9 Best Polling Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Top 9 Polling Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Polling Apps occasionally, we find ourselves in a situation where we believe it’s preferable to ask for opinion in order to make a smarter decision. It can be when you ’re getting ready for a big party and you ca n’t decide whether to go for a casual dress or a professional dress.

Whatever the situation, the stylish polling apps can help you decide as a group. They allow you to snappily produce a bean and ask all musketeers to cast their vote. Indeed more, utmost of these apps offer the inflexibility you need to include further options latterly.
Also, coming time, your musketeers won’t be suitable to decide whether to eat a Chinese dish or savor international foods, take pates, let everyone do well and get the result that’s in everyone’s favor.

Or perhaps you’re a man who has an appointment and you misdoubt the eatery you chose for this event? Explore your prints, ask your question and allow people to partake their opinions on it, service, prices, atmosphere, and other aspects. And if you ’re a woman on a date, post a question about which dress will drive him crazy. You’ll find the answers to all your questions.
The world can not do without pates and checks. Online pates are the most important, provident and fastest way to dissect thousands of opinions and preferences.

Our bias aren’t only used for fun and entertainment. They’re useful companions in a matter of business and work in general. For illustration, request exploration and client feedback are among the critical factors that determine the success of a company and a brand. What should you do to more understand your guests ’ minds? Of course, to conduct pates and carry out pates. Marketing, in turn, can not conduct pates without some pates.

9 Best Polling Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Polling apps are ideal to collect feedback from guests, workers, and anyone with an opinion that’s important to you. With the help of polling apps at the time of delivery while giving a donation at a commercial meeting, compendiums of your blog and away.

All the major social networking spots, whether Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, allow you to produce a bean. Hell, you can indeed put pates on your website using free spots similar as Easypolls. But since there’s an app for nearly everything these days, there are also some really productive and fresh polling apps you can find for both platforms ’ Android and iOS.
After numerous stoner tests, we’ve named some of the stylish Android and iOS smartphone apps that can help you gather feedback.

1. Poll Everywhere

Poll far and wide is a bean app specifically designed to interact with an followership. Like PollMonkey, it serves as a complement to an online website and can be used on all types of bias.

No matter what type of followership you’re up to for a donation( scholars, associates, seniors, and serious people), you’ll surely find a way to diversify your speech with a couple of fascinating questions that are answered live. The immediate results on the screen are generally delightful and intriguing to see because our brain’s price system incontinently reacts to those effects, which makes the whole process much less boring donation. You can also ask robotic questions and see how it all turns out.

With Poll Everywhere you can:

  • Track attendance and assessment
  • Easily access recurring presenter sessions
  • Review your response history and check the correctness
  • Respond to Poll Everywhere questions on your phone or tablet
  • Keep track of the current question.
  • The app automatically updates when the presenter starts a new activity.


  • Cross-platform
  • Live polling and feedback
  • Comments on polls, presentation,
  • Real-time results


  • No social media integration

Download Polling Apps Poll Everywhere

2. Wonder Polls

Wonder Pates is a typical polling app that has everything you need to do an disquisition or ask your musketeers to do commodity so they can give their opinion anonymously. The main features are the following produce pates for a specific type of pollsters musketeers, people in your area or all druggies of the app; get immediate results and indeed commentary and, eventually, respond to other people’s pates.

produce a bean on the app and all those who know you can give votes. A bean can be confined to your musketeers, your original area or be open to the entire community to respond.
The community substantially uses the app to ask arbitrary questions that are delightful to watch. druggies can also note under the bean to explain their point. Wonder pates is free and stylish suited to common questions.

With Wonder Polls you can:

  • Ask a question and get answers right away
  • Create polls that only those in your area can answer.
  • Make questions for your friends only or share featured and public polls.
  • See instant results from your polls


  • Cross-platform
  • Social element
  • Collect user opinions
  • Comment system


  • No presentation mode
  • Not suitable for serious business

Download Polling Apps Wonder Polls

3. Smart Poll

Inspired by the idea of social pates at a different position, Smart Poll was inspired by Twitter. You can produce a profile and your musketeers can follow you to admit updates and announcements. Once you have created your account, it’ll be easy to produce new pates and ask your circle what they suppose about A orB.

