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Best Android Keyboard Apps [ 2018 Edition ]

Best Android Keyboard Apps [ 2018 Edition ]

Android has a great advantage, already known by all, and is its almost unlimited possibility of personalizing our phones both externally and internally. There are extremely cruel people who put Hello Kitty stickers on the back of the phone, but we’re not going to get into that kind of personalization … for now.

Where we have more possibilities to customize our phones in the software. In this case, we are going to focus on the keyboards, those elements that we use every day and that make our lives a little easier.

Next, we will give a little review for some of the best keyboards that we can have in Android, each one standing out in their own way. If you do not know which keyboards to try or recommend, you can start with the ones we are going to include in this article, and from there explore more options in Google Play.

Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey KeyboardSwiftkey is one of the most veteran Android keyboards and, in addition, the most popular. Most of those who are reading this article will already know it well, and they will even be using it or they will have used it at some time. The most remarkable point of Swiftkey is, without a doubt, its predictive capacity.

This is one of the things that newer users may like and even scare. Who has not crossed his mind that the CIA is spying on him through this keyboard? But this is not the only thing that has to offer, it also turns out to be quite customizable by means of the ‘skins’ or the configuration of the size of the keyboard among other things.

If you are concerned about the theme of emoticons, you will not have problems to have support for more than 800 emoticons and, in addition, it is compatible with more than 60 languages. Possibly what has most tarnished his reputation has been the controversy of its synchronization in the cloud, but sooner than later it is expected that it is arranged to re-activate it.


SwypeSwype was positioned as Swiftkey’s biggest rival for a long time, and instead of focusing on the almost insurmountable prediction, Swype wanted to introduce a different way of writing. I wanted us to stop pressing buttons and, instead, slide our finger across the screen.

Although it requires tricking you, once you get it is a tremendously agile keyboard with a very good predictive word ability. Of course, if you want to write in the traditional way, you can do it, but the greatest sense of Swype is to be able to use only one finger and still write very fast thanks to the sliding on the screen.


FleksyFleksy may not be as well known as the two mentioned before, but it brought a breath of fresh air to the world of keyboards on Google Play. One of the most striking things about this keyboard is its ability to personalize, being able to do almost what you want with it, although it is not the only interesting thing, far from it.

Another of these elements that can be very striking is the ability to search and send GIFs without having to rely on an external application , that is, you can, from the same keyboard, find a GIF and send it to the WhatsApp group to annoy or make you laugh to the audience, something that seems to like more and more among the public.

Slash Keyboard

Slash KeyboardSlash Keyboard is one of those keyboards that has not yet been made with a great reputation, but who, who knows, could one day become the best alternative. It is a keyboard that aesthetically bears a strong resemblance to the classic Google keyboard, with what at first glance does not attract much attention.

The really interesting thing about this keyboard, although not for all audiences, is that, from the keyboard itself, you can search Google or share links (and even send GIFs!). However, they are not the only interesting features that you have, we invite you to try it and, who knows, maybe you stay with it forever.


ChroomaSo far we have seen keyboards that are relatively customizable thanks to skin changes and even color changes. What if your keyboard changes color automatically depending on the application you’re in? This is Chrooma, that kind keyboard that instead of entertaining you by having you personalize it, he takes care of it himself.

Its predictive capacity is quite acceptable and, in addition, it has a lot of features that you can configure, although for many of them you will have to go through the box. Still, it has interesting things to set up without having to lose paste. If you want your keyboard to match the color of the notification bar, Chrooma is your keyboard.


GboardAs we are so nice, in this bonus we will put the well-known and archived Google keyboard. It is very likely that it comes installed on your device, although it is not always the case and many manufacturers opt for their own keyboards that do not always offer a good experience, with Gboard you know that you are safe.

Whether you’re new or a veteran, surely you’ll know, has a minimalist design and does not have a huge amount of additional options. It is more of a keyboard for the majority of normal users, who do not look for too many functionalities. However, since it is developed by Google, you can be sure that it is solid and will not disappoint you.

These have been, in short, some of the best Android keyboards, although you can always explore Google Play in search of something different. We finish with this video where you can see some of these keyboards in action. What is your favorite?

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