Top 10 Best Epub Readers for Windows

Following are the Best Epub Readers for Windows. Amazon’s ecosystem is king in many fields, reading included. Even so, Amazon’s control is not total and there are always alternatives to Bezos’ big company. As for eReaders, the alternatives that exist are well known. However, what alternatives exist to its mobile format? Can you read somewhere other than Windows? Below we show you a list of the best eBook readers that exist for the ePUB format. These eBook readers focus on a free and increasingly popular eBook format, the ePUB format. This format is a great rival for Amazon and its mobile format, a rival increasingly popular among eBookstores. In general, all these readers are free, but there are some exceptions, that can be justified due to special features or functions.

  1. Sumatra

We begin this list of applications with Sumatra. Sumatra is a simple and simple application. It was born with the intention of offering the user the possibility to read pdf files and quickly adapted to other reading formats, including the ePUB format. It is an application that does not need any other application to work and that we can get from its official website, ideal for computers with few resources. In addition, Sumatra offers the possibility to read ePUB files at no cost to the user or complementary licenses.

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However, it also has its negative points. Unlike other applications that we will find, Sumatra is only available for the Windows operating system, that is, we cannot use it on our mobile or on computers with another operating system.

  1. FBReader

The eBook reader FBReader is an application that was born with the intention of facilitating the user to read eBooks in its own format, in FB format but has quickly incorporated support for other formats such as the ePUB format or the DjVu format, being a useful tool to read eBooks. FBReader is a multiplatform reader, something that helps us to forget about being pending if our tablet, computer or laptop is compatible or not with the program because it will be.

Best Epub Readers for Windows

FBReader has a connection to virtual hard drives and online libraries, so we can read eBooks in ePUB format that we have anywhere, not only on the device and we can use anywhere we have an Internet connection. It has the option to add plugins and add-ons that facilitate the customization of the application and it is a free application. Although FBReader does not have the popularity of Caliber as a reader of eBooks for Windows, it is a good option for mobile devices, such as tablets or phablets, since its package is not as heavy and does not consume as many resources as other reading apps. . On its official website, you can find the different versions for different platforms.

  1. Caliber

Caliber is a manager of eBooks, a tool that serves to catalog and facilitate eBooks to our eReader, but it is true that for a long time two new tools have been added to the eBook manager. One of these tools is the famous editor of eBooks, a very complete tool for the creation of eBooks and the second one is a viewer or reader of eBooks, being two complementary and important tools for the user.

Best Epub Readers for Windows

Caliber can read any type of eBook format since it is either among the natively supported formats or can be read through the Caliber add-ons. Caliber allows us to read the eBooks full screen, changing the line spacing, the type of letter, navigating through the chapters, etc … something useful for many, even for those who read the manga. One of the virtues of Caliber against other apps is its platform versatility. Caliber is available for Gnu / Linux, for Mac OS, for Windows and there is even a portable version to use from the pen drive.

Caliber also has a connection with eBook repositories, so that any user can obtain eBooks free and can be read through the program’s eBook viewer. Of course, Caliber is one of the best options if we are going to read eBooks from a desktop computer or from a laptop, but not so to read from a tablet or mobile.

  1. Cool Reader

Cool Reader is a very popular application to read eBooks due to its versatility. It is a simple application that does not require another program to function but its functions are also limited. Only offers personalization in reading issues such as fonts, font size, line spacing, etc. However, its reputation comes from being an application that has been brought to eReaders. Cool Reader is an application that is used to install eReaders with Android, in such a way that thanks to Cool Reader, devices like Kindle can read eBooks in ePUB format.

Cool Reader
Best Epub Readers for Windows

Cool Reader has a version for Windows, Android, and Gnu / Linux. It is a free application. Unfortunately, it is not yet for Mac OS or for iOS users. In return, if we have versions for tablets and mobile phones with Android, which allows us to turn our smartphone into a powerful eReader.

  1. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is not a reader of eBooks in essence but an editor or a tool to create them, just like what happens with Caliber. However, this tool has the possibility to read eBooks in different formats, including the ePUB format. This tool is proprietary, that is, it belongs to Adobe and although it is free, some functions and services are paid. In this case, Adobe Digital Editions is for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, allowing not only create eBooks but also read them and provide eBooks between users, something that other applications do not, but it is true that the application applies DRM to this, which further restricts the use of application eBooks.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is not the best option to read ePUB files, but it is certain that Adobe is already a well-known company within the publishing world and that makes its program for ePUB eBooks important or at least to be taken into account. You can get Adobe Digital Editions on its official website.

  1. Lucidor

Although within the Gnu / Linux world, the most popular ePUB file readers are FbReader and Caliber, the truth is that there are other equally interesting and popular applications, thanks to the Open Source philosophy. One of these applications is called Lucidor. Lucidor is a free application available for any Gnu / Linux distribution.


Lucidor is an eBook reader that offers a connection to OPDS repositories that will help us download free eBooks. Although perhaps the best function of Lucidor is the possibility of transforming our news feed into eBooks, something interesting that will allow us to group all those news and web articles in one reading. Lucidor can also be found on its website.

  1. Azardi

Azardi is another of those applications that are multiplatform but that stands out in the Gnu / Linux world. This application is fully compatible with version 3 of EPUB, a version that few readers support. Azardi belongs to Info grid Pacific, where we can get a version of this eBook reader, although the software is free and compatible with all Gnu / Linux distributions.


The Azardi application has two versions, a desktop version, and an online version. The online version works in any web browser, while the desktop version can be on the desktop or laptop. If we really have eBooks in EPUB3 format or we like enriched eBooks, Azardi is a great viewer.

  1. EBook Offline Reader

This eBook reader is an extension for Chrome but its operation allows us to have an eBook viewer in Chrome OS, the Google Linux system. This extension is added to the web browser and then it can be run offline, functioning as a normal application. EBook Offline Reader is an application that we can use in our Chrome OS or in our web browser, in any case, EBook Offline Reader is not a great eBook viewer but of course, it is a great option for times of emergency or for those who use Chrome OS as the main operating system.


  1. iBooks

Many of the applications mentioned above can be found for Mac OS, but the truth is that for this platform iBooks Apple is the queen application. iBooks is an Apple eBook manager that not only allows us to send eBooks in any format (ePUB included) to devices such as the iPhone or the iPad but also allows us to read eBooks on Apple computers.

Best Epub Readers for Windows

This application is free and is one of the apps that Mac OS brings by default for the user, but if not we can get it from iTunes or from the Apple website, which makes it undoubtedly a widely used application. The negative point is that iBooks obey Apple’s orders. That is, the user cannot do things with iBooks that Apple does not want, while its free alternative, Caliber allows almost any modification or supports any eBook. In any case, both iBooks and Caliber for Mac support the free format EPUB.

  1. Google Play Books

This reader of eBooks comes from Google so many of you will already have this app installed on your mobile. Not only is it the official app of the Google eBook store but it also allows us to upload our own eBooks or other eBooks privately. Your reader is compatible with almost all eBook formats. With what the result is to be able to read eBooks from almost any device. The advantage of this reader over others is that we can buy the eBook directly from the application and read it as we buy it.

Google Play Books
Best Epub Readers for Windows

Something that other file readers cannot do. Google Play Books is a great app because it allows good connection with Google apps and services, but it is also true that forces us to have this ecosystem and do without other online stores of eBooks that could have the eBook we want or get it for a priceless. Google Play Books can be found in the Google Play Store.