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12 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

Here are the 12 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android. Security and privacy should always go hand in hand and even more in this world that moves around social networks where many personal photos are published and the only detail of accessing the network makes us vulnerable to being victims of any type of cheating or theft. When using our Android devices, we have an even greater risk since the connection used is wireless and due to this, there is an even higher risk due to the configuration of this network to be open and visible by all users. A good method of protection is to use Android applications that allow us to hide our images or videos and thus prevent unauthorized persons from accessing this content.

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android:

LockMyPix Photo Vault:

Developed by LockmyPix, this free application allows us to hide in a simple way all the photos, videos and albums hosted on Android. Private data is securely encrypted with AES thus increasing its security.

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android
Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android


  • Military-grade AES encryption
  • Easy access with a PIN or a pattern
  • Create encrypted backups
  • Use of Fake-Login
  • You can hide and archive photos and videos without limits
  • Images and videos disappear from the gallery
  • Available and accessible on multiple devices
  • The possibility of using the SD card instead of the internal memory
  • Also available without an Internet connection

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Hide Something:

This simple application will give us the possibility to hide photos and videos in just a few steps and thus protect this valuable information for all of us.

It includes a new function which allows us with just a single click, browses the hidden photos of the phone in the desktop browser directly. It allows us to customize the visible folders when we want to show different photos to different people and thus not have all in a single folder.

Hide Something
Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android


  • Fingerprint support, pattern or PIN lock
  • Hide files from third-party applications directly
  • Easy to share private photos or videos to others
  • Compatible with Google+ photos, videos, and photos
  • It has an advanced image viewer which shows the pixel level of the elements
  • GIF is compatible
  • Multiple themes
  • With a single click, we can see the hidden photos of the phone in the desktop browser
  • Backup of hidden files in the Google unit
  • Includes Fake mode with which you can protect privacy for unexpected checks
  • It does not appear in the list of recently used applications

Keepsafe photo vault:

This practical utility is one of the most used applications nowadays for the blocking of photos and videos in Android. Keepsafe protects personal photos and videos, using security methods such as PIN lock, fingerprint touch ID and military-grade AES encryption. With Keepsafe we will have one of the best options to hide images and videos. By using this application, we can keep our photos safe and save space on the phone.

Keepsafe photo vault
Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android


  • Everything will always be protected: Our multimedia elements are protected by a PIN, a pattern or fingerprint
  • Backup of photos or videos in case of failures or theft of equipment
  • Share photos with the Secure Send feature: It will be possible to share private photos with confidence, control the time the recipient sees the photo and this thanks to the photos disappearing 20 seconds after they open
  • Synchronization of photos or videos: With Keepsafe it will be possible to use the encrypted private cloud which synchronizes photos, videos, and albums in all the associated devices in a secure way
  • Locking when placed face down: Keepsafe locks automatically when the device is placed face down
  • Keepsafe is not shown in the list of recently used applications.

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Hide Files – Andrognito:

Cataloged as one of the best security applications in the Play Store, Hide Files helps us in the task of hiding photos and videos in Android with a few steps and safely. Andrognito makes use of AES military-grade encryption techniques to block files with multiple layers of protection and offers one of the fastest encryption speeds for Android. Andrognito is useful for storing files in the private cloud and thus free space on the device.

Hide Files - Andrognito
Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android


  • Securely lock photos, videos and private files in Andrognito cloud
  • The possibility of creating the backup of secret images, videos and large files in the Andrognito cloud in order to free up more space to install more applications and games on the computer
  • Ability to access all files synchronized with the cloud on all Android devices with the same account
  • It has the invisible mode which hides the icon of the application of the initiator
  • Create a fake vault to fool intruders and see some fake files in a fake vault other than the actual files
  • It uses Encry encryption, which is end-to-end encryption which guarantees that all data is completely secure
  • It has custom themes
  • Option to use Dynamic Pin

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Another application of well received by thousands of users of Android is Vault which goes far beyond hide images, it allows us to hide videos, SMS, call logs and contacts on the phone. Vault is a comprehensive application that we have additional tools such as application blocking, private labels, incognito, cloud backup and many other useful functions.

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android


  • Hide and protect images and videos: Images and videos imported into the phone can only be viewed or played after entering the correct password
  • Hides and protects the SMS of the equipment
  • It has a private browser
  • We can support the information in the cloud
  • Protection of contacts and call records: With Vault, it will be possible to configure contacts as private and all associated call and SMS records will be hidden from other users
  • Application blocking: This function allows us to block social applications, images, call logs and telephone to prevent unauthorized access
  • The possibility of assigning an email for password recovery
  • Intruder alerts: With this option, a photograph of someone who tries to enter with an incorrect password to the team is secretly taken.
  • We can create multiple Vaults and False Vault for better management of the elements

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty:

This is another of the best applications for everything related to hiding images and videos on Android for its benefits.

One point in favor of this free application is that, apart from hiding the elements, it allows us to perform other tasks such as editing the images, creating backup copies, etc.


  • Block any image and video
  • We can use different trunks for multiple people
  • The function of taking a picture when someone tries to access the computer in the wrong way
  • We can use a PIN or a text password to protect Vaulty trunks
  • It will be possible to save the hidden media, even the equipment is damaged or lost
  • We can create new albums and sort or filter by several attributes.

Private area – Bleaching App:

An application that fully complies with the whole protection issue as it allows us to block WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Gallery, Videos and protects our personal conversations. With Private Zone we can run various tools both to protect our information and to add security to the team itself.


  • Block Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Gallery and other important applications that expose our privacy
  • Secure password protection
  • Detects the potential risk of privacy at any time
  • Clean search history immediately
  • Ability to browse favorite websites in Private Browsing
  • Ability to use fake icons to distract
  • Option to customize lock mode
  • Avoid spam, unwanted calls by placing them in the blacklist
  • We can use a digital password or pattern to lock/unlock apps
  • Block all apps with the Advanced Function in case of theft
  • It is possible to remotely control the lost phone with text messages and more.

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Piktures – Beautiful Gallery

This application has a more focus on editing photos and designs, worse within its features gives us the option to hide our images. Piktures has great features such as a calendar view, Location filter, media filter, video game and albums allowing easy administration of all multimedia elements.

Piktures - Beautiful Gallery


  • We can modify the size of the images before sharing them
  • Hide albums
  • It has a Calendar and location view

Possibly, the biggest use that is given to a mobile phone today, apart from calling and using social networks, is to see photographs and videos. They can reach our Smartphone in many ways, either because we download them from the internet, they send them to us through social networks, or because we take them with our own terminal camera. And on many occasions some of these images and videos are private, and we may not want anyone to see those files by accident when we loan someone’s mobile or we are showing them to another gallery. That’s why it’s so useful to have some of the apps in this list with the best applications to hide photos and files on your Smartphone. Hope you will find the best option that suits you.