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All The Emoji Meanings [ Surprisingly Interesting ]

All The Emoji Meanings: On the keyboard of the mobile, and even the computer, there is a section dedicated to these emoji. The Smileys are something else; they are the ‘characters’ made with punctuation marks. However, both in WhatsApp and in other apps, we have taken the name of emoticons to refer also to emoji, and even in some cases to stickers. And the users – some, of course – not only ignore this difference, but also the meaning of these WhatsApp icons that we use daily as a complementary form of expression on the Internet. Nothing happens because here you have a guide, something like a dictionary, with the meaning of emoticons.

Although where we use emoticons the most is in WhatsApp, in reality, these ‘expression icons’ are available in practically any application or program. They have been with us for years, but they have taken center stage in the rhythm of instant messaging apps and following the growth of social networks. In addition, these emotions have been expanding progressively, with new icons each year approved by the Unicode Consortium.

In the following list there are absolutely not all, and every year there will be more that are left out of this emoticon dictionary. But there are the essential ones, or the main ones, which are the emoticons of expressions and people. This is where you started, and as we mentioned before, making only expressive graphics with punctuation marks. Among the emoticons of WhatsApp and the rest of instant messaging apps, the following are the most popular, and as a dictionary of emoticons, we have collected the meaning of all of them and their correct ‘form’.

All The Emoji Meanings:


