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Best GBA (Game Boy Advance) Games Of All Time

Best GBA Games 2019. Going back to the glorious days when the Game Boy Advance was the king of portable devices. Yes, time is so fleeting. When the Game Boy series debuted in 1989, the idea of a device on which to play full-scale games on the go was revolutionary. Today we have smartphones that fit in one palm and allow you to talk with other people, watch videos, play and view news. But we will never forget the faithful little devices that brightened our childhood, and today we will talk about the games on the Game Boy Advance.

This portable console gave us such great games as Boktai: The Sun Is Your Hand, Advance Wars 2, and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. She had extensive support from independent developers, and some of the popular SNES games were adapted: for example, Rainbow Road.

Top Best GBA Games List:

The library of games has more than 1,000 titles, but we went through this huge list and selected the top 25 games that were released all the time. Therefore, even if you have a phone whose capabilities surpass the GBA, still give this little device some love.

Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand

You can count on your fingers the games that make the most of the portable features of this console. Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand is one of those. She changes all established norms with the ingenuity that Hideo Kojima has always been famous for.

Thanks to the built-in clock and sunlight sensor, the game will offer you tests based on the time of day and the presence or absence of lighting: during the daytime your game arsenal of weapons will be restored, and at night there will be an increase in complexity and the hunt for vampires. Quite a smart move for more immersion in the game, delivering a lot of fun.

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

“Why, well why?”, – you will ask during the next round of the game, similar to the Tiger Woods PGA Tour. “Why does this game contain so many JRPG elements? It seems that the developers do not know why people play golf simulators at all! ”

Fortunately for you, this game was not created for the show. The developers of Mario Golf: Advance Tour, studio Camelot, opted for the golf simulator, but with a slight addition of the RPG component. And fortunately for those who do not understand this genre, the developers have executed the game flawlessly, creating one of the best golf simulators for the GMA platform.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Best GBA Games
Best GBA Games

This product was recently among the free games distributed by Nintendo for 3DS users, and now it is available for purchase in Wii U eShop. It is worth noting that the concept of the game, based on the use of four characters at once, quite strongly influenced its sales.

The game’s developers, Flagship, abandoned the standard concept of an action-platform game in favor of the metro style and large game world. Kirby fans (or just fans of the metro genre and Nintendo products) should definitely play Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Car battler joe

Best GBA Games
Best GBA Games 2019

In a game like Mad Max movies, you never know what you really want. The world lies in ruins, the remnants of civilization are divided into small groups that are in small settlements, and automobile fighters support life in these settlements, driving around the desert in search of scrap metal and participating in deadly contests. The father of the main character is gone, and it is rumored that now he is in the most ruthless gang of auto-fighters.

And now you need to travel from city to city, communicate with local people, take up dirty work, improve your car and scour the area in search of the missing father. This game is an extravagant blend of various genres, but it managed to combine everything together and create a high-quality plot and gameplay out of it.

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Wario Land 4

Best GBA Games
Best GBA Games free

This is the thing that the owners of 3DS and Wii U can enjoy today. Wario Land 4 is a continuation of the series, which began with the spin-off of Mario Land, and turned into an independent work with a mocking garlic-scented plot about saving the princess and finding the treasure.

Developed by the Nintendo R & D1 team and released at a time when software development skills at GBA reached its maximum, this game is a relic of the golden era of side platformers. Thus, the design of this product looks more traditional than other open-world games created for GBA, for examples, such as Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Metroid Fusion. But this does not diminish its merits.

Advance Wars 2

Best GBA Games
Best GBA Games Download

The first part of the game from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems seemed to come from nowhere and became one of the main reasons for buying the Game Boy Advance. When the players broke into the long and legendary Japanese story in Advance Wars, the obvious question was: when do we get something as wonderful as that? The answer was received without much fuss after two years.

Advance Wars 2 does not seek to rewrite its predecessor’s winning formula. But we got, as we wanted, another great version of the game with a large number of characters, more power, more arenas and battles. This product is more than just Advance Wars, and this is great.

