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10 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives [ 2019 ]

Try these Microsoft Visio Alternatives and you will be surprised. Have you ever heard of Microsoft Visio before? Well, Visio is a drawing app that belongs to the family of Microsoft Office. You may come along with Visio if you ever worked in the project management department.


A very popular and flexible app used for different type of purposes but mainly it is used to draw flowcharts, many layouts and other ways to present graphical information as we know that visual communication is very important. The more information in visual formats the more it is organized easy to recall again and again.

Visio is an extremely popular app for creating organizational charts, workflow charts and different type of other charts as well. For document sharing, you can easily integrate the visio’s files to Microsoft PowerPoint or any document as well.


An important part of the Microsoft Office suite, Visio is a very expensive program. There are different options available to use the Visio program. Either you need to buy the Microsoft Office, or get registered for Microsoft Office 365 subscription to avail the products, or if you solely want Visio then you can subscribe for the worth 3$ per month to use it online, and for the offline use you are required to pay $15 per month for a single user.

If you are out of this price range or want to try some other programs that somehow offer the same services but without any charge then this is the article for you as there a number of alternatives available that you can try for free.

Microsoft Visio Alternatives
Microsoft Visio Alternatives

Whenever looking for Visio Alternatives always keep in mind the following things.

  • Make sure it is affordable if it is not free.
  • Provides synchronization with at least one Project Management Software.
  • Check for the reviews, if most of the reviews are positive then go for the program.

You will find many alternatives online but not all are providing the same level of things and for that, we will present you the 10 Best Alternatives of Visio that you can use and the best thing is all are completely free and some also provide services online as well.



Microsoft Visio Alternatives
Microsoft Visio Alternatives

A very practical and easy to use a free tool, Draw.io and to use this program you don’t need any registration. You just need to visit the website, locate the path where you want to save the program and that’s it. You can now draw the things that you want.

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Apart from the simplicity, the major strength of Draw.io is the templates and the template library offer you 70 plus options. You will find a number of shapes and formats that you can choose, also from the most used flowchart shapes as well. After completing the drawing, you can save it in many ways such as to your Dropbox, Google Drive, downloading to your device, exporting as PDF, SVG or XML file as well.

Apart from export, you can also import diagrams from Visio and Gliffy. If you want to access your diagrams over the collaborative software program such as Confluence, you can go for the paid version of Visio as well.


Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives

Lucidchart has a very huge number of clients like Ivy League Schools and Fortune 500 companies which clearly depicts how robust this tool is for drawing.

To use Lucidchart you need to sign in first and then you will notice that it is quite similar to Draw.io in terms of simplicity. If also offers the same range of tools, shapes, and layout as Draw.io provides but it allows collaboration where more than one person can work on the same file at a time.

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With Lucidchart, you can keep an eye on your project’ history, group chat and all the documents that are embedded in your work station and if you are looking for a single user program which provides services for free then this the right fit for you.

For interoperability, it also uses the .vdx files if you take your work to home and with additional functionalities such as different options for layering and presentation mode.


Microsoft Visio Alternatives 2019

One of the ideal Microsoft Visio alternatives, Openoffice Draw is a great competitor of Visio. The user interface, all the functions, and usage are quite similar to the parent platform.

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You can easily draw a simple sketch to the complex diagram, Openoffice draw has a number of tools available that you can use to communicate with the diagrams and graphics. You can quickly create the three-dimensional diagrams and save the file in different supported formats as well.

With Openoffice, you can easily place the items in groups making it easy to work in more complex diagrams. This office package is extremely easy to use to finish your work with the consistent and harmonious approach.

4. SmartDraw

Free Microsoft Visio Alternatives

It is not the best alternative but you can surely use it if you are new to diagrams as this program offers you the functions of custom diagrams and many templates across many sectors such as business, education, architecture etc. you will also have a unique set of tools as well for each of the diagram type allowing businesses to easily and quickly create their charts.