This doesn’t mean that you can not use Smart Poll to make serious opinions in life. You just have to limit the pates to private individualities. When you do, only the people who follow you’ll see the bean. In the case of a public bean, anyone with an opinion can share. Eventually, actors can note if necessary. The app is fully free indeed without advertising.

With Smart Poll you can:

  • Create and answering questions in a minute of time
  • Share polls publicly
  • Share polls privately or on your Facebook timeline.
  • Select your favorite polls and follow them


  • Social element
  • Collect opinions
  • Comment system
  • private/public polls


  • No app integration

Download Polling Apps Smart Poll

4. VoxVote

VoxVote is a professional polling app available for both Android and iOS. Do n’t miss out on the social crowd. There are some good features then. You can produce pates or quizzes and allow druggies to bounce on further options if demanded. also there’s the question- answer mode in which druggies can note rather of choosing an volition. Eventually, quick opinions will be made according to the number of votes.

It’s a response system for the public or scholars that allows you to produce live pates during events to collect precious commentary from the actors. VoxVote is free for educational institutions, which is inconceivable. The public can interact with the event host with commentary. donation slides can be added directly to avoid pall integration. Anonymous voting is also compatible, which is an intriguing point. VoxVote is an advanced voting app for druggies who need a scalable result for their business or for those who regularly perform events.
The free plan is handed with 5 events with a outside of 10 actors each. Plans start at$ 99 for 3 fresh events and if you buy in bulk, there’s a reduction.

With VoxVote you can:

  • Quiz options
  • Single voting
  • Multiple voting
  • Open Answers with Wordcloud & Frequency reporting
  • Ranked voting
  • Question and Answer module for chat messages


  • Cross-platform
  • Scalable
  • Live polls, comments
  • Presentation mode
  • Interact with attendees


  • No app integration

Download Polling Apps VoxVote

5. Pollpop

Pollpop is an app that can be used to poll different groups of people. You can produce a community of choosers who’ll register and answer your questions or ask your questions to the app community. The inventors claim it’s universal, but I misdoubt there are further than 5000 downloads. On the other hand, still, nothing forbids participating pates on social networks, so you may have an followership that diversifies the results.

The results are shown not only in terms of figures, as this number of people chose this option and that number of people chose this option. effects are a bit more complicated then and there are images that reflect grades that vary according to gender, country, and age.
Pollpop is a free app to use with no advertisements of any kind.

With Pollpop you can:

  • Ask a question or even organize a poll at any scale.
  • View immediate poll results with various graphs where you can filter the responses by ‘gender’, ‘age groups’ or ‘country’.
  • Have discussions and debates along with live voting.
  • Have a broadcast friends list to send recurring polls.
  • Answer questions and respond to other polls.
  • Share your poll on WhatsApp, Facebook, and any other social networking platform.


  • Social polling
  • Group polling
  • Comments system
  • WhatsApp integration


  • Could not find any

Download Polling Apps Pollpop

6. Mentimeter

Do you know what a word pall means? It’s a pall of words in which each word is assigned a color and a fountain size to represent its significance. Mentimeter can produce word shadows grounded on commentary entered from pates. There’s no limit to the number of actors in the free account.

You can produce public or private events and invite others to view your donation and makecomments.However, Mentimeter is the stylish option for you, If you’re a visual person. There are 15 different ways to view and interact with the collected data. Another intriguing point is the segmentation with which you can produce groups to see how the response between them changes. It’s like an A/ B test.
Mentimeter will bring you$ 9 a month to ask unlimited questions and import data from the operation.

With Mentimeter you can:

  • You can turn meetings, workshops, training, conferences or classes into interactive experiences.
  • Create Word Clouds.
  • Ask a quick Multiple-Choice question.


