12 Best Free IR Universal Remote Control Apps for Android

12 Free IR Universal Remote Control Apps for Android

Looking for the stylish IR universal remote control apps for Android but the question arises which one is stylish for us and which one you should go for? With an IR universal remote app, you can control everything like television, projector, smartphone or PC. plenitude of apps are available some are good some cant fit to your device but it’s up to you which one you choose and go for it. below you can find some of the stylish phone remote control apps so you can use to transfigure your phone into a remote- control android device.

Free IR Universal Remote Control Apps for Android

1. SURE Universal

Universal Remote Control Apps Sure Universal is a combination of IR features of the aged bias as well as the Wi- Fi features of Smart bias. By using this you can control your smart home, SmartTV or any appliance in the home. You can also take advantage of using this app by transferring filmland to your television from your android. You can move the prints manually and indeed produce a donation it’s up to you. It gives you an intriguing point Amazon Alexa with the help of it you can control any appliance using voice control.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps SURE Universal

2. Google Home

Then are two kinds of Universal Remote Control Apps Google Home. The bone is the Oracle that lets you know your programme for theday.However, you can fill your room with Goliath noises, If you so ask .

On the other hand, there’s another type of Google Home which is relatively further than your answer box. It’s an app which sets up, manages and controls your Google Home, Chromecast bias and customizes what you’ll get from the Google Assistant. Then‘s a rundown of the crucial features which Google Home app handles.

You can also control your home, Google Home and Chrome cast bias plus connected bias similar as the television and the lights.

The Discover tab gives you the chance to discover new features and updates your compatible bias. For case, you can find new content from popular spots similar as Netflix and YouTube.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Google Home

3. Anymote – Smart IR Remote

Universal Remote Control Apps Smart IR Remote, It’s one of the stylish regulators, it can pretend any device which sends signals through infrared. The universal remote is the only one which you can customize veritably fluentlytherefore it becomes protean as well as most popular. Some features are listed below

Rearrange the buttons.
Change the colorpositionstextbooks, and icons.
Execute commands.
Integrate voice commands using Google Now.

still, It only works for bias which have an IR- enabled phone. But if you’re using wi- fi also you can use the universal remote.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Anymote – Smart IR Remote

4. Unified Remote

Universal Remote Control Apps Unified Remote It’s the device which you need if you’re an individual and uses the office computer most generally. One of the most intriguing thing is that you can control your PC from your smartphone if they’re connected to the same network.

Orelse, you’ll need to install the mobile app on your smartphone and the desktop operation on your PC where a quick checkup from your mobile app will be suitable to give you the control you need.
It has different commandssimilar as:

  • It checks your PC screen on your mobile device.
  • Switching your phone screen to a touchpad that work as a mouse.
  • Powers your PC using feature WOL.
  • It supports all types of keyboards such as standard, 3rd party and customized.
  • Manage files very efficiently.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Unified Remote

5. Twinone TV Remote

It’s a free Universal Remote Control Apps television remote app. It has a stonerfriendly interface. It’s easy to use and easy to learn. You can choose the device you want to control either your televisionstring box, satellite or any other appliancebias that ca n’t fit in the order there’s support for some of them.

Remote only workshop with mobile bias having IR blasters. The app has a couple of erected– in canons that are veritably useful.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Twinone TV Remote

6. Roku

Stillalso it’s an excellent universal remote control app for you, If you work with Roku. It’s a free operation which you can download it from both spots either on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. It not only excites you but also this mobile app becomes your companion moreover on Roku TV or for Roku streaming players.

It requires you to connect to the same network. You can control enough important anything on Roku. It comes with different buttons like presto forward, rewind, play, navigation and voice hunt buttons. One debit is that it doesn’t have volume buttons therefore you’ll need your factual television remote.
This app can allow you to :

  • Search all your streaming channels easily.
  • Instant replay to hear if you any dialogue miss.
  • Notification about new episodes.
  • Add hidden channels efficiently.
  • Cast different devices from streaming sites to your TV.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Roku

7. Yatse

Universal Remote Control Apps Yatse, It’s one of the is the most popular XBMC/ Kodi app. It can be downloaded for free. After installation, it fluently configures with your device.

