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9 Best Web Browsers For Windows PC [ 2019 ]

People mostly spend their time on the internet nowadays, and a web browser is an amazing tool that you can find in the PC to give you unlimited freedom to the World Wide Web. But, are you sure that you are using the right web browser to fulfill your requirements?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge are probably the best browsers in the market right now. All the internet browsers have one thing in common and that is they consume a lot of your system resources especially Chrome. The browser that you are using might be not the best and it is very difficult to come out from the comfort zone and you are used to it without even realizing that there are some better alternatives available that you can consider for making your life much easier.

If we take into account the performance, privacy and speed then it may be possible that the browser you are using has a better alternative that you can consider. In that case, we have compiled a list of 9 best web browser of 2019 that includes the biggest along with some new browser that you might have no similarity with. We hope that this article helps you to get the entire feature list that you are looking for.

9 Best Web Browsers for Windows PC [ 2019]

9 Best Web Browsers for Windows PC [ 2019]

Below you can find the best browsers, their pros, and cons to help you out in choosing the one that best suits your requirements. So, keep reading the article until the end.

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1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS

Google Chrome is the fastest browser that suits best if you’re living within the Google environment. As the time is passing, the users are heading towards chrome and thanks to its simple and easy style with an Omni bar with space for links, bookmarker, and extension, is concealment its high-performance ability together with the open acceptance of complete google service.

Besides the important functions like themes, extensions, bookmarks, concealed mode, and the important thing that chrome offers to its user is maintaining totally different profiles within the same browser. You can easily create different profiles within the chrome and use them for several purposes.

Another important feature that enables the user to figure with flexibility is its support that it provides in multiple devices at the same time. Using same google account, you’ll be able to use different devices and access all of your browsing history, open tabs, bookmarks, watchword management, and Google services without any problem.

The latest release of chrome71 has another feature of an adblocker, that could be a handy tool in removing annoying ads throughout continuous browsing. A built-in PDF viewer, Task manager, Translation facility, ability to cast to TV are some of the fantastic features that make Chrome the most effective web browser.

Chrome supports password-free logins through WebAuthn, either to remove traditional passwords completely or work as a form of two-factor authentication. It also provides more features for web app developers and it includes more consistent experience across various VR headset, and it has the ability to use input sensors such as the ambient light sensor and accelerometer of your device.

Chrome is making more moves towards the security and it is pushing the HTTPs very hard. The future version of Chrome will definitely make it clearer when are not using the HTTPs encryption and that aims to standard throughout the web.


  • Amazing cross-device support
  • A huge number of extensions
  • Multiple profile management


  • A lot of RAM usage
  • Lesser privacy

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2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, BSD (Unofficial Port)

Since a couple of years, this open source web browser had received plenty of defection from the users because of its lagging speed. However, since Firefox64 was got released, this browser has received a propelled air. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser available nowadays because of its amazing privacy policies.

Firefox includes a category of tech geek fan base preferring security, apart from anything else, at the side of flexibility. It had been helpful because of the best browser for windows 7. Its an open source platform that offers the user the flexibleness they need and also the extensions support in line with the appropriateness.

The Firefox Quantum that is newly released with a whole overhaul of the codes is currently ready to provide competition to Chrome additionally. But side by side, its economical use of Ram is additionally in our own way, which may make it the most effective browser.

If we talk about privacy, Firefox never fails to score some serious points. Mozilla doesn’t have interest in browser data since this is a non-profitable organization that means it does not have the impetus to sell your data as of some other browser developers. The recent update in the password-free login facility, task manager, browsing in virtual reality or automatic ad block can inevitably force you to think about a browser switch.


  • Rapid performance
  • Easy to access to tools for security
  • Cryptomining blocking


  • Incompatible extensions in Quantum
  • Difficult to find Bookmarks in a natural way

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3. Opera


Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, Basic Phones

Another application that uses the same user interface like google chrome and might be the best web browser in 2019. If you love to use chrome then this browser wouldn’t offer you an away feeling. In spite of it’s all the means facility the browser remains underrated for a long period of time. Whereas this is often the most effective browser for low bandwidth users.

The similarity of its underlying technology of JavaScript V8 engine permits Opera to use the bulk of the chrome extensions. Even you may realize an extension of opera, that facilitates the installation of the chrome engine. Another important and convenient functionality of Opera is its sidebar.

You can use this sidebar as your working partner by integrating your most used tools with it. You can link the third-party chatting software in the sidebar that lets you talk in time of browsing. Its turbo facility is quite helpful in terms of fast browsing through the servers of Opera. By taking into account all of its features, Opera is worth to try.


