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10 Best Free Google Chrome Alternatives

In recent times we have seen that Google Chrome has captured most of the share in the world of browsers. Its domination is increasing day by day. According to recent facts, it has got almost 71% of the total users. Rest 29% is divided among other browsers. No doubt chrome has proved itself one of the best browsers.

As we know nothing is perfect so Chrome has also some issues. Starting with memory, it takes a lot of memory of RAM. Other than this, the privacy issue is one of the main issues in my opinion. In the market, browsers are available that are faster in speed than chrome. So all these points make us realize that we should also think of free Google Chrome Alternatives.

Best Free Google Chrome Alternatives

After observing the problems discussed above, we are going to discuss 10 Best Free Google Chrome Alternatives. If anyone of you is trying to switch from Google Chrome, this article will surely help you. 10 best free alternatives are:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox can surely be the best alternative for Google Chrome. Many of its features are similar to Chrome’s features. So any switched user will not find much difficulty. Mozilla Firefox is much safer in terms of privacy like its Tracking Protection feature doesn’t allow websites to track you. Firefox Monitor informs you if your email or password is used for data breaching.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

Other than this on Firefox, you can open many tabs simultaneously without slowing down the system. This all happens because Mozilla doesn’t take a lot of space in RAM like Chrome.

Available for: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Download Mozilla Firefox


Brave is another open-source browser by the co-founders of Mozilla Firefox. This browser is very similar to Chrome. The best thing about the browser is its speed and privacy. Users of this browser don’t need any special settings to avoid ads. When it comes to speed, it loads pages faster than Chrome and Firefox.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

The only drawback of this browser is the lack of extensions. But good thing is that it supports chrome’s extensions, so no need to worry. If you want to switch from another browser to Brave, you can import settings through import bookmarks and settings. The browser has another exciting feature of Brave rewards. It is used to reward the sites that users use frequently. This feature is used to compensate for the blocked ads.

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Download Brave


Opera is another alternative for Google Chrome. It has many functions similar to Chrome but along with this Opera has a few unique features as well. For example, its unlimited VPN tool other than its main function also makes an IP address for the privacy of the user. Another useful feature is Opera turbo mode which compresses the data. Compression of data results in faster loading of pages and less usage of data.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

It also has a built-in messenger which can be used without switching between tabs. Other than this it has a built-in adblocker. The browser also has a power-saving mode. This browser has a dark-themed UI. These features make this browser an alternative for Google Chrome.

Available for: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Download Opera


Yandex is also a free browser. It was developed by the Russian web search corporation. This browser is based on Chromium engine and uses the Blink Web browser engine. The browser has a fast speed. Opera’s turbo technology is used for faster loading of webpages. Users of this browser can install extensions of the chrome web store and Opera’s Add-ons websites.Free Google Chrome Alternatives For security check of webpages, Yandex’s security system is used. While Kaspersky’s antivirus is used to check downloaded files. This browser can be a really good alternative for Google Chrome

Available for: Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android

Download Yandex


The Tor browser is another choice for users who want to switch. The best and prominent feature of this browser is its extraordinary privacy. When you are using the TOR browser, you are untraceable. This is achieved by bouncing your connection through several relays. These relays are run by volunteers.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

It also acts as a VPN and allows you to access the content that is restricted in your area. The best thing about its privacy is that it doesn’t even allow sites to learn your physical location. So if you are annoyed with Chrome’s data-collecting issue then this browser is the best alternative for you.

Available for: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Download Tor


Vivaldi is a browser famous for its customization. As compared to Google Chrome or any other browser, it gives you much more customization options. With this browser, you can set themes of your own choice to make it the most beautiful browser. Rather you can set a scheme of themes that will be changing all day.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives


It also gives you an option of the editable sidebar. You can place websites in order of your choice just by dragging and dropping. Other than this, it also gives privacy. The browser doesn’t collect unnecessary data. If you don’t want your temporary files and cookies to be saved, then go for its private window.

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Download Vivaldi


If you are an iPhone or macOS user, then Safari is already installed in your device. Apple has worked a lot on this browser to make it a success. It is a much secure browser as compared to Google Chrome. The browser automatically blocks the ads and trackers. This feature makes sure that your browsing pattern is not observed and you will not see ads of the things, you searched for.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

It restricts websites from auto-playing the videos. Other than this, it provides a clean interface for readers. Readers can also read the material when they are offline. Due to these features, it is considered as the best alternative to Google Chrome.

Available for: iOS, macOS

Download: It is already installed

Torch Browser

Torch Browser is the best multimedia browser. The best thing about this browser is that it offers you a download button in front of every video. So you can easily download any video hosted by any website. Along with this it also gives you a media player. With the help of this media player, you can watch videos that are still in the process of downloading. Not only this, but it also allows you to download files or movies from torrent without the interference of third party app.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

Other than this, it has an extension named as torch music. With this app, you can enjoy music for free. It also attracts game lovers with its extension Torch Games. With this extension, you can play many games on the browser. This browser has all features to become the best alternative for Google Chrome.

Available for: Windows

Download Torch Browser


Epic is a browser which is famous for its one-click encryption. Due to this tool, on activation, it hides your IP and encrypts your browsing. Though it doesn’t have a specialized onion network like the Tor browser still it uses common tracking methods. The browser provides protection against crypto mining, tracking, and malware.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

It doesn’t save your history, As soon as you close the browser, all type of database, cookies are removed. Another good thing about this browser is that it is always in privacy mode. It also blocks ads.

Available for: Windows, macOS

Download Epic

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is relatively a new entry in the world of browsers. Its name shows that it was developed by Microsoft. But it is a completely different type of browser than Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge browser will run on chromium engine like Google Chrome. This means it will have a lot of similarities with Google Chrome. It will support all extensions of google. So it will make easy to switch from Chrome to Microsoft Edge.

Free Google Chrome Alternatives

It is quite faster in speed. Other than this it has many new features. Readers will surely love this browser because they can create a list of articles They can also write, draw, highlight parts of the webpage. This can be done without using any extension. Another great feature is that it will not consume much of memory’s resources like Chrome.

Available for: Windows, Android, and iOS

Download Microsoft Edge


So these are 10 Best Free Google Chrome Alternatives. These browsers have the potential to prove themselves as better browsers than Google Chrome. If you want to switch from Google Chrome, then this post will help you in deciding an alternative for Google Chrome