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It also provides a cloud storage facility for your programs so that users can easily save their files to the system directly or use the third-party cloud-based services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

SmartDraw also has some built-in features like sharing files, storage, revision history, collaboration and much more. It allows users to import modify and export the files in different formats such as VSD and VSDX.


Microsoft Visio Alternatives

As compared to Microsoft Visio, Gliffy is way cheaper but it does not mean that it will fall in the competitor’s category. Many famous and big companies such as Electronic Arts, IBM, Twitter, and Verizon use this program on a regular basis.

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It is a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor with of options that you can choose to create your diagrams. But it does not have a large number of templates. As others have on the list yet it is an easy to use program with plenty of other options to use which will definitely make you forget about the lack of templates.


Microsoft Visio Alternatives

A less known alternative but pack with full of amazing features. Ardoq is especially useful for Developers, Process Owners, Project Manager, Business Owners, and Architects so that they can use this program to translate the complex documentation in beautiful charts and graphs.

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The major aim of Ardoq is to provide help to the project managers by making it easy for them to understand all the network processes and requirements which might affect the project in the longer run.

With Ardoq, you can easily create the charts and many diagrams such as Sequence and Relationship. If you did not find any template that suits your need, it also allows the plugin editor and for that, you just need to add the code and leave to the program for further work.

The whole software can work as a portfolio or even a system for Project Management. That you can use to calculate the dependencies and the time for how far this project will go how much time it will take.


Microsoft Visio Alternatives

The main vision that was kept in mind by the creators of Creately was to create a competitor with more intuition, more expansion yet cost effective as compare to Microsoft Visio.

Creately has 1000 plus templates for diagrams and multiple symbols that you can simply run on Windows, MAC and Linux, cloud services, collaboration software which is for free. It also includes revision history, integration with Google image search and sharing option for project libraries as well.

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If we talk about what and how much they provide, clearly Creately is far better than Microsoft Visio.

The only drawback is that it, unfortunately, lacks in terms of client support because most people expect answers to their queries in their help forum but it will not help much if you don’t have internet access.


Top Microsoft Visio Alternatives

Want the same feel as Microsoft Visio? Then Mydraw is the perfect fit for you. It is a very clean and easy to use program. It hosts a library of 100 plus shapes and many diagrams and provides many themes with the templated user interface. It also includes Windows 8 and Mac OS X.

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With Mydraw, users can easily create custom symbols and shapes for reuse that would be an amazing feature for the designers who create marketing collaterals.

It has a variety of tools available to easily create diagrams as many as you want. You can draw shapes, add more into the basic shape, combine different objects and import the files as well.

9. Textografo

Microsoft Visio Alternatives

Textografo is the best among the other minimalist programs in the list. A tool for multi-tasking and more of text to diagram system where you need to type what you want, where you want and it will exactly show you on the screen.

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It provides real-time collaboration with 24/7 client support system.

If you are interested in the quick progress than this is the best option for you to go with.

10. OmniGraffle Pro 7

OmniGraffle Pro 7
Microsoft Visio Alternatives

If you love using Apple devices then maybe you have heard of this program. It is basically the version created for Mac of Microsoft Visio that you can use to create diagrams, import and export the Visio XML as well.

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The user can easily manipulate the images with the help of mask that will allow the users to feel free from the basic import, export, crop and repeat the processes which are common to drawings as well.

You can use the other features such as shared layers, many editing windows, a combination of different shapes and much more with its Pro version.


As we all know that the data is more appealing and easier to understand as compared to read the lengthy documentation and for that user needs to create beautiful diagrams that can easily catch the readers attention.

You surely heard of a famous saying “Seeing is believing”.

Many software is available in the market that can help you to achieve that. Some are paid and some completely free. And here we presented you the 10 best Microsoft Visio alternatives that you can use if you don’t want to spend any money yet want the similar kind of services that Visio provides.

Now you know the best Visio alternatives so what are your thoughts about them? Feel free to mention that in the comment section.