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Free Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives For Windows 10

We all feel comfortable to view the images in the default program of windows 10 which is Windows Photo Viewer. We mostly rely on this program because it is quite easy to use or we don’t feel comfortable using programs other than the default. Now the good thing is that the default program is upgraded to view the photos in Windows 10 with some new and enhanced number of features and functionalities.

Although there are many people who find this default program quite difficult to use and it also takes time to load the images and if you are in the same people’s category then this is the article especially for you. In this article, you can find the Free Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives for Windows 10.

Free Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives for Windows 10

Thoroughly read this article to find out more options to use other than the Windows Photo Viewer.

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Free Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives for Windows 10

In this article, we have listed down the best 8 replacements for Windows Photo Viewer.



A quite new one in the list, XnView is an Image Viewer, Browser and Converter for the Windows OS. It works fast, straight forward to use and provides support for images of more than 500 formats.

Without any doubt, XnView is an amazing photo viewer if we take into account the support for different image formats. You can easily open the image of any format that is present in your computer system. XnView is considered as one of the best image viewers because in XnView there are different ways to open the photos.

You can also use XnView as a portable version making is quite fast as compared to others in the list. A number of features in XnView is very much similar to IrfanView (mentioned below) such as support for multi-language. If we look for the format support option then it is also compatible with Windows and Linux OS.

Why use XnView?

  • Available for Windows and Mac OS.
  • A number of advanced filters, amazing motion elements, GIF creation, titles and much more.
  • Easy export of photos to different social media platforms.
  • Standard thumbnail view as well as the full-screen view.
  • Filmstrip view and FX option are also available in the slideshow as well.
  • Easy editing of images and options available for the comparison of images.
  • It includes ICO support.

Download XnView

123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo Viewer

A very fast and reliable photo viewer, 123 Photo Viewer that supports different formats such as DDS, TGA, WEBT, PSD, GIF and more. The best thing about this alternative is the click magnifying feature.

123 Photo Viewer allows you to view and manage all type images without any difficulty. It is also the perfect solution to use the mouse wheel. When you place the pointer of a mouse to an image it will show it as a magnifier to adjust the photo easily.

The magnification experience with 123 Photo Viewer is quite amazing as when you click on any image it will show the result of immediate magnification without lagging and if you click one more time on the image it will show the image in original size.

Why use Photo View?

  • Amazing support for different photo formats and GIF.
  • Support to view and preview PSD files.
  • Fast experience of magnification.
  • An efficient solution for thumbnails.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Options available for easy format conversion.
  • Supports batch operation for many purposes.
  • Easy switching between previous and new images.

Download 123 Photo Viewer



A lightweight, reliable and versatile photo viewer, ImageGlass that is designed to take the position of Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 7 and 8 and especially for those installations in which you might have trouble to open the GIF and PNG files.

It is the most effective program and certainly the best image viewer to edit and view the images. The user interface is quite nice and it provides support for SVG, GIF and also for RAW image format which includes the DNG, CR2, CRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, RW2, PEF, SR2 etc.

Why use ImageGlass?

  • It has support for image formats of more than 70. It also includes the GIF.
  • You can view the images in the slideshow.
  • Easy to change the application theme as there are free themes available in the pack.
  • A number of functions available for zoom in and zoom out.
  • Easy installation of new extensions.
  • You can show the thumbnail images in the current folder of viewing.
  • Easily convert images to 10 other formats.
  • Fast switching between photos.

Download ImageGlass



Another alternative which works quite fast and supports many image formats. HoneyView a popular photo viewer that supports a huge number of image formats such as J2K, BPG, PNG, JPG and much more. It also supports the animated file types such as WebP, PNG, and BGP etc.

HoneyView is totally free and fast image viewer and it is also available in a portable version as well for you to open and view the images in the go.

Why use HoneyView?

  • Easy to edit and view the slideshow.
  • With this alternative, you can copy and bookmark the images as well.
  • Its free version supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • You can view the file format of EXIF in the format of JPEG which also includes the GPS information.
  • You can save your preferred pictures in a folder named Photo Folder.
  • Fast rendering of photos with the processing of optimized images.
  • Easy image format conversion along with resizing.
  • Easy and direct sharing of photos to different social media platforms.

Download HoneyView

FastStone Image Viewer


A very stable and intuitive image viewer, Fastone Image Viewer allows you to view, manage and crop and adjust the photos easily. You can also retouch the images with this program as well. It supports a huge number of image formats, GIFs, digital and RAW image formats as well.

In term of Innovation, many users have ranked this tool at number 1 position as it offers all the necessary tools for people who like photography. It is also compatible with almost all versions of Windows and option available for multi-language support as well. For Windows 10, the 6.5 version is considered as one of the Best Photo Viewer.

Why use Fastone Image Viewer?

  • High quality and fast magnifier.
  • Musical slideshow with more than 150 transitional effects.
  • Amazing flyout options of the menu.
  • View images in full screen and also the support for image zooming.
  • Easy import of images from other devices.
  • Support scanner and histogram.

Download FastStone Image Viewer

Imagine Picture Viewer

Imagine Picture Viewer

A lightweight image viewer for Windows 10 that adds to a basic feature of this editing tool. Imagine Picture Viewer allows you to view the archive files such as ZIP, ZS, RAR and easy conversion of images in the form of batches.

With Image Picture Viewer, you can easily capture images, thumbnail browsing, and view images on slideshow etc. If you want to enhance its features you can easily add different plugins as well.

Why use Imagine Picture Viewer?

  • Supports a GIF animator to quickly delete the frames.
  • Record the screen for possible bug, sequence or any process.
  • Various features available for animations and graphics as well.
  • Easy sharing of photos online.

Download Imagine Picture Viewer



There are different types of this software for different users such as professional or home users. ACDSee is considered as a complete photo studio that you can use to view, edit and create unique images.

It is one of the most considerate image Viewer for Windows. It has the support of 60 plus image formats. You can also browse the documents by applying different filters such as by date and can easily the files of business documents.

Why use ACDsee?

  • 100 supported formats for audio, video, and images.
  • Option available for zoom in pictures.
  • Fast magnifying and histogram.
  • Various filters available.
  • Auto lens available to easily preview the results.
  • Free trial and paid version are available.

Download ACDSee



The one of the oldest photo Viewer available, IrfanView is used worldwide and quite easy to access. There are many shortcuts which are making this tool very much quite friendly, simple yet efficient to use.

With IrfanView, the basic editing of images is quite easy. It also has the feature to capture the screens that you can easily use to create the screenshots. The slideshows can be saved in EXE format or CSR format making it easy to share later. The user can also enhance its features by adding various supported plugins.

Why use IrfanView?

  • Options available for batch editing.
  • Supports almost all type of image formats.
  • View images in the slideshow.
  • Easy to change the data of file format EXIF.
  • There is a command to print the pictures directly.

Download IrfanView

How to set a Default Photo Viewer in Windows 10?

You can easily change or set to a default photo viewer and for that, you just need to follow some steps which are mentioned below:

Step 1: From Start Menu, Go to Settings of your PC.

Step 2: Look for Apps and then click on it.

Step 3: Click on the option of Default Apps.

Step 4: In the default app section click on Photo Viewer and that’s it.

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Final Words

Above mentioned Photo Viewer alternatives can be downloaded easily as they are highly compatible and rich in features. If you are looking for the best photo viewer then this is the list you must go through as I am pretty sure you will find the one that will match your criteria and needs.

For now, try these amazing photo viewer tools as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you and lastly don’t forget to mention your thoughts on these alternatives in the comment section as well.