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

Best GBA Games
Best GBA Games of all time

The Ogre Battle franchise remains a hidden gem in the West. She never had the same feverish enthusiasm of fans that the Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls series were not deprived of. But for those who are in the know: a series of games from the studio Quest occupies a special place in the history of the genre of tactical-JRPG.

The creation of this game by Yasumi Matsuno, developer of The Knight of Lodis, was inspired by the Balkan conflict of the nineties. It is worth noting that this game is the first tactical RPG in the piggy bank of the above-mentioned developer, which he made immediately after leaving the company.

Dr. Mario & Puzzle League

Best GBA Games Download

Sometimes you stop worrying about intricate bonuses, innovative design levels, and friendly characters. Sometimes you just want something simple, a game that can be played everywhere. And with this well-adapted port of the game Dr. Mario you can do it.

Nintendo guys love to add various add-ons to their games. Here you will play either in some semblance of Tetris, trying to destroy bacteria with the help of multi-colored pills, or in a puzzle, picking up squares by color. The game may not have enough sophistication, but it is ideal to just pass the time.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Top Best GBA Games 2018

New to Harvest Moon? Then here’s what you need to know: this series is much more exciting than you would expect from a game whose main purpose can be described as “JRPG, but without battle and storyline.” Harvest Moon, known for its lack of magical swords and monstrous bosses, may seem boring and meaningless, but don’t judge it only by its cover.

And if you are not new to this series of games, you should already know that they have an amazing amount of both charm and various challenges. The series has been on top since its appearance at SNES, and this adaptation of the original PlayStation game will be a great entry point for beginners, and for fans it will be another favorite game.

Drill Dozer

Best GBA Games

We, of course, love the Pokemon series, but it’s nice to see that the creator of this series, Game Freak Studio, is trying something new in addition to Pokemon collectors. For the studio, the game Drill Dozer turned out to be quite promising thanks to an interesting approach to the standard genre of platformer: in this game, you can drill everything in your path.

The main character, Jill, with her high-tech drill explores many vast levels, and the narrative reminds us of our favorite series of manic anime. Another advantage of the game is the presence of a function that was used in few places – this is the presence of vibration feedback.

Golden Sun / Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Best GBA Games

It may seem that Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are two different games, but they are not. They came out of a single idea – to create a good RPG for the Nintendo 64 console. But after it was decided to transfer the development to GBA, and because of the technical features of the portable console there was no possibility to create a large project, it was decided to divide one game into two parts. It is possible to transfer characters from one game to another and to fully understand the plot you will need to go through all two parts.

Camelot studio has a tendency to create role-playing games about unusual things (hello, Mario Golf), but the Golden Sun game emphasizes their ability to create exciting and twisted classic JRPGs. From the beautiful pixel world to learning new spells – thanks to the unusual setting and expressive characters, the game feels a bit familiar, and at the same time unique. The story of the first part ends right in the middle but continues to evolve just as rapidly in the second chapter.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance

Best GBA Games

Final Fantasy 6 is a work of art that forever changed the way people think about the RPG genre. Her story and characters still fascinate us. FF6 was one of the most powerful games in the SNES era, and discerning GBA owners must buy it to see how it got older, even if it’s not the best version of the series.

Despite the lack of additions in the version for the PlayStation, the port from SNES has some minor modifications: the translation of the storyline has been changed, and bonus dungeons have been added that are not in the original version.

Mega man zero

Best GBA Games To Play

Of the Mega Man series of games, the most popular (at least productive) re-release was the Battle Network game for GBA, but not alone. Taking a darker side than its sister Pokémon franchise, Mega Man Zero talks about a hundred years later after the end of the X-series, in which Zero suffers from amnesia in the post-apocalyptic, robot-filled world.

