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5 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2019

Let’s go through the best call blocker apps for Android that will help you to block any call who annoys you. Read the article till the end to know about the best apps for call blocking.

Making calls is the most used function in any phone and in the smartphone with connection support and network possibilities. As the time is changing so as the tech and a variety of change occur in smartphones also which took the functions of smartphones to another level such as now people can easily hold, block or forward the call etc.

If you get freaky calls from random numbers and wish to block them right away as you cannot always change numbers to avoid this issue so let me tell you there are various apps available in Google Play Store which are specially created for this purpose.

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5 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2019

5 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2019

As there are numerous apps to block the unknown calls so it can be a tough thing to decide which app you should choose. With this thing in mind, we have prepared a list of best call blocker apps for you. Read the article to find the best call blocker app for your smartphone. I hope this article helps you.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is a very popular app and it has millions of users around the world. With the help of Truecaller, you can easily identify unknown calls, block calls and SMS as well. once you are done launching this app on your phone it will automatically filter out all the uncharted phone numbers and it will keep the connection with other contacts. Without any doubt, it is one of the best apps that will keep your communication secure and efficient.

Key features include

  • Block SMS and spam calls
  • Unknown number identification in your SMS inbox and call history
  • Customize themes
  • Share emoji, status, and location

Download the app from here:

[appbox googleplay com.truecaller]

2. Whoscall

Whoscall is considered as one of the top caller ID apps to identify unknown or spam calls and block them right away. With a huge number of download, this app has good reviews and ratings. It was also recognized as Google Play 2016 the Best App and also honored with the Google 2013 Innovation Award. It is determined to serve people more with the problem related to call blocking.

Key features include

  • Identify unknown calls
  • With single touch avoid unknown and annoying calls
  • Check unfamiliar numbers
  • Real-time offline database available
  • Mobile business card

Download the app from here:

[appbox googleplay gogolook.callgogolook2]

3. Mr. Number

One of the best apps for call blocking available in Google Play Store. This app provides you an easy option to block the unknown numbers and prevent yourself from spammers. Easily block calls from businesses, hidden numbers, and people. You can also browse comments from other users about the spam number.

Key features include

  • Get to know who is calling you
  • Call blocking customization
  • Block spam calls
  • Show usernames and avatars of most recent calls
  • Function if intelligent auto-blocking
  • Protection against fraud or spam

Download the app from here:

[appbox googleplay com.mrnumber.blocker]

4. Should I Answer?

A free app for mobile security that will protect you from unknown and untrusted calls. A doubt or should I take this call will come in your mind when you will receive any sealed call. In this time, we also receive calls from various advertisement or telemarketing companies. This app will help you out in blocking these kinds of useless calls.

Key features include

  • When phone rings show the phone number rating automatically
  • Block unknown calls and add numbers in the block list
  • Display information of an unknown number
  • Write your own user review
  • Offline database
  • Block all the numbers which are not in your contact list.

Download the app from here:

[appbox googleplay org.mistergroup.muzutozvednout]

5. Calls Blacklist

A call and SMS blocker app, Calls Blacklist allows you to block calls as well as messages coming from unknown numbers. If you tired of getting calls and messages from unknown numbers occasionally then this app is a pretty good choice for you to go with.

It has a unique feature that will allow you to block those number starting with a specific series such as +11204XXXXX, +11205XXXXX or +11206XXXXX then you need to use the option begin with and save these numbers by entering +1120 so all the calls coming from numbers that start with +1120 will automatically get blocked.

Key features include

  • Block calls and SMS
  • Block numbers
  • Block private numbers
  • Add numbers in the whitelist
  • Schedule to block calls and numbers
  • Block call notifications and message log

Download the app from here:

[appbox googleplay com.vladlee.easyblacklist]


Final Words

So that was the list of best 5 call blocking apps for Android Platform. If you get easily annoyed by unknown calls and SMS you can keep one of these apps in your phone to instantly block calls or SMS coming from unknown or unwanted numbers. If there is any query feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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