15 Free Hacking Apps For Android Phones | 2018

Hacking was once like a ghost and no one was able to do it as it was considered as something only done by pros. Until the dawn of 2010 when major industries got a huge hit by the hacker’s community, the crime was so huge that many were put behind bars for the crime.

Once considered as an exclusive domain for experts only, now it has become very common and people with some knowledge of the technology can do hacking on some mobile devices. Some call it the ethical hacking while others still call it unethical. For pros, there is a very thin line between ethical and unethical hacking, while for dummies it’s still a dilemma.

So today we will only discuss some ethical hacking tools that can be used to manipulate android devices. These hacking android apps are still considered as ethical as they mean no harm to the privacy of the users or the victims.

Here is the list of 15 Android application which you can use to turn your smartphone into a hacking device. Searching the internet we may find a long list of such application but, the list I have compiled here is top of the line Android hacking applications.


A good tool that can be used for Google Hacking, Reconnaissance, DNS Dig, Exploits, Security RSS Feed and many more. The list goes on as the application is very handy for people who belong to cybersecurity, penetration testing, ethical hacking, and IT administration.


It is a kind of remote administration tool that can be used to administer your android phone remotely. A one of its kind client-server application developed in Java/Swing. This application enables the user to access their devices remotely without any physical connection or access.


If you are looking for a hacking app which can protect your identity while calling random people than SpoofApp is what you should look for. This app basically hides your phone number when you call someone. You can also manipulate what should be shown on the receiver’s screen when you call them. There are some other options which, includes changing the voice, call recording. Some features are paid which can be bought easily.

Whatsapp Sniffer

More like a sniffing dog this a unique hacking app for android users. It works in connection with Whatsapp application. You can hack into private Whatsapp chat groups and download images, videos, messages, and much more. You can only use it on a friend who is using a hotspot from your cell phone. This app comes with some problems as well, it can easily be detected by your antivirus, so you have to disable your antivirus before using it.

APK Inspector

It a so-called hacking tool but in fact, it’s a general tool for any android user. People who are android application developers should use it. It has the capability to reverse engineer any application and bring the source code for you. Most of the time this application is used to check the functionality of an android application.


Judging by the name you may think this application is some evil thing but actually, it can make people get to know each other. This application has the power to connect two people who barely know each other. Using this app you can connect two people, and it will appear as if they have called each other.

Kill Wi-Fi

Some people may call it unethical but, its fun using this application. This is an open source application and you can download it for free. Much similar to the net cut app in windows, this application is capable of cutting off anyone`s wifi connection. You can use it to cut off any free runner in your network.


A good hacking app mainly used by the beginners. Very easy to use this app can be of good use if put into some good hands. Today we face a major issue of data security while surfing the internet. Almost on every portal, the users are asked to create a profile and you may not know when your personal data is stolen. To keep an eye on it you can use this app which is very easy to use.

Burp Suite

A unique kind of proofreader or security testing service, which enables the user to check the security of any platform or website. It can analyze anything from application to a website for security checks. It can also help you find potential security threats as well.


Logging on to any free network can be dangerous. You can risk your personal data as well as the data of anyone who is connecting to the same network from your cell phone. dSploit is the app you should always keep in your cell phone. It is a complete toolkit that can be used to check the security of any network. It can also provide you with alerts regarding any potential threats.


Hacking into some one`s wifi might be a good option to use some free internet. You can use this application to hack into any wifi network. You can have all the tool that is essential for hacking into any wifi network, in this application

Shark for Root

A very good traffic sniffer for your android device. It can sniff around to search for any network, open or closed. You can also enter the network using this application. You can get almost every kind of data regarding any particular network.


This tool is specifically designed for security professionals. They can use it easily to carry out some DOS attacks. They can use it to carry out DOS attacks on websites, networks or you can also use it to DOS attack on any server. Some may call it unethical but still, some use it for an ethical purpose.


It is an android based application that very popular for scanning security of a network. Only professionals use it for network exploration. You can use it on both rooted and unrooted devices. You can intercept web sessions over any wifi network that’s in your range. You can also use it to find passwords for Facebook, Twitter, blogger and Amazon accounts.

Nmap for Android

A popular network security scanner for Android devices. Only professionals use it for network exploration and interception. You can use it on both rooted and non-rooted devices. If your device is rooted you can have access to some extra features of the app. You can easily scan networks and get into them using this application.

Hope you like our list of 15 best hacking apps for Android devices. Have a fair journey towards ethical hacking. If you are a newbie don’t forget to tell us about your experience below in the comments.

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