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Android 11 Developer Preview 1 Factory Images For Google Pixel 2, 3, 4, More

In the wake of something of a bogus start a week ago, Google has now made the primary developer preview of its Android 11 phone working framework accessible to analyzers. You’ll require a Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, or Pixel 4 so as to test it, however.

Google quickly made the Android 11 developer page accessible a week ago before pulling it down. At the time we pondered whether a declaration was fast approaching, in spite of this being extensively sooner than normal Google developer previews. What’s more, now we have our answer.

Android 11 Developer Preview 1

This update doesn’t bring that numerous user-confronting changes, at any rate right now, yet there are more changes in the engine. Better help for 5G just as foldable phones will be positives for those hoping to live on the front line of phone innovation.

New security and protection alternatives will likewise be accessible right now, users to choose when and app approaches their area, microphone, or camera. Right now, users can either permit or deny get to, however with Android 11’s developer preview installed they can permit get to simply once, like the execution offered in iOS. There are additionally a lot of changes to APIs, one of which will permit apps to make talk bubbles like those used by apps, for example, Facebook Messenger.

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Google typically discharges these underlying developer previews in March, so it is unquestionably advancing beyond the game here. It isn’t certain whether that implies the update will be made accessible to the open prior, or if Google is simply attempting to keep away from a distraught surge toward the finish of the beta cycle.

To get the developer preview for your device, head here and download the factory image.