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How to Setup RoadRunner Email on Android

If you want to set up the RoadRunner email on your Android smartphone, it may be difficult to activate. Some people have given up and simply set up their RoadRunner email to work through Gmail. However, you can work directly with the Android e-mail application.

Roadrunner recommends being connected to WiFi when setting up an account.

To setup Roadrunner once you have already set-up your phone, follow the directions below.  If you are adding a Roadrunner account during your phone’s initial startup, skip down to the Set-up account menu (Instruction #3).

Follow these Steps To Setup RoadRunner email on your Android Phones:

  1. Open Applications tray, Tap My Accounts.
  2. Select Add Account.
  3. You will be at the Set-Up accounts menu with several other social network icons.
  4. Select Email icon.
  5. Enter your full Roadrunner email address, including “@__.rr.com” domain name in all lower case.
  6. Enter the Roadrunner password.
  7. Leave Automatically configure account checked.
  8. Tap on Next. the phone will connect to your email server and state “Success!” if the account was set-up correctly.

Your account is now set-up.  Please test sending and receiving an email.

Web Email access for Road Runner can be bookmarked with your phone’s browser at this Link.

Manual setup Road Runner POP3 Email:

  1. Open the application bar and touch My Accounts.
  2. Select Add Account.
  3. Enter your full Roadrunner email address, including the domain name “@__. Rr.com” in lowercase.
  4. Enter the Roadrunner password.
  5. Uncheck the Automatically set up account option.
  6. Tap Next. Touch General Settings and confirm that the information in the general configuration fields is correct. Make the necessary changes.
  7. select OK to exit the menu.
  8. Touch the incoming server.
  9. Tap the POP mail server.
  10. Enter POP3 server – pop-server.si.rr.com – (*** if it refers to Staten Island, the search list at the bottom of the FAQ for Roadrunner name servers for location).
  11. Port of entry – 110 (995 can also be tested).
  12. Enter your username.
  13. Enter your password.
  14. Disable Use Secure Server.
  15. Clear the Verify Certificate check box.
  16. Press OK.
  17. Select the outgoing server.
  18. Enter the SMTP server – smtp-server.si.rr.com – (*** if it only refers to Staten Island, the search list at the bottom of the FAQ for the server name Roadrunner for location).
  19. Use a secure server without dialing.
  20. Make sure the certificate is not checked.
  21. Enter the port – 25 (*** port 587 can also be used for projections if 25 does not work).
  22. Press OK.
  23. Press Other Settings.
  24. Select the length of time that messages remain on the phone. (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, never delete messages).
  25. Press OK.
  26. Touch OK again to send your e-mail settings.

Your account is now set-up.  Please test sending and receiving an email. You may need to go back and change Security settings on the account to send/receive email.

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