4 Best Free Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives

Seems like Microsoft is taking advantage of the PC users. They know their operating system is installed in most of the computers, so they are delivering products that are not worth paying for. Like the Microsoft SharePoint, this team management program is delivered with an expensive rate and its services are no match to its competitors.

Best Free Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives

So many users have started to shift to other team management software. Some want free Open-Source SharePoint Alternatives. So here, I’ll be discussing 4 of the Best Free Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives. You’ll see that the presented programs have a lot more to offer to their users.

Best Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives

There are several alternatives to SharePoint. But all of them are not worthy enough. So I’m only going to present the ones which I think are helpful and are not developed to pickpockets of their users.

1) Slack

Slack is the most secure & convenient platform for communication purposes. If you don’t know much about it, you can use it to communicate with your office colleagues & all of your conversations are encrypted. So there is no chance a third-party user can access or see what you are doing in it.

Slack - Microsoft SharePoint Alternative

Slack is mostly preferred by official work because it can be used as an instant email alternative. Here, you get to share files with different formats, make video or audio calls and even connect it with some third-party apps. No need to sign out while having a group conversation, because here, you can imply things that are not available in SharePoint.

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2) Confluence

Confluence is sort of an elite version of Trello. This project management software is capable of running with different third-party programs like Trello & JIRA. If you are into coding projects and having conferences where you need to give coding presentations, then Confluence is what you need the most.

Confluence - Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives

This software is capable of providing secure communication services to its users. Not just SharePoint Alternative but it is also known to be a good substitute to Microsoft Azure. However, you can also connect it with Drives & Box. But the reason why I’m recommending you Confluence is its secure environment for online group conversations.

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3) G Suite

If you prefer using technology giants products, then there is no good choice for you, but G Suit. Because it is the official product of Google and here, you can connect this project manager with any Google products & apps. No need to access services of any third-party programs, because everything is available inside G Suite. With it, you can a manager or perform all sorts of business online conferences.

G Suite - Microsoft SharePoint Alternative

To start, all you have to do is sign up. After that, open G Suite any web browser and start using its services. All of the services of this facility works through the cloud, so it works on mostly all major platforms.

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4) Bitrix24

Last but not least, Bitrix24 can be a good alternative to Microsoft SharePoint. To be honest, it is not as highly-featured as compared to SharePoint. But it does a pretty good in providing flexible services as project management software. Because with it, you are allowed to perform all sorts of management tasks online. Like communicating in groups, sending texts, making online calls and so on.

Bitrix24 - Microsoft SharePoint Alternative

Well, Bitrix24 works efficiently on slower networks and it’s lightweight. It has a simple interface that is easy-to-access. Meaning, this software is famous for its simplicity. But the only problem in this facility is that it’s a little expensive as compared to others.

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