Home News Reportedly Huawei OS Will Be Ready As Android Alternative This Fall

Reportedly Huawei OS Will Be Ready As Android Alternative This Fall


Currently, Huawei is grappling with its Android licensing problem thanks to the executive order of the US president, Trump, to limit companies in the country from doing so.

This has the potential to be a big problem for a company that is the second largest phone manufacturer on the planet, but the company reportedly has a plan. And it’s about getting rid of Android.

The Chinese publication Caijing reports that Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard You has confirmed that Huawei’s operating system is one thing and that it works as an alternative to Android. The promising news is that the launch will be compatible with all Android apps, which is quite a big deal.

Google vs Huawei

It was assumed for the first time that Huawei would only work again with Android’s AOSP software, which is a simplified version of Android without Google Play and other Google services. However, this does not seem possible according to the report, thanks to Google’s proprietary software found within Android.

However, even if the Huawei OS report is ready for this fall, another report from The Information says the software is “far from ready”. Called “Project Z“, the software will depend on which developers create apps for it, which means that it may not actually be able to run Android applications in bulk. That would be a hammer blow for Huawei and its users, and how it would develop is not something that seems to have a happy ending.

Undoubtedly, Huawei hopes this does not happen, and that the position of the US will Soften before things get worse.

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