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5 Best Comic Creator Apps [ Android & iOS ]

We all love to read story books with beautiful images and comics in the same way! But that is not all! Many times, we wonder if we could really write a storybook on our own. While this can be quite hectic if you write the whole story and then draw the characters, there is a second, much simpler way to do the same. Just use your smartphone. It’s like there are countless apps in both the Play Store and the App Store to frame beautiful stories with beautiful graphics and colorful backgrounds. Some of them also allow the animation function. Below you can find the 5 Best Comic Creator Apps [ Android & iOS]. All are absolutely free and equally enjoyable.

Today’s selection features some great Android and iOS apps that you can use to create comics and cartoons. These apps offer a variety of features and integrated tools to allow students to participate in creative learning activities while having fun. You can use them as a visual way to communicate with others by creating comic book characters, sharing comics and making storyboards.

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Difference Between Comic Book And Comic Strip

Now, there is a big difference between a comic book and a Comic Strip. A comic book is a whole story in which a comic strip can be part of it. You can consider Marvel Comics like Batman, Spiderman as a comic book, while a comic book cartoon can be the XKCD comic or your normal newspaper. Therefore, creating a comic strip is a much more difficult task than creating a comic book. You need storyboards, screenplays and sketch days. While in the other, Comic Strip is an anecdotal of your daily life, which is much shorter and can be done all at once.

There are many apps that allow you to create a comic strip or comic book from scratch. While it also gets the simplest apps that have a model and requires a simple drag of the drag and drop method. So, here’s an ordered list of the best comic book creator apps for all devices.

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Best Comic Creator Apps [ Android & iOS]

comic creator apps

Look over there! It’s a bird. It’s an airplane. Is it a … comic app? We have completed the easy-to-use, interactive and perfect comic book creation apps to personalize family photos or add a touch of fun to school projects. There are also some free versions, so you can get maximum comic potential without paying a penny.

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Scroll down to see the 5 Best apps comic creator apps for both Android and iOS platform.

1. Cartoon Comic Strip Maker

Cartoon Comic Strip Maker

The first on the list is Comic Strip Maker. It is a fairly simple app and does what the name says. You have to drag and drop the templates to create comics. The first step is to select a comic that will contain all your scenes. You have some integrated models for comics. Once you have the model, you can choose your comic characters from a list of characters provided. It provides a lot of human characters ranging from children to teenagers, superheroes, adult men and even anime characters.

The app allows you to create your own comic or comics and share them with friends on social networks. Use the comic app to create comics, storyboards, comics, and fantastic memes. Creating comics is extremely simple, all you need to do is select a cartoon character, an interesting background image, and comics to writing your story. We also offer comic pages made by professional artists and cartoonists, where you can create your own comic story by adding text only. The comic book comic offers a fun way to express yourself and tell a funny story. It’s also great to share your comics on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to make your friends laugh!

Key Features

  • Anime, Manga, Superhero and other cartoon characters to choose from.
  • Different types of a speech bubble.
  • Hd cartoon backgrounds.
  • Save as a pdf or image.
  • Comic strip pages created by Professional cartoonist and artist
  • Share your comic story to all.
  • Included Anime, Manga, Superhero and other cartoon characters
  • Different types of a speech bubble.
  • Hd cartoon backgrounds.
  • Save as a PDF or image.
  • Share your comic story to all.

Missing Features

  • Custom text options.
  • Cannot import gallery photos and customize them.
  • No option to make a comic book.

Available For: Android

Download Comic Strip Maker from the Google Play Store:

Cartoon Comic Strip Maker
Cartoon Comic Strip Maker
Developer: Csmartworld
Price: Free

2. Comika

comics and cartoon maker

Comika is a free and easy-to-use app that converts photos into comics/cartoons. You can select any image from your gallery or take a new one through the application. After choosing the filter, you can add comics to get an even more convincing “comic effect”. This is the easiest way to draw that you can find online.

If you want to add a real touch to your comics, what would be better than your photos or photos of the people around you? Comika allows you to import photos from the gallery or click on a moving image and can, therefore, be converted into a comic strip. First of all, you need to select your comic book template as usual and then import your photos. Now you can give it a purplish-blue tint quickly or you have many other comic filters. Comika offers contrast, brightness, saturation and detail sliders to adjust the filter and get a perfect change.

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You also have 8 chat bubbles to take care of your dialogues for the whole scene. Even if you only have 1 font option, the font is much better than Comic Strip Maker. Finally, you can import your comic as an image or PDF if you want it to be printed.

Comika is also the creator of perfect memes. Now you can add dialog balloons in images with few strokes and a little creativity.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • turn photos into comics/cartoons
  • A huge variety of filters
  • Super light app and it runs smoothly on any device
  • Legit looking comics effect
  • A perfect meme creator
  • You can create your own memes
  • Comika is a free app

Missing Features

  • Inbuilt comic characters and multiple fonts.
  • No option to make a comic book.

