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5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Time has changed now with new advancement in technology that is good enough to transform large devices into small and compact ones. Now, those days are gone when people have no other option than to use the dedicated cameras for the purpose of capturing beautiful moments of their life. If you think that only dedicated cameras like Camcorders and DSLR have the ability to record a slow-motion video then you are completely wrong and you need to think about it again.

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5 Best Slow-Motion Video Apps for Android

Slow-Motion Video Apps

Slow motion videos are fun to record and now you might notice that the latest devices are providing this feature as well. If you take into account iPhone and Nexus 5x, these devices have an inbuilt feature to record video in slow motion which is quite fun to record and watch. Recording videos in slow motion are the latest and most promising feature of the latest smartphones.

Not only slow motion looks cool but apart from that this ability also provides you an additional layer of creativity. The effects of slow motion in videos provides a completely different viewing experience and after creating the videos these videos are extremely fun to watch as well.

To make it easier for people to record slow-motion videos. There are plenty of slow-motion video editor apps were introduced and still, new apps are coming that people can use in a more fun and exciting manner to record their favorite moments in a slow-motion style.

According to some recent reports, Samsung and Sony have introduced slow-motion video recording on their flagships at an unprecedented 960fps (frames per second). This attempt captures the attention of people and there are many who want to enjoy that feature on their smartphones as well. But it does not mean you must have an iPhone or a high budget Android smartphone to use this feature. You can also record slow-motion videos on your low budget Android smartphone as well. How? Let me tell you. There are plenty of video editor apps available in the Google Play Store that you can easily download and use to create your own slow-motion videos for enjoying a completely different viewing experience.

These apps are enough for you to record your dance moves, weird expressions, cool stunts, pranks and anything that you want to record. Two things are important to note here; first is Creativity as these apps can help you to become a more creative person and the features can help you to bring new and unique ideas as well. The second thing is timing which play a vital role in creating slow-motion videos so lets just cut it here and head towards the list of 5 Best Slow-Motion Video Apps for Android and you can play around these apps before you are sure enough to go for the one app that will be good enough for all of your requirements that you are looking for creating your slow-motion videos.

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How slow-motion video works?

To record slow-motion videos, you need to keep this thing mind that recording these videos are directly linked to the hardware capability of the camera lens that you are using.

Most high-end smartphones that feature slow-motion video recording has an advanced sensor uses to capture 60 FPS or even 120 FPSs means it captures 60 pictures or 120 pictures in one second. The more the FPS, the easier it is for the software to create something even slower.

However, most low budget Android smartphone has the ability to record at 30 FPS only. Therefore, you may opt to a third-party camera app to get the slow-motion effect that you actually are looking for. Stretching the single frame is the way through the slow-motion technique works. Although, it’s important to understand that the no slow-motion video app allows you to record video at 60 FPS on a smartphone that is having the ability to supports 30 FPS. For that, you might need dedicated hardware. That being said, below you can find some of the best slow-motion video apps that you can try.

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1. Videoshop – Video Editor

video shop

Videoshop – Video Editor is one of the best apps that you use to create cool slow-motion videos on your Android smartphone.

The app has a huge number of interesting video editing features such as trimming video, merging videos, reversing the video, adding music, adjusting the display (Contrast, Saturation, Brightness), adding filters, creating animated titles, applying sound effects like animal noise, laughter, etc. and much more.

The most promising thing about this app is that like most of the other advanced video editing applications, Videoshop – Video Editor also lets you edit a part of a video where particularly you want to apply effects.

Now how to use the app, you just to select a part of the video and on the speed button and with the help of slider adjust the speed of your clip. Once you are satisfied with the speed then click on done button and wait for a few seconds then you are good to go with.

The app is great as it provides you a lot of interesting features but still don’t go mad and avoid applying numerous effects on videos as it might affect the processing of your phone. Remember your phone is not a beast computer. So be simple and short with the editing of your videos.

Features of Videoshop – Video Editor:

  • Trim, add music and sound effects.
  • Slow motion: Adjust video speed to fast or slow.
  • Add animated titles
  • Record your own voiceover for the video
  • 4 transitions to choose from
  • Stop motion recording
  • Share videos on your favorite social media channels and much more!

Download Videoshop – Video Editor from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.videoshop.app&hl=en_IN]

2. Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is yet another great application for playing videos that will allow you to play your videos in slow motion. The app has a very simple and easy to use user interface. You will notice a “+” Plus button and a “-” sign that permits you easily check and control the speed of your videos.

