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10 Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2019

Youtube is the most known and popular site for video streaming and the dominant platform to watch videos online. You can easily watch any type of video on YouTube and now people have started the business on Youtube as well. There are many people who are immune to use YouTube and we don’t think there is any person who doesn’t know about YouTube or never used this site. There are many people on the internet who are craving for something new and different that they can watch easily. Youtube host billion of videos that people view and comment regularly. With the addition of a huge amount of data regularly, it has a huge fan base that is growing continuously.

But there are many users who are unhappy with the guidelines of this platform that get revised without any notice and some other complaints in a row that are giving a good reason for unhappy users to go for other alternatives that somehow offer the services similar to youtube.

If you are one of those people who is looking to find out a good alternative to youtube then you are at the right place. Below we have prepared a list of 10 Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2019.

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10 Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2019

10 Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2019

Nothing comes in mind other than the youtube when we talk about the online video streaming sites but because of some issues people are looking for other alternatives and here we come to help you people out in finding the best alternative to youtube. We have prepared a list of Best 10 alternatives to youtube 2019 and we hope this article helps you to find the best video streaming site for you that you can use instead of youtube.

1. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a very known youtube alternative site used for video streaming. Its interface shows similarity to youtube and in this platform, you can easily find videos that are trending right on its homepage. You can discover more content as there are various categories to choose from and at the top, there is also a search bar where you can type for the content that you want to watch.

As there are numerous content creators that upload content up to 4GB and in length it is 60 min with 1080p resolution. Per month visitors of Dailymotion is 112 million and it clearly shows that this platform is an amazing gateway to share content with millions of people around the world.

Dailymotion has set a number of rules that people need to follow but the policy of copyright is not as frightening as of Youtube. So here you will notice better performance and more flexibility for content creators and uploaders.

You can also monetize the content through paywall or ads. So, some videos might display ads and some are completely free.

Why Use Dailymotion?

  • It is easy to use as the interface is pretty much same to youtube
  • The content of high quality

If you want to visit Dailymotion, Click Here.

2. Vimeo


Without any doubt, Vimeo is an amazing video hosting site for filmmakers and for artists as well. It encourages professionals in various fields such as dance, music, photography, cinematography, etc. to show their work to the world.

If you want to watch random dog and cat videos then you might need to go for any other option. But if you are more into music clips, short videos, snapshots, etc. then is the best place for you.

Vimeo also imposes some guidelines that all the content uploaders need to follow and you can enjoy the 4k HD visual content along with HBR as it is the platform which hosts content of high quality.

The promising thing about this platform is that it is ad-free- model and supported by donation which is made by various users and paywall for a number of videos.

The upload limit is 500MB per week that can disappoint various content uploaders. So, if you are not happy with this limit then you can also upgrade this 500MB limit and jump to 5GB.

Why Use Vimeo?

  • Neat and clean interface with defined categories to choose from
  • Focused on videos and less distraction in the background for a good viewing experience

If you want to visit Vimeo, Click Here.

3. Metacafe


Metacafe is quite old as compared to other alternatives in the list. It was established in 2003 even before Youtube. This platform primarily focuses on the content of short videos with a focus on a 90-second clip and offers the lighthearted and quick videos to its users.

The interface of Metacafe is quite neat and categorized in the section for better performance and it has approximately 40 million plus viewers. But if you want a platform to find professional videos or videos on complex topic then maybe this is the site not suitable for you. But you can check it out yourself.

But if you looking for a site where you can watch short funny content created and uploaded by regular users then this is the best alternative for you to use.

Why use Metacafe?

  • An amazing site where you can watch short 90 second videos
  • Enjoy guides and funny content

If you want to visit Metacafe, Click Here.

4. Vevo


If you are looking for a youtube alternative that can cater your music needs then this the platform for you as it will definitely deliver you fast, swiftly, and fast. You will enjoy an endless supply of music content here as you can watch music videos of various global artists such as Chainsmokers, J Cole, Drake, etc.

The interface of Vevo is pretty smooth and has all the latest and best collection of music from various popular artists.

Vevo allows you to easily browse for new content through the featured playlist and you can also explore new music by acclaimed artists as well. As it is primarily focused on music content so you might not find other types of video content other than the music.

Why use Vevo?

