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At 10, Minecraft Hits 176 million Sales and Reports AR Game for iOS and Android

2019 is the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, one of the greatest games in the world. As a component of its ongoing festival, publisher Microsoft revealed today that lifetime offers of Minecraft have outperformed 176 million copies across consoles, PC, and mobile. It additionally said that developer Mojang is working on another game in the cherished franchise. No, it’s not Minecraft 2. In any case, it has possibly to be greater than that.


Minecraft Earth is an allowed to-play enlarged reality game for iOS and Android that vehicles the familiar block-building gameplay into this present world. You’ll assemble resources, fight against crowds (Minecraft’s deadly beasts), and cooperate with other people’s creations. Mojang will launch a closed beta this mid-year, and you can agree to accept it here.

In a blog post, Microsoft said Minecraft Earth is utilizing the company’s Azure Spatial Anchors AR following technology and coordinates with its backend stage PlayFab.

In the event that the worldwide achievement of Niantic’s Pokemon Go is anything to pass by, Minecraft Earth should have no difficulty finding a committed audience — simply think about a large number of children who grew up with the first game. Minecraft is likewise known for having foolishly creative players who build the most many-sided sculptures, and giving them the devices to put their creations into AR is an exciting prospect.


It’ll be a bustling summer for Mojang. Notwithstanding running the Minecraft Earth beta, the developer will get ready to host its yearly Minecon Livestream (which use to be a physical meeting) on September 28.

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That’s generally the time where Mojang reveals huge new updates about Minecraft, and accepting Minecraft Earth isn’t out yet, maybe we’ll hear increasingly about the new mobile game also