WonderBar Add Character to your Status Bar

The Status Bar is something that iPhone and iPad users the same will have in their field of view more often than not, except if obviously those users are using a great deal of full-screen apps like games. In light of that, it might shock no one this is one of the main things that jailbreakers like to customize in the wake of freeing their handset from Apple’s control.

Make proper acquaintance with WonderBar, a recently discharged and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Aryan Nambiar that gives what appears as though endless customization for the battery rate show and more in your pwned handset’s Status Bar.

Once installed, WonderBar adds an inclination sheet to the Settings app where you can arrange the tweak to your loving:


Here, you’ll have the option to:

  • Toggle WonderBar on or off on request
  • Colorize your Status Bar’s content
  • Enter custom Status Bar content
  • Hide or show the battery rate
  • Design a battery symbol border shading
  • Design a battery symbol inside shading
  • Design a battery symbol charging (Lightning) shading
  • Change the battery symbol size

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The developer incorporates plenty of approaches to spare your settings, including singular “Save Settings” buttons under each segment, and a Respring button under the essential toggle switch.

Beneath, you’ll discover a few instances of what should be possible with WonderBar. Observe the custom feel of the battery rate symbol and the custom Status Bar content supplanting the time:


Download WonderBar:

WonderBar isn’t exactly similar to different Status Bar tweaks we’ve demoed in the past in that its essential center lies with the battery rate symbol. All things considered, it offers probably the most stylishly satisfying choices for the battery rate symbol we’ve seen to date, and that is the reason we’d suggest giving it a shot if you haven’t as of now.

Those keen on attempting WonderBar can download the tweak for nothing from the Chariz repository by means of their favored bundle administrator. WonderBoar bolsters jailbroken iOS 12 and 13 devices.

Will you be checking out WonderBar? Tell us why or why not in the remarks segment underneath.