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Apple Bringing Find My iPhone And Find My Friends Functions into One Cross-Platform App For iOS And Mac

Find My iPhone And Find My Friends Functions

Apple has systematically used the Find my iPhone for more and more over the last years, and now according to a new report by 9to5Mac suggests that we see the app will receive a revamp.

The report cites people who are familiar with the development of the app and doesn’t want to be named, with the new app said to take Find my iPhone and Find My Friends and the combination of the two, with versions available for both macOS and iOS and thanks to the wonder that is Marzipan.

The new app will let the user find all of their devices, and there is another new feature called “Find Network,” to be track the devices whether or not they are connected to a WiFi or cellular network at the time. Existing features such as being able to ping devices should they be missing. With this app, users will be able to check the location of their friends and family and can also share the location with other users.

The interesting thing here is the plan to make it possible for users to track their devices even when the devices are not made by Apple. This will be made possible thanks to a new hardware product that is yet to be released, and it is currently carrying the code frame B389 internally. It will also allow the users to attach tags to items, that are similar to those created by Tile currently.

All the things will then connect through the user’s iCloud account, with proactive notifications sent should a device be deemed to have traveled far away from a tag in case it falls off or it is not attached for any other reason.

The folks at 9to5Mac are currently unable to confirm when this product will ship, however, there is the possibility that we will see it this year. If so, we’d expect to see it starting to pop up in some beta releases of macOS and iOS following WWDC event that will be going to happen in June.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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