Emoticon Meaning
face Happy face emoticon with a wide smile, normal sized eyes.
Smiley face with open eyes Smiley
smile emoticon, with open mouth and wide open eyes.
Smiling face with slanted eyes
smiley face emoticon with torn eyes, laughing.
Smiling face closed eyes
Smiley face smiley with closed eyes, laughing.
Face winking an eye
Emoticon with a closed eye, wink.
Smiling face with closed mouth
smiley face emoticon with eyes ripped and mouth closed.
Face with a slight smile
Emoticon with a smiling face with open eyes (normal) and closed mouth.
Smiley Face Smiling
face emoticon with closed mouth and squinting eyes.
Face flushed or surprised
The emoji shows the eyes open, circular, and eyebrows raised. The closed mouth expressing surprise or embarrassment.
Smiling face showing teeth
The face is shown with narrowed eyes and a broad smile in which the teeth are perfectly visible.
Face with clenched teethFace with eyes in normal opening and mouth wide open, showing teeth clenched as a grimace.
Face of mischievous
look Half-sided look, with half-closed eyes and smile cocked. It is usually used to ‘get the interesting’.
The face of the reverse
A normal smiling face, but turned around. It is usually used in a humorous tone.
Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
The smiling face is shown with the eyes forming a heart, each one of them.
A face of surprise or pain
The eyebrows are raised and the mouth open, but down. Showing surprise, or pain.
Face with open mouth in a circular shape, eyes in the shape of ‘X’ and eyebrows up. It can show surprise, rejection, fright …
A face of astonishment or surprise
The eyebrows raised, the mouth open and the mouth also.You can show surprise or surprise.
Face with a frown and open mouth
Emoji without eyebrows, with open eyes (normal) and open mouth down.
Face with a face mask
Face with a surgical mask covering the mouth and eyes half closed. It shows sickness, or intention to protect yourself from something dangerous to health.
Frozen face of fear
Face with frozen forehead and eyes blank, mouth wide open and hands on cheeks. Shows fright, panic, terror.
Frozen face of fear
Face with a frozen forehead, eyebrows raised and mouth open down.
Face with closed eyes and eyebrows tilted down, with streams of tears coming out of the eyes, and mouth open. It is used to show sadness.
Frozen face of shame
Face with frozen forehead and eyebrows tilted downward, with a drop of sweat and mouth down. Shows shame or fear.
Tearful face Face
emoticon with eyebrows tilted down, and mouth too. A tear coming from one of the eyes, to represent sadness.
Disappointed but relieved face Relieved
that something is over, but, at the same time, disappointed. You have experienced a stressful situation with a negative result, such as an exam.
Face with cold sweat
Emoticon with cold sweat on the forehead and the mouth arched down. Something was going wrong, but now it’s fine again. It is also used for hard work.
Smiley face with open mouth and cold sweat
A situation has been solved in a positive way, for example, an examination. A drop of cold sweat drips down his forehead and his mouth is open. This emoticon is relieved and smiles mischievously.
Smiling face with tears of laughter
Smiling face with very open mouth, eyes closed and eyebrows tilted down. Tears coming out of the eyes, to represent a fit of laughter.
Dream faceFace with the eyebrows tilted down, and the mouth too. The eyes closed and a drop. It is used in the wrong way to represent sadness, but it symbolizes fatigue.
Face with heart kiss
Face with a winked eye, kiss lips and a heart coming out of it. It represents a kiss of love.
Face with kiss
Circular eyes and lips in the form of a kiss. It can be a friendly kiss.
Smiling face with a kiss
Eyes of happiness and lips in the form of a kiss.
Tender face with a kissLips kiss, but eyebrows raised and eyes closed. More loving.
Face without mouth, expressionless
Small round eyes and face without a mouth. It usually expresses that the person has nothing to say, or does not know how to respond.
Face with the open mouth of astonishment
Small round eyes and open mouth in a circular form, expressing surprise or amazement.
Face with the eyes in white
Eyes very open, with a circular shape and looking up. Mouth closed and without expression, showing boredom.
Thoughtful face
Emoticon with eyes looking up and a raised eyebrow, with his hand on his chin, showing he is thinking or pondering.
eyes closed and mouth shut, expressionless. Shows neutrality
Face with a zipper
Small round eyes and closed mouth with a zipper, shows that the lips are closed. For example, keeping a secret.
Face with thermometer
Shows disease. Face with a thermometer in the mouth, cheeks colored red and eyebrows tilted down.
Face with closed eyes, sleeping and with the mouth slightly open.
Face with tongue licking
Smiley face with eyes of happiness, mouth closed wide and tongue outside licking. Express mischief or liking for a meal.
Winking face with tongue out
One eye closed and one very open, and the tongue out. This emoticon shows madness and happiness.
Face with tongue out
Small round eyes and tongue out. Shows mischief or mockery, is often used in a tone of humor.
Face with tongue out and eyes tight. Tight
eyes and tongue out. Shows mischief and closes his eyes with laughter.
Face with money in the eyes and mouth
Face with the dollar symbol in the eyes and the tongue, which is green. Shows wealth, or inclination to it.
Nerd face with glasses
Face with the rednecks outside and eyes behind big glasses of pasta, to represent a nerd.
Face with sunglasses
Smiley face with pasta- sunglasses
Face hugging
Smiling face with two hands embracing.
Smiling face with a halo
Smiley face with eyes of happiness and a halo on the head, expressing innocence.
Face with raised eyebrows and open mouth, showing surprise.
Face of amazement
Face with a crooked mouth and expressionless eyes, showing surprise, indignation or surprise. Normally it is used by disagreement with the other interlocutor.
Worried face
Emoticon with sad face, mouth tilted down and eyebrows too. Shows concern or sadness
Neutral face
Small eyes and closed mouth, showing neutral in expression.
Face of disappointment
No eyebrows. Eyes and mouth tilted down. Shows sadness, disappointment or frustration.
Face of sadness
Eyes, mouth, and eyebrows down. Shows sadness
Relief face
Closed eyes, eyebrows down and smiling mouth closed. It shows relief.
Rejection face
Looking sideways, eyebrows raised and mouth down as a sign of rejection.
Face of suffering
Expression of pain with eyebrows and mouth down, and eyes tightly closed.
Face of consternation
Eyes tightly closed shows frustration.
Face of fatigue
Shows the mouth very open, inclined down as eyebrows, and eyes tightly closed. It is usually used to show pain, tiredness or sadness.
Face of apathy
Emoticon with very open mouth, eyes and eyebrows tilted down. Shows apathy or exhaustion.
A face of triumph or much anger
Emoji with strong expression, with smoke coming out of the nose. It is used to express great anger or success over something.
Face of anger
Expression of anger and face completely red.
Angry face
Emoticon with a frown and a tight mouth, showing anger.
Drooling face
Expression of pleasure and drool coming out of the mouth often used to show a taste for something. Especially for a meal.
Drop to the floor of laughter
Tight eyes and wide open mouth, with tears coming out of the eyes, and head bowed. It is a face of happiness, for laughter.
Emoticon with a long nose, symbolizing lying.
Face with hat
Smiling face with a cowboy hat on his head.
A face of disgust or discomfort
Face colored green, and mouth closed. It shows disgust or discomfort in terms of health.
Clown face
clown with colored face and red hair.
A stool with smiling eyes and mouth.
A demon of violet color with horns, expression of anger.
devil A violet demon with horns, smiling or mischievous expression.
devil A Japanese devil with supernatural powers.
Japanese Ogre “Namahage”
A Japanese ogre of mythology, who persecutes evil souls.
Ghost Ghost
emoticon with tongue sticking out, smiling expression.
Skull Skull
emoticon usually used to refer to death in any tone.
Alien or extraterrestrial face.
Smiling cat face, open mouth
Emoticon with a cat face and smiling expression, normal eyes.
Smiling cat face, happiness eyes
Emoticon with a cat face and smiling expression, happy eyes.
Cat face with an ironic smile
Emoticon with a cat face and crooked smile, showing mischief.
Cat face with a kiss
Emoticon with a cat face and kiss lips.
A face of smiling cat with eyes in the form of heart
A face of smiling cat with eyes forming a heart, each one of them. Show love.
Scared cat face
Eyes in white, open mouth and legs in the face. A cat with a gesture of amazement or fright.
Cat face of a cat with an angry gesture.
A face of crying cat
Face of a cat with sad gesture and a tear, showing sadness and crying.
Cat face with tears of laughter
Emoticon with cat face witan h expression of joy and tears sprouting from the eyes.
Thumbs-up symbol
A hand with the thumb up, as a gesture of approval.
Symbol of the thumb down
A hand with the thumb up, as a gesture of disapproval.
Hand with a closed fist
A hand in the form of a closed fist, pointing forward.
Fist held high
A hand with a closed fist shape, front perspective. It points upwards as a symbol of power.
Index finger pointing up
Hand with index finger out.
Gesture of victory
Hand with the index finger and the heart outside, with the symbol of victory.
Hand in circle
Hand with thumb and forefinger forming a circle, as a sign of approval.
Hand to the left
Hand pointing to the left with the index finger.
Hand pointing to the right
Hand pointing to the right with the index finger.
Hand saluting
Open hand shaking, greeting or farewell.
Hand with the gesture of the horns
Hand with the index and little finger outside, forming the symbol of the horns.
Hand with raised heart finger
Hand with heart finger out, is an insult.
Two open hands Two open
hands showing the palms, as a symbol of affection.
Closed arm showing the biceps, as a symbol of strength.
Hands raised
The two hands raised showing celebration. In Jap,an it means Banzai, 10,000 years of happiness and joy.
hands Two joined hands. Misused aa s shock, but symbolizes religious prayer.
Vulcan gesture

