Apple May Announce New iOS Game Subscription Service on March 25

Apple May Announce New iOS Game Subscription Service on March 25

Monday, March 25 is the big day for Apple to shape up one of the biggest events in a long period of time, and we assume it may be getting bigger. We already mentioned in our previous post that we are expecting a new video streaming service and magazine service coming from Apple, and there are some strong claims that there is some kind of finance partnership with Goldman Sachs is also likely to happen. Now there are reports from Bloomberg that there is a possibility that we may see a new iOS game subscription service and that is for the first time.

there have been claims coming out that sort of game subscription is being in work for months, to offer a bundle of games for a monthly subscription price. Netflix for games is an obvious example that can be used here, with developers been signed up in order to allow to add their wares to the subscription’s library.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will be going to allow paid for games into subscription and there are obvious reasons behind it. now everything will be out of the free to playlist. And the list includes some big names also such as Fortnite being out in the cold but we think games are doing good on its own.

If you are wondering about how the developers will going to be paid, it’s pretty simple you can think of it the income being split among all developers, according to Bloomberg.

“The company would collect these monthly fees, then divide up the revenue between developers based on how much time users spend playing their games.”

If Apple successfully announces something similar to Netflix for gaming on Monday, then it will be a quite big day for Apple. We will keep you informed of everything that happens and for that, you need this site regularly.

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Source: Bloomberg