9 Best News Apps For Android Smartphones 2019

You will notice plenty of news app in the Google Play Store that provides information to stay informed about all the latest news and updates. Now, tabloids, Newsletters, and broadcasts are old things. As in this advanced era, news outlets don’t rely on advertisers to deliver their content.

According to the recent estimated of developed countries, 60% of the population use these kinds of apps to get updated about the latest news but most of them are mainly concerned about the fake news on the internet most particularly on social media. Now the news creation and distribution are completely changed because of the internet.

So, the main reason for people heading towards the most reliable and convenient way to get updated is through the apps. As these apps will save a lot of your time by sourcing and will also keep you updated with the help of simple and easy steps.

We have carefully picked up the best News Apps for Android to stay up to date with the latest happenings around you in different areas such as entertainment, education, agriculture, and much more. These apps work as a content aggregator that you can use to stream the news headlines from all around the world and some apps specifically serve you according to the location as well.

News apps successfully replace the newsletters, tv and radio broadcasting as these are now considered as an old fashion thing. You need to keep the thing in mind as well that are many apps available that spreads false and fake news so we tried our best to mention the most trusted and reliable news apps that will deliver you the unbiased news that you can use for daily basis.

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9 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones 2019

9 Best News Apps For Android Smartphones 2019

Google News

As we all know Google is the most visited and popular search engine with various services and resources and Google News is it’s most popular service and previously known as the Play Newsstand. It is an amazing News App that can update you with the latest news. To aggregate all the news in a single place it uses the techniques of AI. It also includes blogs, tabloids, online publishing and delivers the same through the app as well. This app will help you to find out the best latest news and headlines and for that, there is a You Tab.

It also personalizes the news list and that is mostly based on your activity on different platforms that are owned by Google and clearly means you will be served with the information that you show interest in. but sometimes it can be very hard by following some news sources for delivering the latest news as it is totally opposite to the intuitive approach that Google follows. This app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.magazines&hl=en]

Opera News App

This app is commonly known because of its web browser. Opera News App a news aggregator app that delivers information regarding latest articles around the world. There are many countries in which this app has become at the top in news app list for smartphones and the reason behind this is the quality of the news that it delivers, notifications for the latest and trending news, and news update frequency.

In 2018, opera introduced the mode for offline reading where you can save the articles to read later in your free time. It also has the feature of data saving to reduce memory, amount of data, and other resources while reading through this app. New features are added with every new update. News are categorized in a different section for easy access. You can arrange country-specific news and for that, you just need to select the country from the list of countries.

[appbox googleplay com.opera.app.news]

Microsoft News

An amazing news app also knows as MSN news, Microsoft news provides you with the latest news. It arranges the news in different categories such as entertainment, sports, politics, crime etc.

You will surely have a good experience with this app because of its pleasant design and easy navigation. Similar to Google news, this app will also provide you the same personalized news experience which will be based on you interest and you can also search queries as well once you signed in with you Microsoft account. you can also select news edition across various countries in the Settings of the app.

There is one more interesting in this app and that is Night mode which will help you out to read news and articles in the night to limit the eye strain. Other than the amazing features there is one drawback that might turn down some users and that is the ads which are sometimes quite difficult to differentiate from main news articles.

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.amp.apps.bingnews]


Flipboard is having the best user-friendly design as compared to others in the list. It carries a very elegant and eye catchy magazine like interface. It has a layout of print style page that is making navigation quite easy. This app on your smartphone will surely give you the feel of a classic newspaper because of the design that it has.

Flipboard will give you similar stories and news to what you often read. It allows you to add an article in its customize magazine that you can save to read later. You can also follow the activity of your friends as well along with other interesting features such as See less new stories like this, Mute Site etc.

The major drawback of Flipboard is removing the similar stories in news feed. It is available for both platforms iOS and Android.

[appbox googleplay flipboard.app]

BBC News

There is no introduction needed for BBC News because of its immense popularity and being the oldest online news media. It is based in the UK and because of the BBC news channel’s reputation, this app is rated high in Google Play Store as well.

BBC News provides various layouts for news feed and shows the recent reports and news across different countries with just a single click. The section of news feed extends to live streaming of news channels within the app. It allows you to adjust the notifications and background synchronization as well. it is one of those apps that give you full control over the app’s data. You can also turn off the shared stats if you are not interested to see the personalized results.

[appbox googleplay bbc.mobile.news.ww]

AOL — News, Mail & Video

A reputable news aggregator that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. AOL stands for American Online and it is quite unique in presenting the news. There are a number of tabs for different sections such as for email, videos etc.

It has its own search engine and that is powered by Bing. With the help of this app, you can get the updates on a daily basis that will be synchronized across iOS and web as well.

[appbox googleplay com.aol.mobile.aolapp]


If you are more interested in international and US news then this the best option for you to go with. Reddit serves as a news aggregator, social media, message boards resulting in an app created for multiple purposes. You can subscribe to Reddit for specific topics and search for content based on time, popularity etc.

It also boosts the community which is most engage and offers chat option as well. it offers the best internet in a single place. You can easily read fun stories, breaking news, videos, memes etc. it is available for both Android iOS platform.

[appbox googleplay com.reddit.frontpage]

Smart News App

Smart News App is a very smart news app as the name says. It creates groups of millions of articles every second after analyzing under each specific topic. You can easily change in the settings of the app such as you set up the delivery time if you prefer getting regular updates.

There is a new feature named Smart News Mode that displays the article with minimum graphics that results in saving the data. It will surely give a very smooth experience even if the network is slow.

[appbox googleplay jp.gocro.smartnews.android]


Another news app making to the top list is Feedly. It the RSS news feed on various online sources and delivers the information in one place. You can easily make customization to which feed source you want to see and then you will get updates of posts from those sources immediately when the content is published on website or blog.

But you need to be sure first which source to take because sometimes you can news which might not suitable for you. It will show you content according to your demand in specific areas of your interest such as feeds on cosmetic, technology, football etc.

[appbox googleplay com.devhd.feedly]

Final Words

That was the list of 9 Best News Apps that I am sure will help you out to pick the one that best suits you to get latest updates and news around you. Each app in the list has something unique to offer. And lastly, share your thoughts about these news apps in the comment section as well.

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