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Apple Will Replace This Serious Defect For Free On Some Apple Watch Series 2 And Series 3 Models

Apple today announced a free screen replacement program for the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 models with a broken screen. The program is offered to aluminum models only to correct a crack that says it appears in very rare circumstances and forms along the rounded edge of the screen. Apple says the crack can start on one side of the screen and continue around the display.

Check the chart accompanying this article to see if your Apple Watch is included in the list. In this case, and the watch has a broken screen similar to the following illustrations, you are entitled to a free replacement of the Apple screen. To take advantage of the company’s offer, make an appointment to take your Apple Watch to the Apple Store or visit an authorized service provider. You can also contact Apple technical support to set up a mail-in repair service.

Before sending your Apple Watch by mail, you must disconnect it from your iPhone; Once the process is started, the phone will try to create a backup of your Apple Watch. This will make it easier to restore the watch when you receive it after repairing the screen. To disconnect your Apple Watch, keep it with your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch app and tap the My Watch tab. After typing the name of the watch at the top of the screen, tap the information button (the “i” inside a circle) next to the device you want to disconnect. Tap Disconnect Apple Watch. If your damaged Apple Watch is a Series 3 model with GPS + mobile, tap Delete Plan (Operator). Enter the password for your Apple ID and tap again to confirm. You can also remove the watch strap before sending it by e-mail to the device. Apple claims that the repaired watch will be returned within approximately five days.

Many of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 owners whose device suffered a broken screen claim that there was no trauma that caused the damage. Apple has not announced what caused these screens to break. In 2017, he added two years to the one-year warranty for the Apple Watch Series 1 after some of those devices suffered from a swollen battery syndrome. Last year, Apple said it would replace the swollen batteries in the Apple Watch Series 2 free of charge. A lawsuit initiated earlier this year states that all Apple Watch models, including the current Series 4 watch, contain a defect that causes the battery to swell. This, according to the plaintiffs, causes the screen to break, leading users to suffer cuts and burns.

The next version of Apple Watch could be unveiled on September 10th

Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 models

The Apple Watch was a great success for the company and is the best-selling smartwatch in the world. For the third fiscal quarter of the company covering the period from April to June, Apple’s portable unit was the star. In that division, which includes Apple Watch and Bluetooth wireless AirPods, its revenues rose 48.3% to $5.53 billion from $3.73. billions that collected in the same quarter last year.

On September 10th, Apple will hold its next new product event which is expected to reveal the 2019 iPhone models. In that case, the next Apple Watch iteration should show its face (clock). Last week, we broadcast a photo that says to take our first look at the Apple Watch Series 5. While the design will remain unchanged from the current Series 4 model, another loss revealed that the next Apple Watch will be available in titanium and ceramic housings for 40 mm and 44 mm boxes.

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