Despite the fact that the Zero series contains most of the charms of the previous games – large side-scrolling levels, bosses who hide behind retractable doors, etc. – it adds its own innovations: weapons that are improved when used, collectible items, as well as creatures similar to Pokemon, which strengthen the abilities of Zero.

This game was quite challenging even by the standards of the Mega Man games. Despite this, Zero became so popular that three sequels were released for GBA. The very first game deserves special attention, that’s why it is on our list.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Best GBA Games Forever green

In 2001, the name Tony Hawk still had weight in the gaming industry, so the portable adaptation of the THPS2 to GBA was a serious thing. It is still such now: just imagine what work it was worth transferring all the tricks created by 3D modeling to the 2D model of a portable console. However, THPS2 has succeeded brilliantly, and now we can play it on GBA, enjoying the isometric view.

The feeling of gravity, dynamic tricks, the depth of gameplay and even the leveling of the levels – all this was accurately transferred from the original. Of course, we lost tremendous soundtracks, and sometimes it can be difficult to navigate in space and distinguish between concave and convex objects. But the whole gameplay of the original remained with us, and now it is nice to play again at this wonderful port and think about the transience of time.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

best GBA games roms

Under the Super Mario Advance label, Nintendo re-released three other games for GBA: Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island. And despite the fact that all of them are good enough, none of them produced such excitement as the last part of the SMA, which was beautifully reprinted on GBA and is considered the best game about Mario: we are talking about Mario Bros. 3. Many will have enough of its improved graphics and the voice of Charles Martin, but the real possibilities of the game can be unlocked only with GBA and Nintendo e-Reader.

If you combine all the necessary elements together, you will be able to use special cards through the e-Reader to transfer new items, levels, developers, and even game elements from other Mario games to SMA4. With this feature, it is difficult to call this game another remake.

Fire Emblem

best GBA games you never played

Despite the fact that this game has been popular in Japan for more than ten years, it has never hit the western market. When she first appeared on Famicom and Super Famicom, she might have been considered too hardcore for us. But that all changed when the FE star, the character of Marth, appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. After that, many Western players heard about this game and wanted to try it. Therefore, Nintendo made it clear that the next part of the FE will be released for the international market.

Created by Intelligent Systems, this game features a simple top-down map and step-by-step combat. The story focuses on the warring countries in the classic fantasy envelope. The game has a system of the nontransitive principle of the triangle, so you need to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each class, and this will not cause problems. It is worth noting a feature of this game: if you die, then recovery is impossible, so think a hundred times before you commit a rash act.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

best GBA games reddit

It’s hard to imagine a Nintendo without Mario Kart games. Super Circuit became the leader of the genre after its appearance on the GBA. Karting games were unfinished on previous consoles, and the plus to this, this game is Nintendo’s first attempt to transfer the popular game to a small screen. Despite doubts, Super Circuit embodied the classic gameplay, combining innovations with most of the previous achievements, and has become a great game.

Here we will see all the same battles for the first place with shells and banana peel, which were in previous versions. Twenty new tracks have appeared in the game, but the old ones have not disappeared anywhere, which is why the word Super flaunts the title. And in spite of the fact that pretender graphics could not withstand too high speed, the races look as exciting as before.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

best GBA RPGs

Many of us would definitely be happy if it were a regular portable analog of the original game, but Square Enix would not stop there. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance gives us a “never-ending” story about a group of children from the real world who magically ended up in the Ivalis lands and now have to fight to get home.

This game is not just a new story with more green grass. She expanded the original version, increasing the character’s profession from 20 to 30 units, and also added judges who appear before each battle to introduce various ridiculous rules that prevent you from applying one strategy for too long. Instead of relying on the patronage of the original version, this game stood out with its own interesting features and quickly became a must-have for any GBA strategy fan.

Astro Boy: The Omega Factor

best GBA games for phone

We have loved this game before, but it will not be superfluous to repeat that Astro Boy: The Omega Factor is great. The product of the joint venture between Treasure and Hitmaker is notable for its amusing, deep plot and, most importantly, it is much better than any game based on animated films and deserves the right to be on this list.

