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Apple Has Launched A New Online Shopping Hub

Apple right now has the vast majority of its physical stores shut thanks to the continuous coronavirus pandemic. While more are opening right now this isn’t something that will happen for the time being, so Apple has launched a new online hub to make it easier than ever for individuals to discover information about items.

And, as you’d expect, get them.

Located at apple.com/shop and linked from the main Apple landing page, the new hub doesn’t have any new substance as such. Instead, it brings numerous sides of Apple’s site nearer together while placing them all in one, easy to use location.

New Online Shopping Hub

While Apple gives users the chance to purchase things, there are also links to specialists as well as technical help faculty. Apple’s Today at Apple recordings are also linked from the new hub.

Again, it’s important to take note that there is nothing new here yet the layout of everything is significantly more user well disposed. Somebody visiting apple.com/shop will have the option to more easily discover what they need than visiting the main Apple site.

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While Apple Stores are shut internationally, stores in Austria, Australia, Germany, and select different locations are now open again. Other international stores will also stick to this same pattern, although there is no timescale for when and how that will happen up until now.