  • Cross-platform
  • Live polls
  • Scalable
  • Comments
  • Advanced data visualization
  • A/B testing
  • Group polling


  • No social media integration

Download Polling Apps Mentimeter

7. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a bean app to produce professional pates. It’s possible to produce pates to study social marvels, people’s stations towards an event or, maybe, some product.

The app is grounded on the popular bean platform it isn’t simply for Android bias. Indeed bias. PC, phone, tablet it does n’t matter, the app is accessible far and wide, which drastically increases the number of possible repliers.
Add questions, reorder them, collect feedbacks and share checks and pates. It’s veritably simple with its functional and beautiful stoner interface.

SurveyMonkey is free, but if you plan to climb, plans launch at$ 37 a month.

With SurveyMonkey you can:

  • Create a poll from scratch or choose a custom template
  • Send your poll out through email, text, or social networks
  • In real time; Filter, compare and analyze your results


  • Cross-platform
  • Polls and polls
  • Templates
  • Easy sharing with direct links
  • Flexible layout
  • A/B testing
  • Visual reports
  • Answer validation
  • Real-time polling, polls
  • Social media integration


  • None

Download Polling Apps SurveyMonkey

8. Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal is another app specifically designed to acclimatize and acclimate for companies looking for a garçon- side result. You can produce both pates and pates using templates designed for a number of sectors. Like SurveyMonkey, Crowdsignal is a point-rich bean app. The only debit is that it isn’t available in the Play Store.

There are numerous formatting options available for designing textbook in pates and checks. still, not all the features we’ve seen ahead are available then. Crowdsignal loses answer confirmation, A/ B tests, and an Android app.
Crowdsignal lacks some features of SurveyMonkey, but it’s also less precious. Plans start at$ 17/ month. The free account is handed with unlimited pates but with limited voting and standing features.

With Crowdsignal you can:

  • Collect poll data and do quizzes in the field
  • Experience an eye-catching, enjoyable way for prospective customers to share their feedback and information


  • Polls and polls
  • Templates
  • Easy sharing with direct links
  • Flexible layout
  • A/B testing
  • Visual reports
  • Real-time polling, polls
  • Social media integration


  • No Android app

Link Polling Apps Crowdsignal9. TinyPoll

TinyPoll is an ideal bean creation app. The app has all the introductory tools at your disposal, simply put up a question and ask your musketeers to toss up their views. The app is completely flexible so that you can fluently tweak the question and also add further options if you want to.

You can keep an eye on the votes and find out which way the drift is moving. In addition to that, the free interpretation of the app lets you produce just one bean eachday.However, you’ll have to go for the pro interpretation for$ 1, If you want to produce further than one bean in a day.99/ monthly to break the restriction.

With TinyPoll you can:

  • Easy poll creation
  • Add your vote right from the conversation
  • Watch the votes roll in live


  • Create 1 free poll per day
  • 3 options per poll
  • Unlimited votes


  • Unlimited polls in pro version only
  • Not available for Android

Download Polling Apps TinyPoll

More Options

If you are looking for something else other than the above-mentioned apps. Below you can find some more options of polling apps for Android and iOS that you can consider to use.

  • Max Life Polling App – For Android
  • Canvas Polls – For Android
  • Shark Poll – For Android
  • Decidr – For iOS
  • Polls with Friends – For iOS
  • Poll – Decide as a group – For iOS

Note If you’re unfit to find any app in the play store or in the app store also try to find the needed app from other online sources.

still, less precious and ending your bean as soon as possible, I suggest you go to Poll far and wide, If you want commodity simple. VoxVote is also a rather solid bean app that you can also consider to use. These two apps are relatively advanced for meetings, events, and donations.
Still, also Wonder pates and Smart Poll, If you want the opinion of the people or your musketeers. Eventually, if you need commodity more sophisticated, important and you need to conduct pates and pates, also there’s no other app better than SurveyMonkey.

That’s it for moment. Do n’t feel vacillate to ask for a quick opinion before making a final decision and for that above- citation apps can help you alot.However, you can drop the name in the comment section, If there’s an app that you suppose should be included in the list. We’ll be back soon with another intriguing content to partake with you.