The main character of the game is Astro Boy – a robot, which has various superpowers. The plot itself is based on the works of legendary author Osamu Tezuka. The gameplay is as good as the story itself, and invites us to try several genres at once: there will be an ordinary platformer, and shoot ’em up, and even space battles in a classic scrolling shooter. Considering the fact that, for the most part, mediocre products of this genre came out on GBA, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best games.

WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgame

GBA games download

If we were told after the launch of the GBA that one of the most stable and popular franchises for it would be in the form of a series of collections of mini-games led by Wario, then we would most likely be afraid of the advent of the future. However, if you played WarioWare, you already know how infinitely cheerful this game can be, which contains a lot of mini-games in which you only have three seconds to complete the task.

The test begins with the selection of one of the games, after completing the task in which you move to the next game in turn. Although for those who have never played WarioWare, the game may seem primitive, the concept of this genre turned out to be very original. Each mini-game is built around a character or plays a certain plot (albeit very small). Meanwhile, the mini-games themselves are very diverse and numerous, and also quite strange: they will sit in the heads of the players for a long time.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Top Best GBA Games Rom’s

Before the advent of GBA, Mario had a proven track record with affordable and well-executed RPG games in the Paper Mario and Super Mario series. But when Alpha Dream focused on creating the first portable Mario RPG, it retained the main gameplay but added completely new elements that made the game unique. This X-factor was Luigi. The interaction between the brothers is fantastic, whether it is a combination of Mario’s courage and Luigi’s cowardice, or alternately using their special abilities in battle.

Both characters are just as supple as a chewing gum: Luigi squeezes Mario to half his size, or Mario somehow turns his brother into a surfboard. The name of the game just tells us that these guys will work together. In addition, this fun was reinforced by funny phrases that always made the game fun, as well as the presence of fan service. And do not even force us to talk about the main antagonist of the series, the villain Foul. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga deserves a place on our list as one of the most original games that the Game Boy Advance has just seen.

Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald

best GBA games pokemon

Many fans initially complained about the incompatibility of Ruby and Sapphire with Pokemon Gold / Silver, and for good reason – today they are the only sequels in the main Pokemon series that do not allow you to import your favorite Pokémon from the previous generation. However, this pedigree gap allowed Game Freak to make massive additions and improvements to the game mechanics, and with time this turned out to be a compromise that was worth it.

Ruby and Sapphire presented more new features than any other Pokemon game before them, and they are still built into the series. As an example, such functions as new abilities, entities, double battles and the improvement of IV and EV systems can be cited. Despite the fact that in the old days you could not transfer your beloved Gyrados to the new game, you should thank the developers for Ruby and Sapphire, thanks to whom we can enjoy new parts of this franchise today.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Best GBC Games

Castlevania experienced something of a renaissance, hitting the GBA, which quickly became the perfect platform for a series of these games. Circle of The Moon was an amazing starting game, and Harmony of Dissonance had nice visual effects, but the Castlevania series only came out on top after the release of Aria of Sorrow. In it, we fall into the year 2035 and take control of a new character, whose name is Soma Cruise. By the end of the game, it turns out that in fact, he was the reincarnation of the long-time villain of the series, Dracula.

As, in fact, a transformed Dracula, Soma presented a unique approach to action, as he acquired new abilities and attacks, absorbing the souls of defeated enemies. He was also capable of such actions that were impossible for other GBA heroes, such as the ability to fly, summon monsters, and use firearms. In fact, everything in Aria of Sorrow has been improved compared to previous games; the graphics look better, the characters become more interesting, and the game itself has become more diverse. All this makes it one of the cult GBA games.