Available For: Android

Download Comika from the Google Play Store:

comics and cartoon maker
comics and cartoon maker
Developer: Game Brain
Price: Free+

3. Comic Strip – Comic Maker

Comic Strip - Comic Maker

Well, all the apps mentioned above are for Android only. So, for iOS people, you have Comic Strip that lets you do all the creation of comics on the iPhone. It is very similar to Comika with a few extra filters, sources and chats bubbles. The process to create a comic is quite simple. Choose a cartoon model and then open the camera app. You can take a picture or select the correct number of images from your gallery.

Create fantastic comic panels easily for those memories you can’t wait to share. Comic Strip uses a combination of filters unique enough to give an authentic and surprising look to your images, it adapts to almost any scene and gives you great control over the appearance of the images and everything else.

Comic Strip allows you to select images in bulk and then automatic filters, automatic corrections for quick results, after which you can do the fun part, add filters, stickers, text bubbles, titles, play with characters and colors and share them with people near you.

Comic Strip supports different designs and organizes photos in your name, although you can choose to disable the initial filter, change the order of the images or add them manually in each image.

It also provides some additional accessories that you can insert into your photos. You can also place a color gradient at the top of the balloon to give it a different look. For example, I mainly use an orange shade with 30% opacity to give the type of Japanese anime a look of surprise.

Key Features

  • Bulk Image Selecting
  • Different Panel Layouts
  • Auto Filtering
  • Border Adjustment
  • Manual Filtering
  • Various Comic Book Filters
  • Filter Merging
  • Special Comic Book Filters for Outstanding Results
  • Textures
  • Stickers
  • Text Bubbles
  • Titles
  • Various Comic Book Style Fonts and More
  • Carefully Curated Comic Book Colors
  • Easy Sharing Options

Missing Features

  • Inbuilt comic templates & characters.

Available For: iOS, iPad

Download Comic Strip – Comic Maker from the App Store.

4. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

All the apps mentioned above automate the process of creating comics for you. They don’t really show artistic ability in you. Well, MediBang lets you create a comic from scratch. However, MediBang is more a painting app where you can draw your characters and then export them to create a comic. There are no chat bubbles or embedded comics that you can import and release in your creation.

You have brushes and pencil tools and the best device to handle this is the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil. The app is well optimized to react to touches and the quick shortcut of the Apple pen works well. The design is very similar to Photoshop in that it has all the tools on the left, the canvas in the center and the layers on the right. It is much easier to understand once you learn how to use it or run and arms if you come from Photoshop.

MediBang Paint includes many different creative tools for illustrators and comic artists. Some of these include numerous brushes, backgrounds, and backgrounds, cloud fonts and tools for creating comics. Finally, by registering for free on the MediBang website, users can access the cloud storage so they can manage, backup and easily share their work.

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Key Features

  • 800 different types of free tones and backgrounds.
  • Drag across the screen to create a comic panel.
  • Layers and Comic Fonts.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Cloud Storage.

Missing Features

  • Comic Strip Templates.
  • Storyboarding options.

Available For: Android, iPad, iOS, macOS, Windows.

Click here to download MediBang Paint

5. Clip Studio

clip studio

Well, Clip Studio is the industry standard if you want to create comics from scratch. The software is paid and you will have to pay $25 and $109 for the Pro version and the full version respectively. Get complete advanced controls for basic customizations like deciding on the resolution and type of comic printing. There are several brushes and tools available to draw the perfect comic character. The app is available for different platforms, but the best option is to use it with an iPad or purchase a digital pen.

If you are ready to spend some time learning this tool, Clip Studio offers excellent options that really improve your drawing and comic skills. The paint board interface recalls similarities with Photoshop and this helps a lot if you are a Photoshop user.

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Key Features

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Manga and Comic
  • Versatile adjustment features that you can use to brush up your manga and comics and even sketches
  • Vector formats to draw comics that can be scaled without losing quality
  • Unlimited screen tones for manga and comics
  • Advanced exporting functions

Available For: Windows, macOS, iPad

Click here to download Clip Studio

More Options

If you are still looking for something else then below you can find some more option that you can use.


Final Words

If you are serious about creating comics, it would be a good choice to invest in Clip Studio or MediaBang Paint. These are the industry standards, so spending time learning would be a good investment for a career. For Android, Comika is a good option that allows you to make your personal life and incidents anecdotal. Comic Strip does the same for iOS, so it would be an ideal option for iOS.

That was the list guys. Each above-mentioned list has something unique to offer you. You just need to try them all and choose the one that suits you according to your requirements.

Till then let your creativity out with the help of above-described apps as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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