  • Watch latest tracks and music videos from various artists at one place
  • Simple and easy to use interface

If you want to visit Vevo, Click Here.

5. Twitch


If you want to watch videos on gaming then this is the best alternative for you to consider. The most interesting feature of Twitch is live broadcasting for its users across the world.

This site also focuses on gaming videos and you will not be able to find other types of video content as youtube delivers and this thing might disappoint you. But if you are more into gaming videos then surely this platform will not disappoint you.

Why use Twitch?

  • Impressive platform for gamers
  • A massive amount of game-based content

If you want to visit Twitch, Click Here.

6. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

The name of this platform is not as catchy as others on the list. The Internet Archive is the part of Wayback Machine. It contains the content of that time as well when the content creators and uploaders were very few.

You should not confuse this site as storage platform and If you looking for a site where you can watch video content of documentaries, movies, tv shows, etc.

You will surprise to see the amount of data that it holds. In the year 2012, 10 petabytes (10 Million Gigabytes) were the amount of data that The Internet Archive stored. It also provides users the option to upload the content as well and the web crawlers on this website always make sure that you get new content every time you visit this site. Other than movies this website allows you to download short movies and clips taken from TV shows as well.

Why use The Internet Archive?

  • Huge collection of videos from tv shows to documentaries, movies and other
  • You can easily upload content as well

If you want to visit The Internet Archive, Click Here.

7. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV

If you looking for a video sharing website that can deliver you proper entertainment then 9Gag is the site you need to go for. If you use Twitter or Facebook then you might be familiar with this platform. 9Gag TV offers a huge amount of entertainment content in various forms such as memes, images, and GIFs, etc.

Other than that, it also hosts a huge collection of funny videos, engaging content, movie trailer etc. and that is quite similar to youtube. It has a WOW and WTF section where you can explore new content.

Why use 9Gag TV?

  • A huge supply of entertaining content
  • Looking for pure entertainment? 9Gag is a must go site

If you want to visit 9Gag TV, Click Here.

8. Veoh


Veoh is a similar site as youtube that let you to easily browse the content and personalizes your viewing experience as well.

If you are more into long videos then Veoh is a good option for you to go with as here a user can upload video content of unlimited length. You can easily discover tv shows, movies, and anime to watch.

The interface of Veoh is quite clean and it also has various features of social networking such as you can add a contact, direct message and create groups making Veoh a good alternative to youtube.

Why use Veoh?

  • Watch longer videos and movies
  • Clean user interface with various social networking features

If you want to visit Veoh, Click Here.

9. Flickr


Flickr lets you upload content in videos but the capacity is very limited. A well-established platform with a lot of amazing features but there is always a room for improvement. To upload videos, you need to create your free account first that will be limited to upload videos only with 90 seconds time limit.

If you can ignore this fact then surely this will be a great alternative for you to use instead of youtube.

Why use Flickr?

  • A simple and clean user interface where you can easily search for various content
  • Upload videos easily

If you want to visit Flickr, Click Here.

10. DTube


As cryptocurrency is becoming a very popular term day by day and DTube is primarily based on cryptocurrency. It is a complete decentralized platform that will definitely serve you as an amazing alternative for Youtube.

The interface of DTube is quite similar to youtube. You can browse through trending, hot and watching videos on its homepage. There is also an option that you can use to save videos to watch later. You can also check for the viral content from the trending tag list.

The best thing about DTube is that it is completely free from ads. Steam Blockchain is used by DTube for record keeping. Users do not need to pay to use this amazing video streaming site.

Another amazing thing about DTube is that if you upload the video on this platform, it will reward you with Steem cryptocurrency for about 7 days.

Why use DTube?

  • Easy to use as the interface is similar to youtube
  • Browse required content easily

If you want to visit DTube, Click Here.



It’s true that there is not a single site that can completely replace Youtube but users can use these alternative sites in combination to fulfill their needs as all these alternatives mentioned in this article have something unique to offer. I hope this article helps you to find out the best alternative to youtube for you and if you are looking for video streaming site than the youtube than we have mentioned our recommendation you can choose the website that you think suits you according to your liking and requirement.

If there is any name that you think should be in the list then feel free to mention that in the comments and don’t forget to mention the video streaming site which you are thinking to start using now.

Enjoy video streaming now and wait for our next interesting article.

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