It has a lot of features. Some are :

  • It comes in different sizes and can give you various functions.
  • They will range from notifications to all the remote capabilities.
  • It offers some natural voice commands in seven different languages.
  • It maintains your media library over different installations.
  • You can access your library offline.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Yatse

8. IR Universal TV Remote

Universal Remote Control Apps IR Universal TV Remote is the perfect and one of the stylish remote you have been looking for your physicalTV.However, it’ll point the stylish direction for your DTV antenna, If you’re watching a television with an antenna.

It doesn’t only control your physical television but also the Air Conditioner, suckers, and Lights. It’ll need a smartphone device which has an IR blaster if you deal with the operation to serve.
The IR Universal TV Remote is relatively loaded with features. Some of them are listed below

You can fluently customize the remote.

  • You can edit every aspect of the remote depending on your requirement.
  • It provides you two widgets feature to control devices from your home screen.
  • Set up macros so that you can control multiple devices very efficiently.
  • It allows you to control multiple devices from different rooms.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps IR Universal TV Remote

9. Peel Universal Remote

Universal Remote Control Apps, This app was one of the most popular apps when bias used to have infrared for like two twinkles. It controls all feathers of bias like your television, DVD or Blu- shaft player, or any other smart appliance in your home.

You can fluently turn your smartphone into a remote where you can control appliances similar as the television, Air Conditioner, Set up boxes and bias like Roku. still, the app only works with smartphones having inbuilt IR- blaster.
Some of its features include:

  • It provides you Rich interface.
  • It provides you a comprehensive TV guide.
  • You can also customize it whenever the need arises.
  • It provides you Voice Control feature.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps Peel Universal Remote

10. RCA Universal Remote

RCA universal Universal Remote Control Apps, is really a good choice for the druggies which they can use to control and manage multiple bias and for those druggies who prefer bias like CD, DVD player, Blu- shaft player and numerous other streaming bias. Once it can be downloaded on your Android device it controls all these bias directly from one place. The overall setup of the RCA Universal Remote is a bit hard as it takes a lot of algorithms and functions to work.

It requires a lot of warrants from the Android director to work. This operation from the Google Play Store can be downloaded for free. After installing RCA Universal Remote on your Android device, you need to set necessary settings on this app to control the other instruments. It provides a point of Graphic stoner– interface which is easy to use and easy to learn. We prefer RCA Universal remote because it offers all the inconceivable features to its druggies. It also provides stoner homemade companion on this operation to understand the functions of this Universal remote well.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps RCA Universal Remote

11. The XBox

Universal Remote Control Apps The XBox app is really another stylish choice for druggies who can manage or control multiple bias at formerly. Xbox provides cleanest and purest kinds of Graphic stoner– interface, which is an emotional point for the druggies. It provides the stoner quick access to several control buttons like Play or Pause, Rewinds or Forward, Volume Up and Volume down, etc. These all are introductory controls that every stoner need. The customized settings will allow you to set up the controls button on this universal remote on your terms and conditions. You can also set further controls on this operation to make effects easier and effective. After installing Universal Remote control, you’ll come suitable to pierce numerous corridor of XBox live.

There are millions of reviews and conditions handed by the druggies to this brilliant Xbox operation. The overall setup is also veritably easy and emotional. The graphic stoner– interface of this app is really veritably well advanced and seductive. It supports further than 1000 bias of several different sections.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps The XBox

12. OEM Specific remote app

numerous smartphones which are manufactured lately come with a erected– in universal remote operation. For illustration, some smartphones which are made by Xiaomi comes withpre-installed Universal remote, which can control multiple biasSo there’s no need to install a third- party operation to control other bias. Whereas the OEM specific remote apps are professional Universal remote apps having utmost of the optimized features in it. principally, OEM stands for “ Original Equipment Manufacturer ” develops those remote operations which can be compatible with thousands of different phones. alsoutmost of the smartphones comepre-installed with these operations so that you wo n’t have to buy them.

Download IR Universal Remote Control Apps OEM Specific