Metroid Fusion

Free Download GBA Games

As impressive as Metroid: Zero Mission, it would not exist if it were not for the success of Fusion. And although the second game came out earlier, it was, perhaps, even better than its continuation. In chronological order, the last game in the series, she gave Metroid a bit more personality than the rest, adding a minor character — an on-board computer with Adam’s personality inside — and a more consistent story in which Samus becomes infected with a virus called X-parasite and almost dies.

Samus has found a new look for his further adventures. Earlier in history, the X-parasite virus forces doctor to combine Samus DNA with the cell culture of the last Metroid representative. This gave her the ability to absorb parasites after the destruction of the bodies of the owners, which in turn is the key to the acquisition of new abilities. This is quite a traditional twist on the series, but it was fun to play this game. And it helped make Fusion one of the greatest revivals of classic games that the GBA platform has ever seen.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Best GBA Games 2019 List

The Minish Cap is one of the most, if not the most, undervalued games in the entire Zelda series. Although this title is one of the few developed by Capcom, and not Nintendo itself, it definitely suits the title of the best game of the series, because this game has hit the mark, presenting the perfect balance of old and new. The Minish Cap is both a favorite game from the Zelda series and a unique, different product.

The overall structure of the game is miraculously reminiscent of A Link to the Past (which in itself should speak volumes), while Link’s ability to shrink and explore the tiny world of Pickory seems completely new. The grumpy Ezlo — the talking hat that Link saved in the Ministry Forest — is one of the protagonist’s most attractive companions. To this day, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap remains the best portable adventure game.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Best GBA Farm Games

To put it mildly, a farm simulator, but this is only at first glance. Looking closer at this game, besides the wonderfully executed farm, is also an interesting plot with quite lively acting characters. Graphics 10, gameplay 10, sound 10. 10 \ 10 Inspiring first of all with this particular game, Stardew Walley was created, which not so long ago won our hearts and minds.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Best GBA Games 2019 List

One of the few GBA games that have achieved no less success than its cross-platform incarnations. As in other games of the series, there are many characters from the Disney universe and not only. The unusual combat system, an excellent mysterious plot, music, and graphics at a height. I advise all fans of such games. 10 \ 10

Sonic Advance 2

Best GBA Games 2019 List

I am not a big fan of games about the blue hedgehog, because as usual, games about Sonic play themselves and practically do not require any serious efforts from you. But in Sonic Advance 2 it’s still a game from a portable console and here the criteria are a bit different. SA2 is played as nicely as in Sega gen, form,e it’s even nicer. New gaming solutions, a variety of characters, pleasant dynamics, music, and graphics put Sonic Advance 2 on a par with much more (in my opinion) cool GBA games.

Spider man mysterious menace

Top Best GBA Games 2019 List

As is the case with the Ebony, I am not a big fan, both of the bitmaps and the Spiderman in general. But the spiderman mysterious menace exceeded all my expectations. Excellent and smooth picture, vigorous dynamics of the game, incredibly high-quality spider web, battle, music and game content. The various tasks that confront you throughout the game create the very feeling of a superhero, when you can do anything, just to cope with control. Which by the way is simply INCREDIBLY responsive and smooth? Filling the game with all sorts of secrets makes it almost one of the best games of this genre. Never before have I sweated so hard trying to get one or the other pauerap. I recommend playing on Hardy. 11 \ 10!

Sigma Star Saga

Best GBA Games for Free

One of the few games of this genre. I honestly don’t really like the genre of side shooters, but if you cross it with RPG in the space setting, you’ll have the strongest cocktail that can push away at first, but give it at least an hour and you will be completely in his power. An interesting plot, live characters, the variable system of improvements, and in general an unusual experience, simply oblige to get acquainted with the game closer.

Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring

Best GBA Games 2019

I am a big LOTR fan and was pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness that was given to the embodiment of the original plot in the game. Of course to the full RPG Lord of the Ring – The Fellowship of the Ring is far away, but as an adventure game with RPG elements, it is 100% complete. Delightful music and graphics, an interesting combat system make for thorough research, perfectly transferred original locations from LOTR to the game.