Top 5 Best Video Editing App for Android

Best 5 Video Editing App for Android

Video Editing App– There are numerous videotape editing software for PC but videotape editing apps for android also stand out. Listed operations are stoner-friendly and are easy to understand. These are the stylish free videotape editing software for Android and are easy to install and learn. Some of these operations are accessible to use and have a lot of features

druggies can arrange the videotape according to the demand and can link these apps with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. videotape Editing App can be directly participated on these apps without demanding to save and open social apps to upload these vids. Some of these operations are also good for vlogs.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android (2022):

Then are the stylish free videotape editing apps for android. These operations are available free( some with in- app purchases) on Google playstore.

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

1. Video Editing App Adobe Premiere Clip

Video Editing App Adobe premiere clip is an operation released by Adobe Softwares. druggies can edit their vids directly from there smartphones. The app is delightful to use and easy to understand. The editor can use multiple functions like trouncing, adding pollutants, adding music and removing & adding transitions.

The is available on android and is free to use. The main thing about the app is despite being free the app doesn’t show any advertisements. Edited vids can directly be participated on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.

Extra Features Include:

  • Cloud sharing
  • automatically merging images to create videos

2. Powerdirector Video app

2. Video Editing App Powerdirector Video

Video Editing App Powerdirector app was developed by Cyberlink. The app can be used to edit timeline vids. Functions like rear effect, slow- stir are also present in the app. The app is a little bit delicate to use but formerly learned the vids can be edited to perfection. The app also comes with tutorial vids about how to use and edit vids.

operation is available on android and can be download without demanding to pay anything. the free operation can produce vids but buying the full app can open other features, for illustration, removing the watermark, advertisements-free and making vids in 4k resolution

Extra Features Include:

  • Pic & Video Collage Maker
  • Edit background & Add Effects
  • Chrome Compatible

3. VivaVideo

3. Video Editing App VivaVideo

Video Editing App Vivavideo is the videotape editing app which includes functions like edit videotape with music, edit vids with transitions, add videotape to videotape, combine vids clip, add music to videotape, add music to textbook, make the videotape longer. The app was awarded by top videotape bloggers

The app is designed to help the stoner to produce vids directly from the phone. druggies can elect a variety of goods. The app also has a slow- stir maker and slideshow maker.

Extra Features Include:

  • Video Joiner App
  • Blur Video Editor

4. Movie Maker(Alive) for Youtube and Instagram

4. Video Editing App Movie Maker(Alive)

Video Editing App Movie Maker this app is another videotape editing software. It includes the videotape editing tools which are easy to handle. The app can be used to make vids specifically for Instagram which has a rate of16.9. You can use this app to record and partake your diurnal life events

Overall the app is good for making short vids but if you aren’t a addict of a lot of advertisements, this app isn’t for you

Extra Features Include:

  • Motion tracking
  • Cinematic effects

5. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

5. Video Editing App Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Video Editing App Magisto videotape editor & Maker is an app developed by Magisto by Vimeo can be used to produce outstanding vids in no time. These edited vids are ready to partake on social media apps.

druggies can produce align images to produce awful vids. One eye- catching thing about this editor is its AI( artificial intelligence) point which senses the images and creates amazing vids. druggies can also add music to the background of the videotape. Video Editing App magisto app is free on google play with some in- app purchases.

Extra Features Include:

  •  Logo & text addition
  • Commercial music library


There are numerous other apps for editing vids on android platform. These apps are available on google play. According to me, These are some of the stylish apps for editing. These apps are easy to use and can make you an expert in videotape timber.