A hand that symbolizes the Vulcan salute of Star Trek, with the fingers open -between the heart and the middle finger-.

Hand writing
Closed hand holding a pen, symbolizing handwriting.
Hand with enameled nails Hand nails
painted, and with the enamel brush.
Emoticon shaped like a mouth, with red lips.
Emoticon shaped like a tongue, used habitually in a humorous tone.
Footprints Footprints
Emoticon shaped like human footprints, showing physical progress.
Emoticon of two eyes wide open and looking to the side, as a symbol of attention or vigilance.
A single eye opened and in detail.
Emoticon with the silhouette of two people.
Emoticon with the face of a princess, differentiated by a specific crown.
Person inclined
Emoticon of person inclined in front of another, as a sign of gratitude or praise. It is used in the wrong way to symbolize a student in front of the book.
Person in disapproval
Person with crossed arms as a sign of disapproval or rejection.
Person in OK
A person with arms raised in a circle, sign of approval or that everything is correct.
Person in attention
Emoticon with a raised hand, as a symbol of attention or service at an information desk, for example.
Person with a raised hand
Person with a raised hand showing the palm, asking for attention to solve or ask something to another person.
Man and woman holding handsCouple of woman and man
Woman and woman holding hands Woman and woman
Couple with heart
Face of woman and man united by a pink heart, as a symbol of love in the couple
Face of woman and man united by a pink heart, with closed eyes and lips to give a kiss. Symbol of love in a couple.
Women with rabbit ears
Two women with dress and dance posture, and rabbit ears on the head.
Mark of a kiss
Trace left by the lipstick after a kiss. Symbol of love
High heel
shoe A female shoe with a high heel, red.
Top hat
Traditional top hat, as formal dress or costume.

So now you understand what all the Emojies on your phone means. Now keep sending them but this time with a meaning. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they should also know about it.