  • Integrated sidebar
  • Fast in turbo mode
  • Maintain a smaller memory profile


  • Compatibility issues with old websites
  • Too many features complicate browsing

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4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Previously Microsoft had done a big upgradation of internet explorer for making it the best browser of Windows 7. However, within the previous few years because of excessive competition with different rival’s internet explorer had lost its place. In Windows 10 they have introduced all new Microsoft Edge to regain its place as best browser.

When you enter into Microsoft ecosystem, Edge offers you the required appeal. The inbuild note extension is kind of useful to several users by making all the highlight and in-browser notes, you can also save the page for future reference. The open tabs can be put aside to open new tabs. Show tabs preview, reading mode or sharing an online page are few customizations that facilitate the user to seek out easiness while browsing.

However, the recent call of Microsoft to form Edge as a chromium-based web browser is a great hope that can make it the best web browser for Windows 10.


  • Reading mode
  • Cortana for page lookup
  • Amazing tab tools for organizing


  • Fewer extensions

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5. Vivaldi


Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Vivaldi is a duplicate of opera, that incorporates a similar capability to become the most effective web browser in 2019. In the present days of customization, Vivaldi offers a very prominent variety of improvement facility. You can create a browser by keeping all the suits and needs in your mind. As it is a chromium-based browser so it supports all the chrome-based extensions.

The browser incorporates a similar user interface like Opera, which has full choice of customization that makes it a lot of intensive. There are some other special features that it includes such as ever-changing the keyboard route, note taking, Mouse gesture improvement, read in split screen offers this web browser a lot of personal touches and that is quite likable by various users.


  • Unbelievable customizations
  • Impressive interface functions


  • Lack of speed

Click here to Download Vivaldi

6. Chromium


Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, BSD

Another one in the list of the best web browser, Chromium is an open source and created primarily for the users of the Linux operating system is chromium. Both browsers somehow share similar source codes, which suggests each, contains a similar browsing experience. All the chrome functions such as signing in with google accounts, data synchronization, varied extension library are also available in chromium also.

Apart from the similarity that both shares, some options that make this open source brother of chrome more noticeable for the browser work as developers also. Its constant release makes it a variable web browser to give you a new feature almost every day. All these options have the potential to create this open-source browser as the web browser of 2019 if all this comes to the big hands.


  • Almost all features of chrome


  • Frequent Crash issue
  • Lack of proprietary codecs

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7. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

Supported Platforms: Windows

Torch browser is another look-alike browser of chrome, that is created especially for those users who are keen on downloading. If you are a recurrent user of the torrent world, then there is no chance for you to leave this browser aside. It has an in-built search engine and the media grabbing tool that can help you to download any media file from the streaming sites.

The in-built music player will help you to find contents directly from YouTube or Facebook. You can also modify your Facebook theme with the help of its torch facelift tool.

All of the above, the cozy chrome setting of torch browser, it will be a great relief for those people who prefer to be in social media and entertain with downloading and streaming content. Although it is not very famous like others in the list, you may vote for torch browser as the best application program for Windows 10 if you have got the above things in your bucket.


  • Inbuilt torrent downloader
  • Media grabbing tool


  • Does not provide current settings customization

Click here to Download Torch 

8. Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser

Supported Platforms: Windows

Avast Secure is another amazing web browser which may be the most effective as this eases out the users most major worry while browsing, the phishing sites. It comes with integrated protection with Avast secure.

This web browser consists of all types of common browsing tools like tabbed browsing, session restore, word management and plenty of others. It protects from the malware and stops popup and ads at its installation. The browser has the advantage to protect the browsing history from tracking. In terms of speed and navigating tabs, its performance is very promising.


  • Malware protection
  • Ad and popup blocker
  • Greater speed


  • Non-compatibility with other platforms

Click here to Download Avast Secure 

9. Safari


Supported platforms: MacOS, iOS

If Avast secure can be used by windows users only, then Safari is dedicated for Mac users only. For the owners of Apple devices, it is the best web browser of 2019. This web browser is full of customization options that include the best performance in terms of speed and navigation tabs.

Safari comes with the ability of iCloud synchronization, that may be useful for Apple device users. It has a reader view, sharing options through airdrop, popular extensions and much more. All these are quite helpful for people who use the internet frequently.

So, coming out of Google field and heading towards the Apple field you’d prefer to say that Safari to be the best web browser.


  • Availability for all Apple related software


  • Lesser Extension option

Click here to Download Safari

Final Words

The users are divided in terms of using internet browsers out of that Chrome shares the main part. However, the list is created by keeping in mind the varied necessities of the internet user. When there are multiple options available, then you have the opportunity to choose the one that you think best suits you according to your stability.

We would love to know your thoughts about these web browsers so don’t forget to mention in the comment section. Till then enjoy browsing as we will be back with another interesting topic to share with you.

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