deliver fixes, which is a decent sign.

Those fixes don’t address each conceivable issue with the app, however. Ostensibly a portion of the accidents experienced by Android users has nothing to do with the app itself however with the manner in which they have their phone set up or another app meddling with the operation.

Stop WhatsApp crashing on Android

There are a few reasons that could be the cause of WhatsApp’s issues. How about we attempt a couple of basic fixes first.

Restart WhatsApp


If WhatsApp crashes only one time it resembles a little issue that you can fix effectively by shutting the app and resuming it. On an Android device, this implies getting to the performing multiple tasks function (this shifts relying upon the maker however by and large it’s gotten to by swiping from the bottom left or right of your home screen) on your device and swiping WhatsApp shut.

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Next, visit your app cabinet and return WhatsApp. If the app doesn’t have additional issues, you’re all set. If not, continue perusing.

Expecting the app continues to fizzle, you should use your device’s settings to constrain close the app. This won’t wipe any of your information from WhatsApp however it will guarantee it isn’t running out of sight, like restarting your PC. To compel close WhatsApp on your Android, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and Apps on your device.
  • Select WhatsApp and Force Close if the option is accessible.
  • After you have power stopped the app, hold up a second, and return WhatsApp.

Reboot your phone

Usually, rebooting your phone will fix your issue. Regardless of whether it’s cell connectivity, an app crashing, or something different, this is consistently a basic and powerful approach to fix bugs.

A brisk reboot of your phone could be sufficient to have WhatsApp working appropriately once more. It powers a reload of memory and of the app files and starts once again. As it only takes a couple of moments so it merits attempting.

Check for Any Changes You Made to the Phone

Have you updated Android? Installed any new games or apps? Made any significant configuration changes? Done anything to your phone around a similar time as WhatsApp started crashing? It isn’t generally the app to blame yet maybe another change on the phone. Or then again it could be another app that meddles with WhatsApp or secures the files or equipment WhatsApp needs to work appropriately.

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If you rolled out an improvement, fix it and retest. If you rolled out a few improvements, fix them one by one to see which permits WhatsApp to start working once more. You would then be able to work with that one change or installation to perceive how it influences WhatsApp.

Check your connection

WhatsApp should be open to using WiFi or 4G yet a helpless sign might be the cause. Ordinarily, the app would simply run gradually and take perpetually to communicate something specific yet I have seen it crash the app. Change from WiFi to 4G or the other way around relying upon what you’re using when the app crashes. Retest with the other organization’s connection and perceive how it charges.

Clear the WhatsApp cache

Clear Whatsapp Cache

Clearing the app cache is the following coherent advance if WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android. It wipes the memory and erases the impermanent files the app uses. If a file is causing the accident for reasons unknown, clearing the cache may stop it.

  • Open Settings and Apps on your phone.
  • Select WhatsApp and Storage.
  • Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

You should see the measure of a room used by the cache and information turn to zero. Ideally, you’ll likewise observe WhatsApp working regularly once more.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp consistently delivers updates for the app. New updates are delivered to fix bugs, update security, and run easily. If you’ve missed one, it could be the cause of your issues. A large portion of us have our phones set to automatically update however if you don’t, maybe driving an update may give the dependability you’re looking to.

  • Connect your phone to WiFi.
  • Open Google Play on your phone and select Check for Updates.
  • Permit the app to download any updates.

If there was a WhatsApp update, retest the app. If there wasn’t, you only have one option left.

Update Your Phone

Another significant update you should check for is your phone’s Android version. If WhatsApp is running on a more current version, and your phone is running a more established one, the two aren’t probably going to play well together. This is particularly valid for more seasoned Android versions.

  • To check and update your device, do this:
  • Open your phone’s settings and tap ‘Programming Updates’ (this may change contingent upon your phone).
  • Tap ‘Check for updates.

If there is an update accessible, connect to wifi and play out the update.

Check Your Device’s Memory

Despite the fact that this may appear to be somewhat odd, your device’s memory could influence the functionality of the app. If your memory is full it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate outside memory options, for example, SD cards, offload some information, or factory reset your phone altogether.

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To check your device’s memory open your phone’s settings and tap on ‘Storage.’ Analyze how quite a bit of your memory is really used up. If it’s almost full, play out a reinforcement to spare any significant information and start erasing apps, pictures, recordings, or whatever else you don’t require.

Reinstall WhatsApp

Erasing WhatsApp from your phone, rebooting, and afterward downloading a new copy of the app is your only option now. It is the final retreat yet besides playing out a factory reset of your phone, this is it. A factory reset isn’t essential if it’s only WhatsApp crashing so reinstalling the app is the last advance.

Final Words:

Numerous users gripe of a common mistake with WhatsApp. The “Unfortunately, Whatsapp has stopped working. Report or Close” mistake can be very baffling because you can’t open WhatsApp.

This mistake appears for an assortment of reasons. It is basically credited to the app’s cache, storage issues on your device, or contrary programming. Following the steps above should settle this issue. If not, you can report the bug to the WhatsApp developers by means of the Google Play Store, or you check DownDetector for any blackouts or enormous issues with WhatsApp.