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9 Best Applications To Control PC From Android [ 2019 ]

If you are looking for the best apps that can help you to control your PC through your Android smartphone. Then you are at the right spot as we will discuss the same thing today. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store that lets users control their PC. Below we are going to share with the 9 Best Applications to Control PC from your Android [2019].

There is no doubt that Android is the most used smartphone among people as Android is based on Linux operating system which is open source by nature so we can easily enjoy some of the advanced apps as well. There are many apps available for almost various kind of things on the Google Play Store. Similarly, there are many apps that are specifically made for Android to have full control of your PC.

Well controlling your PC through your Android is something we all definitely want. We have to admit here that there are times when we want to control our PC desperately from our Android phone. Thanks to the Android apps available on the Google Play Store that you can use to control your PC through Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

Note: The below-mentioned list is not following any order. You can choose the one that you like according to your preference.

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9 Best Applications to Control PC from Android [ 2019]

Best Applications to Control PC from Android

Think of lazy weekends when you don’t want to move as you are enjoying your winter nights by laying on your couch, enjoying a movie and you wished not to leave your comfort zone and change the volume level or skip the tracks. So, you may be thinking that “I wish there could be a way to use the phone as a mouse”?

To sort out that we have come up with a list of some best apps that can easily take you out from this situation. These apps can help you to control other devices through wifi, Bluetooth, or from anywhere through the internet for your remote administration.

So, in this article, we are sharing with you the best Android apps that you can use to control your PC through your Android phone. The best thing about these apps is that they also have the ability to share screen that helps users to have complete control over your desktop or laptop. So, let’s start and explore the best apps to control your PC.

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1. KiwiMote

The KiwiMote is one of the most powerful apps that users can use to control the PC, Mac or Linux.  Unlike other Android apps, the KiwiMote is definitely the one that can change the game and establish the remote desktop for Wi-Fi remote apps.

After you are done with the installation of KiwiMote app on your Android device, you need to do one install setup on your Windows PC, Linux or Mac. After that, you can use your Android Smartphone as a PC mouse, multimedia controller, QWERTY keyboard, presentation controller, joystick control to play the basic games on your computer.

Your phone and PC need to be connected to the same Wifi router or hotspot. The connection is quite easy to set up. With the help of your phone, scan the QR code displayed on your desktop. As an alternative way, you can also enter an IP, Port and a unique PIN to connect.

The important features like a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad work like a breeze. Additionally, it has easy to control interfaces for various other popular desktop applications like KM Player, Adobe PDF Reader, GOM Player, Pot Player, Windows Photo Viewer, VLC Media Player Windows Media Player, and many others. But you need to keep in mind that you cannot view your computer’s screen on your phone.

Download KiwiMote from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay wowappz.kiwimote]

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop is among the best Android apps that can help you to control the Windows PC as same as a mouse. The best thing about the Chrome Remote Control is that it only requires the Google account to successfully make the remote connection. The app will let you connect to the remote PC to control anywhere remotely. The Chrome Remote desktop has also lived remote sharing, fast and responsive app. You can use your Android device as a mouse and control your PC by smartphone touch.

With the help of Chrome Remote Desktop, you can view your computer and can control it from anywhere remotely. To use this app, you will need to have a Google account to use remote sharing features. Chrome Remote desktop will allow the live screen sharing, and it is quite fast and responsive. This app will let you use your Android device like a mouse or can also control your computer through the touch response.

You can download and set up Chrome Remote Desktop app from Play Store. You can also add a Chrome Remote Desktop extension to Google Chrome Browser if you want to share the computer screen.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop extension for Chrome browser

Download Chrome Remote Desktop from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.google.chromeremotedesktop]

3. TeamViewer for remote control

Teamviewer is yet another best Android app on the list that will let you control your PC from Android. Not just Windows computer, but Teamviewer for Remote Control can also help you to control computers that are running on Mac and even on Linux. The promising thing about Teamviewer for Remote Control is that it doesn’t require both of the devices to be connected on the same WiFi network (as it was in the KiwiMote) to start the remote session. Other than that, Teamviewer for Remote Control is also best known for its ability for real-time screen sharing. So, all in all, Teamviewer for Remote Control is another best Android app which you can use to control PC from Android.

With the help of TeamViewer, you can even remotely control some other Android devices or even Windows 10 portable devices. As the app doesn’t require you to be on the same Wifi then you can control your computer from virtually anywhere.

You can install the app from the Google Play Store. When the installation process is completed, it provides you with a unique identification number. You will require to enter this number on your Android device, and then you can operate it either in file transfer mode or control mode.  You do not need to worry about the unauthorized access as Teamviewer uses 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange. You can lock or reboot your computer remotely as well.

