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Extratorrent.CC Shuts Down [ Best Alternatives 2019 ]

As Extratorrent is shutting down for all the good reasons, the scene of torrent has taken a major hit. Nevertheless, find below the best alternatives for Extratorrent.

There was a time when Extratorrent was considered as the second largest torrent site worldwide but its shutdown automatically in 2017 without giving any statement. The followers and fans of this site were left without knowing where to go. While there are many people who moved to the other sites with a similar name and there are still those who are wondering about the other sites if they are genuine or not.

If you are looking for the alternatives to Extratorrent to share files then you are at the right place. But to remind you here that it is illegal to share copyright material and vpnMentor does not support it, so we are here to help you out.

Extratorrent.CC Shuts Down [ Best Alternatives 2019]

Extratorrent.CC Shuts Down [ Best Alternatives 2019]

Below you can find the list of alternatives to Extratorrent that are still working, however always pay attention and carefully access these sites. We recommend you to use a good VPN whenever you are torrenting.

Note: If you find any site in the list that is blocked on your area then we recommend you to use a good VPN such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN or Private Internet to access the blocked sites easily.

Disclaimer: All the sites that are mentioned below are just for an informational purpose we do not recommend you to use the sites to download the copyright content.

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10 Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

The PirateBay.org

pirate bay

TPB is one the top torrent site which provides you the access to the numerous amounts of data of music, movies, software, tv shows, and other files.

Based on Seychelles, it is a non-profit organization that was initially found in 2003 by Swedish anti-copyright activist. It was a time when it was working under the legal boundaries.

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For More Information: Visit The Pirate Bay



A peer to peer file sharing through BitTorrent, established in 2008. There are several countries in which this site is blocked such as in Australia, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. But you can bypass these restrictions through a good VPN that will let you access your required content. The site contains a wide range of content in various categories such as movies, tv shows, news, and other files.

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For More Information: Visit RARBG



1337x is one of the most popular sites and it still works fine today. The protocol that is used by 1337x is BitTorrent that allows a peer to peer file sharing. It changes its domain name for at least once to avoid the ban by Google search. It uses the .to domain currently but when the site is not reached by this domain the .se domain s used to reach this site.

For More Information: Visit 1337x



An amazing torrent site with a huge number of torrents and guarantees an amazing user experience. If you are looking for a site to download high-quality movies, music and tv shows which are recently released then this is the best site for you to go with. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find out you required content but you can find the popular torrent here easily.

For More Information: Visit TorLock



If you knew about Torrentz, then you should also know that that Torrentz2eu.icu is the clone of Torrentz which was shut down by the court last year. You will notice a warning sign from your computer’s antivirus software but you can still access it through VPN but you should carefully try to access this site.

For More Information: Visit Torrentz2eu.icu



It was initially called out as YTS.am, a small group intending to provide high-quality content and when it became popular the torrenting site named YTS was came to exists. There is a various domain name that is used to access this site but YTS.am is the name that is currently used. It is quite popular because of the quality content that it provides. The format that is used by YTS is x264 encoding format, which provides high-quality content as compare to others in the list.

For More Information: YTS.AM



A quite straight forward and practical torrenting site, EZTV.ag also includes an active forum to report any issue such as to inform about broken links. Recently, it lost its credibility due to privacy and security concerns. No wonder why the site itself displaying a warning to use a VPN while torrenting.

For More Information: Visit EZTV.ag



A simple and easy to use a torrenting site that is full of content of about 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows that will surely help you out to find out what you are looking for. It has a strong interface with some changes in certain pages.

For More Information: Visit Zooqle


Another popular site making to the top of the list is TorrentDownloads.me. It has a very organized and tidy torrent library. If you fail to find you required content from the other sites in the list then is the best for you as you will find material that you are looking for. But the unfortunate thing this is currently blocked in many countries but you can still access it through what. Any guess? Yes, with the help of VPN and How? Read the article below to find out.

For More Information: visit TorrentDownloads.me



The site that has a very neat and clean user interface, LimeTorrents.cc is a good alternative to ExtraTorrent. If your favorite site is currently blocked you can access it to find out favorite material.

The homepage of these LimeTorrents is quite clean with a green colored theme with a search bar and a bunch of other useful options as well. The websites also get updated with new torrent files on a regular basis.

For More Information: Visit Lime Torrents

Why You Should ALWAYS Use a VPN When Torrenting        

Torrenting is quite risky as there is always a chance to download the file which might contain a virus or any other malware. So, it is very important to share with you a safe way to access the torrenting sites.

So why use a VPN? VPN not only protects your device while torrenting but also protects when you are busy browsing or streaming any video content. There are several reasons to always use a VPN while torrenting such as

  • It bypasses the local torrent bans if the Govt. has blocked the torrent site in your area, a VPN will easily restore the access to your favorite site.
  • When you connect to the server of VPN, it hides your IP address so your visited website cannot locate you.
  • VPN provides you with a secure connection as it completely encrypts the data that travels across your connection to the surveillance agencies and the ISP cannot monitor your browsing activity.

There are some trusted VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPNand CyberGhost that you can use for fast connection and complete protection as well.

Note: We already posted various articles on torrenting and we recommend you to read those as well.

Final Words

Torrenting is a never-ending phenomenon. If one site shuts down there are plenty others appear in its place. You can go to other alternatives to fulfill your requirements but we recommend you to use a VPN always while torrenting.

That was the list guys. If there is anything missing you can mention that in the comment section till then enjoy torrenting as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.