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When will you get the iOS 14 Update?

Here’s the way you can check iOS 14 download release time in your region’s neighborhood time region in the overall graph we’ve installed underneath.

Following quite a while of developer and public beta deliveries, iOS 14 is now prepared for general society and we’re simply hanging tight for it to show up. If you’re pausing, when precisely do you have to hold up until? That is an inquiry with different answers depending on where you happen to be found.

Who doesn’t adore time regions? iOS 14 dispatches Wednesday, September 16 at 10 am Pacific Time. The current year’s delivery is unquestionably one that merits keeping your eyes stripped for, as well.

Whether you’ve been tracking with iOS 14 or have gone to the update new, we’re certain about saying that perhaps the greatest change in iOS 14 is the appearance of widgets to the Home screen. We’ve been requesting this specific element for quite a long time and now, in 2020 and with iOS 14, it’s here.

Look at our table that shows precisely when you can get your hands on the update. It merits the pause!


Without a doubt, you’ll need developers to get their apps updated and all set however we’ve seen a lot of apps that as of now have working widgets. Also, that is something that is definitely just going to increment with the appearance of iOS 14 to the general population.

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It isn’t the main improvement here, however. Apple has added the App Library to fix the issue of individuals having pages and pages of unused apps. The new minimal UI additionally implies we don’t see our iPhones taken over whenever a call comes in, as well. Improved inquiry, new stuck message discussions in the Messages app, and more are for the most part worth anticipating.