Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android [2020]

Voice recording apps are incredible for recording addresses, gatherings, open occasions, arbitrary musings and thoughts, and they are additionally extraordinary to record yourself rest talk non-sense in the dead of night. Simply don’t impart the last one to your companions.

Most Android smartphones accompany in-assembled voice recorders, while those are great, they need includes in any event, for infrequent users. We should look at probably the best Voice Recorder Apps for Android.

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

There are many voice recording apps for Android accessible on the Play Store which makes it difficult to pick the correct one. Everything comes down to what you are using it for and the highlights that you can’t manage without. As of late, I needed to give careful consideration of thoughts, and since it sets aside more effort to articulate musings, it made me search for voice recorder apps.

Simple Voice Recorder

Simple Voice Recorder enables you to effortlessly record sound anyplace, whenever. The app offers the capacity to record sound out of sight in any event, when the screen is off.

It bolsters various file designs including the space-sparing AMR and the excellent PCM. It additionally bolsters well-known organizations like MP3 and WAV. It accompanies useful gadgets and alternate ways that will enable you to start recording immediately, it additionally has support for Android Wear which is cool.

It accompanies an enchantment wand that will enable you to build volume and expel very parts with dead space. Spares times during playback. You can likewise diminish reverberation or foundation clamor.

There is a Pro Version ($3.99) that will enable you to transfer all chronicles consequently to Google Drive or Dropbox, yet you can do it physically too. Backing for Bluetooth microphone and Tasker app.

Simple Voice Recorder is an incredible chronicle app that does all that you would anticipate from a voice recorder.

[appbox googleplay com.coffeebeanventures.easyvoicerecorder]

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder (such a nonexclusive name) gets things where Easy Voice Recorder left. It offers everything that the previous offered however includes some more highlights.

Now, you can likewise spare your sound chronicles in the MP3 group which offers high sound quality. It accompanies a microphone instrument that will enable you to change the affectability of the recorder.

Where it truly sparkles is the altering office. Voice Recorder will enable you to alter your voice accounts. You can cut, trim, copy/glue, and expel parts that you don’t care for, directly inside the app. This is useful when you need to evacuate parts that are exhausting and useless. The app will likewise enable you to tune in to the last form before sparing it.

On the drawback, there is no auto-transfer work for distributed storage, yet you can generally transfer physically. It doesn’t support PMR yet supports WAV. The app is allowed to use and is promotion bolstered.

Voice Recorder offers everything that you may require out of your sound recorder aside from certain highlights that can be dealt with physically. The capacity to alter voice chronicles can be helpful in a few circumstances.

[appbox googleplay]


Parrot is presumably the most beautiful just as the most element rich sound recorder on the rundown. The UI is satisfying and makes using the app that much fun.

The free form will enable you to use the speaker, mic or Bluetooth mic for recording. You can see schedule style symbols on the chronicles to help identify the date you recorded the talk or meeting. It bolsters Android Wear.

You can expel reverberation and foundation clamor, and furthermore control gain where you need more power. Supports different account positions like recently referenced apps. The can be set to stop and start naturally dependent on the sound limit to skip quiet parts during the account time frame.

It accompanies some playback alternatives like volume support, bass lift, and preset reverb. The last one is for tuning in to chronicles as though you were sitting in a little room or an enormous corridor. There is cloud adjust and support for Google Drive and Dropbox.

The Pro version will likewise enable you to record phone calls, both approaching and active. You can set it to programmed or manual. You can set calendars to record sound setting the date, time, and even length ahead of time. So the chronicle will start with each talk, meeting that you know you will go to later on. Regardless of whether you do forget about it.

The free version is advertisement upheld while the paid adaptation will hinder you by $19.99 consistently.

Parrot was worked for advanced users like instructors, legal counselors, representatives who always go to gatherings, etc. It is simple and amusing to use and once you use it, you won’t use some other app.

[appbox googleplay com.SearingMedia.Parrot]


Cogi, a fascinating name, made the rundown because it offers a beautiful UI, yet in addition an element that no other app gives. The developers needed to increase the experience by enabling users to take better notes.

So as to accomplish that, they added usefulness to take pictures and spare it with your sound accounts. It bodes well.

[appbox googleplay]


We as a whole have voice recorders on our smartphone yet catching unconstrained minutes like a youngster’s first words are difficult to catch. It isn’t possible to leave the recorder out of sight and that is the place Rewind comes in. Rewind is a keen voice recorder app intended to catch unconstrained minutes. It runs quietly out of sight and records everything that happens in your environment.

It doesn’t top off your memory however as it disposes of the considerable number of accounts after an edge and keeps the most recent chronicle. For instance, you can set the app to record 30-minute clasps and the app would keep the most recent 30 minutes of the sound chronicles.

To set aside on space you can pick an mp3 rather than wav file design. The app likewise has several highlights which you can empower to set a custom trigger for recording like shake to record.

Despite the fact that the app doesn’t consume the memory of your smartphone, it would devour significant assets while running out of sight. This would prove to be useful for meetings to generate new ideas, reconnaissance, and recording notes and updates. The app is free and doesn’t have any advertisements.

Rewind is an incredible app to have as a reinforcement instrument for your discussions, you wouldn’t need to stress over overlooking anything as it will be spared naturally to the phone.

[appbox googleplay]