Toddler Locks His Dad Out Of iPad For 25.5 Million Minutes, Or 47 Years

iPadSometimes one thing dangerous happens and you’ve got to just laugh, as a result of its one thing that’s therefore odd it’s exhausting to not. That’s situation journalist Evan Osnos found himself in once when one of his toddlers managed to lock his iPad for following 47 years.

The problem arose once Osnos’s 3-year toddler was ready to line up of his iPad and, as you’ve most likely found out by currently, Saturday and repeatedly tried to enter a passcode many times to lock it out for over 25 million minutes.

That’s 47 years, that is kind of extended time for anything to be locked out.

As you’re most likely aware, repeatedly entering an incorrect passcode on an iOS device can lock it for ever-increasing amounts of your time. That’s what happened here, and each time the incorrect passcode was entered, the time that the iPad will remain locked increased.

While this might have left the iPad as an expensive paperweight, there’s, fortunately, an answer. Apple already encompasses a dedicated support page that it presumptively created when somebody saw something like this was absolute to happen.

All that’s required, do you have to fall foul of something similar, is to connect the device to iTunes to restore it. It’s not ideal, and it’ll clearly erase the device in question, however, it is better than waiting 47 years to get back into your iPad.

Evan Osnos isn’t the first person whose kid managed to cause chaos with this unguarded iOS device and, we suspect, he won’t be the last.

(Source: @eosnos [Twitter])

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