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YouTube Returning To Amazon Fire TV, Prime Video To Google Chromecast

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It’s amazing news for the users of Amazon Fire TV, that YouTube is returning finally. Amazon Prime Video will also be heading towards the other way, with support for Chromecast being added while also becoming more widely available for those who use Android TV.

This news spread when both Amazon and YouTube made an announcement about it jointly. Its been one year that YouTube was pulled over from the Fire TV but both companies say that the product will come later this year and YouTube proper will going to be the first out gate and after that YouTube TV.

It is said that Amazon will allow Chromecast to use the prime video app that can help them to see content on their big screens. Prime video is also making a big move to Android TV as well as a whaler other than the limited devices that have been able to use it to date.

One promising thing that needs be noted here is that there has been no mention of YouTube returning to the Echo Show which is a device that also lost the app when it was pulled from the Fire TV. That’s quite bad news for users who use that particular smart device, although sources told The Verge that both Amazon and YouTube continue to speak about the app, so we hope that YouTube will come back to Echo Show at some point of time.

Meanwhile, the users of Echo Show can resort to using a web browser to view the content of YouTube.

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