Download TeamViewer for remote control from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.teamviewer.teamviewer.market.mobile]

4. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is another choice of Android app on the list that lets you control other devices from your Android phone remotely. The best thing about Unified Remote is that you can use Bluetooth or WiFi to control other devices remotely like a computer that is running on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You will just need to download the Unified Remote desktop client on the computer and the mobile app on smartphone to start controlling your PC from Android remotely. The features of Unified Remote don’t end here as it also offers users a file manager, multitouch support, and media player control.

Unified Remote app supports Wake on LAN that you can use to wake up your computer from sleep remotely. The app even allows you to control Arduino Yun and Raspberry Pi. Additional features include screen mirroring, a file manager, media player control and all the basic functions, like a keyboard and mouse with the support of multitouch.

There is another feature called Floating Remotes that allows you to control your computer even when you are using other apps, but this feature is available in the paid version only. Additional paid version features include widget support, custom remotes, voice commands and other helpful functions for Android wear.

Download Unified Remote from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.Relmtech.Remote]

5. PC Remote

The PC Remote is among the best remote-control software apps that you choose to control the Windows by using the android device.

PC Remote runs on Windows 7/8/10/ XP and it can be used to control your PC from your Android smartphone through Bluetooth or Wifi. The server-side program is around 31Mb. PC Remote is quite easy to connect and it is pack with a ton of features.

All the important features like Keyboard, mouse, and PowerPoint control are available right into the app.

The most promising feature in this app is the Remote Desktop which lets you view your desktop screen in real time and control it with the help of touch input. There is an inbuilt FTP server called Data cable through which you can access files on your smartphone. You can also view all the files and drives in your PC and open any content from your Android device.

One of the most important features in PC Remote is that there are more than 30 classic console games that you can easily launch on your desktop by a single tap, and play by using the game controller in this app. The app has many other default gamepad layouts. You can even make your own as well.

Download PC Remote from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.monect.portable]

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6. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is yet another one of the best remote control-based Android apps that you can use to control your PC from Android smartphone. The promising thing about VNC Viewer is that it lets you access the screen of their PC. The app does not stop here, VNC Viewer also offers users some other features like Bluetooth keyboard, backup & sync, etc. So, VNC Viewer is another best Android app that you can consider to control the PC from your Android smartphone.

Download VNC Viewer from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.realvnc.viewer.android&hl=en]

7. Splashtop Personal

If you are looking for the easiest yet fastest, and most secure remote desktop app that you can use on your Android smartphone, then Splashtop Personal is the best option for you to go with. Through Splashtop Personal, you can easily access your PC using an Android device. Another best thing about Splashtop Personal is that it offers high resolution, real-time video as well as audio streaming from computer’s webcam.

Download Splashtop Personal from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.splashtop.remote.pad.v2&hl=en]

8. Remote Link

Remote Link app from ASUS is our 2nd last pick for the best Android apps. This app can easily turn your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your PC. Remote Link offers almost everything that you expect from a standard remote-control app. It has all the necessary features like keyboard remote, presentation removes, touchpad remote, media remote, etc. So, Remote Link is another amazing option of Android app to control the PC from Android. This app is definitely worth a try.

The user interface of the app is pretty clean and easy to understand, and you won’t have any problems getting around. Although this app was developed by Asus, it is not limited to Asus devices only, you can use this app on pretty much any phone, Android watch, and PC.

Download Remote Link from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.asus.remotelink.full]

9. DroidMote

Yet another amazing app, DroidMote is the one if you want to indulge in some gaming with your system, using your phone. It supports Android, Windows, and Linux, and it is superbly gamer-friendly. The app has a touch mouse for games that do not support any external mouse. The app is compatible with Android TV as well. This remote app is more suited for pro gamers, and it’s not exactly recommended for regular IT work, as there are far better options that you can choose from.

Download DroidMote from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay org.videomap.droidmoteclient&hl=en]


Wrapping up

That was the list guys. Finding such apps from the Google Play Store is quite easy but choosing the one that would be the best for your requirements is not as easy as it looks like. So, for that, we are here to help you out by saving a lot of time of yours. This list of 9 Best Applications to Control PC from Android [ 2019] will surely help to in saving your time and helping you out to choose the best app for you to control your PC.

These Android apps will surely help you to make a remote connection with your PC and use your device like a mouse, presentation controller, keyboard, music controller, etc. These apps are quite helpful for those who are lazy to play games, work with PC, watch videos that are on PC without sitting in front of the PC. I hope the article helps you to find you the best android app to help you control your PC with ease.

If there is any other name that you think should be in the list then feel free to drop that name in the comment section.

Till then enjoy your lazy winter nights by not moving from your place and controlling your PC with the help of these Android apps as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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