Generally, the application does a good job of playing videos, but for your information, you should know that it’s just a video player. You can’t really make slow-motion videos, which means you can only watch videos in slow motion, you can’t save them with slow motion.

It’s a very simple application that serves people who just want to watch a clip in slow motion and don’t want to save it or save it. Which simply means that if you are obsessed with the storage phone and still want to watch these videos, you should definitely try this. It’s a very simple and easy to use the app for someone who wants to watch content in slow motion style.

Feature of Slow Motion Frame Video Player:

  • Play HD/SD videos
  • Control video frame rate.
  • Control audio pitch.
  • Apply color filter for B/W effect
  • Share your videos

Download Slow Motion Frame Video Player from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.proframeapps.videoframeplayer&hl=en_IN]

3. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is a fun Android app that lets you play with a line to change speed. This application is super fantastic, I say this because this application has some great features. And, unlike the previous application, you can make videos in slow motion as well. What it simply means is a complete video editor, it’s not just a player.

This application allows you to choose an existing file or record one, and then simply apply the effect and you’ll be ready to show those shots to everyone.

I recommend this application to everyone since this is surprising and easy to use the application if you also have a question about “How to create slow motion videos with this application?” It’s amazing in your brain, so you can simply learn it from the application

This app is different from any other application because it is fun to make slow motion videos on this.

And if you want to go further in this application to get more advanced features, then you can get a Pro version available as a purchase from the application.

Features of Slow Motion Video FX:

  • Add filters to your videos
  • You can also process your videos in HD
  • Add music to your videos
  • Watch examples for inspiration

Download Slow Motion Video FX from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.mobile.bizo.slowmotion&hl=en_IN]

4. Video Slow Revere Player

video slow reverse player

Another interesting app that is built specifically for the purpose of making slow motion videos. Video Slow Revere Player does not have any extra fancy features that are is the factor behind the simplicity of this app. So, the app is simple to use like the Slow-Motion Video FX which is mentioned above.

The app has user-friendly UI with easy to use controls that anyone can easily use to make slow motion videos. You will notice a positive “+” and a negative “- “button that you have to use to control the playback speed of videos. The speed of the video is increases or decreases by 0.25X by every single tap on one of those buttons.

As the name contains the word “Reverse”, this app also has the capability to reverse playing a video which is a very unique feature and can be used to make more amazing shots.

Using both the features gives a fun experience and you can help you to become more creative with your clips.

Like other apps, this also contains an in-app purchase.

Features of Video Slow Revere Player:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Slow, fast and reverse motion
  • The app supports all Video Formats
  • Slow down video playback
  • Speed up video playback
  • Zoom and drag video in real time
  • Control video playback speed
  • Easy to use controls

Download Video Slow Revere Player from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay net.mnsquare.slowpro&hl=en]

5. Hudl Technique


If you are more interested in sports and wants to learn techniques and mistakes of their favorite athletes by watching their videos then definitely Hudl Technique is the best option for you because this app allows you to make slow motion videos and other than that you can also add notes on the video by either writing or even drawing.

This app helps you to watch the video in slow motion so in that case, you can analyze the mistakes or skills of athletes.

This app is quite useful to a lot of sports teacher/ coaches who can train their student by pointing out their mistakes.

This app is very versatile and can help you to learn a lot of new things. You can also compare techniques side by side which is one of the best features of this app.

So, keep in mind that, Hudl Technique is an app that focuses on sports fans and athletes. The app lets you watch videos in slow motion as this is a great technique that will help you analyze the skills or mistakes of an athlete as discussed above.

The app is good for someone who is really interested to learn sports and wants to share sports videos as well. If you fit the description then you just need to download the Hudl Technique app so you can share videos with slow-motion effects and explanation of the tricks used or mistakes created by your favorite athletes.

Features of Hudl Technique:

  • Watch all your team’s game, practice, and even opponent scout video
  • Analyze full breakdown data
  • Create and view Exchanges
  • Upload videos to Hudl.com
  • Track your athlete’s activity by viewing the full Playbook

Download Hudl Technique from the Google Play Store:

[appbox googleplay com.hudl.hudroid&hl=en_IN]

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Wrapping up

So that was the list guys. I hope the article helps you to find the best app among the list to help you record your slow-motion videos the way you want. All apps provide something unique and now it depends on you and your requirements that are the important factor here to choose the one that is best. But one thing is sure that all of the above-mentioned apps lets you create and apply slow motion effect into your videos.

Try all these apps and find out the one which best suits you according to your requirements and taste. Till then enjoy making an amazing slow-motion video that you and other people love to see and we will be back with another interesting topic to share with you.

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